Kasa vs Wyze Smart Plug? Who Is the Best Smart Plug?

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The perfect smart plug is easier to set up and will give you absolute control over your appliances. Although not all smart plugs are as good as they advertise. One product may be much superior to the other, that’s why we spent time testing between the Kasa smart plug, and the Wyze smart plug to find out the option that is worth the purchase.

Wyze Smart Plugs are made by a reputable company, it comes with an indoor and outdoor version, and offers phone/voice control features, and it can be integrated with a lot of third-party smart devices. Kasa Smart Plugs are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. AYou can control this smart plug with your phone or your voice. 

Keep reading to learn more in depth differences between these two products.

Kasa vs Wyze Smart Plug: Features

Here is a table listing the features of both products:

Features/CharacteristicsWyze Smart PlugKasa Smart Plug
Wi-Fi SupportYesYes
Bluetooth SupportYesNo
Energy ReportingYes (Only outdoor version)No
Indoor UseYesYes
Outdoor UseYesYes
HomeKit SupportNoNo
Google Home SupportYesYes
Alexa IntegrationYesYes
Number of Outlets1 (Outdoor – 2)1 (Outdoor – 2)
Z-Wave SupportNoNo
ZigBee SupportNoNo
App SupportYesYes
Output15 Amps12 Amps

Is Wyze Smart Plug Good?

The Wyze Smart Plug is simple but sophisticatedly made. The indoor version has one outlet, and a noticeable indicator that helps show you the state of your smart plug. The outdoor version has two outlets, two separate buttons to operate the outlets individually, and also an indicator light. 

Both versions also boast a 2.4GHz Wifi radio, and a Bluetooth feature that makes a connection to your phone fast, and easy. Although it doesn’t support Apple HomeKit, it does support Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT applet connection. 

When it comes to ease of use, the Wyze Smart Plug is one of the best. You can easily connect this plug to your Wyze app where it can be managed individually like other Wyze products. On the app, actions can be carried out to control your plug the way you want. 

The app comes with a timer button as well as a vacation mode. For the outdoor version, there are daily, and weekly energy consumptions that read in Kilowatt as well as a separate switch on the app for each outlet. The indoor version has a daily, and weekly ready run time in minutes/hours.


Here are some pros for the Wyze Smart Plug:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is very affordable.
  • Supports a lot of third-party devices.
  • It can be integrated into Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • The outdoor version comes with Energy monitoring.

Now, let’s see the cons.


Here are some cons for the Wyze Smart Plug:

  • The indoor version does not have Energy monitoring.
  • It doesn’t support HomeKit.

Now, let’s inspect the Kasa smart plug.

Is Kasa Smart Plug Good?

Kasa Smart Plug is made with small devices in mind. This means that you can’t use Kasa Smart Plug on appliances above 12 amps. The indoor type is an outlet and an LED indicator which can be found at the side of the plug. The outdoor version has a short cord, and rubber gaskets that protect it from water. 

There is also a button to control each switch and an indicator light. Both versions use 2.4 GHz Wifi radio just like how every other smart plug does. I love the outdoor version because there is an indicator specifically to check if your plug is connected to Wifi.

This plug supports Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. This plug unfortunately doesn’t support HomeKit. It has an app that can be used to control any Kasa Smart Device. The app is very easy to use, and installation seems very quick. 

It does come with a timer feature, and also an “away mode” which is technically the vacation mode on the Wyze Smart Plug. There is no energy consumption feature on both versions, but the plug can tell you how long it has been functioning. 


Here are some pros for the Kasa Smart Plug:

  • It is not expensive.
  • It supports Google, Alexa, and IFTTT applets.
  • It can be integrated with a lot of smart home devices.
  • It is easy to use.

Now, let’s see the cons.


Here are some cons for the Kasa Smart Plug:

  • It doesn’t report on Energy use.
  • It doesn’t support Apple HomeKit.

Now you know the difference for these smart plugs and which one is better.

Conclusion: What is The Best Smart Plug?

Honestly, there is not much difference between these two smart plug companies apart from the fact that Wyze’s outdoor version supports energy reporting. The indoor version both have similar designs, and they have the same characteristics. When it comes to price, Wyze products are always cheaper than Kasa. 

The indoor version of Wyze is sold for just $11.99 on Amazon, and $14.99 for a pack of two while the outdoor version is sold for under $20. Kasa indoor smart plug is sold for $14.99, and the outdoor is sold above $30. 

You can decide to go for anyone you want, but if you are strictly on budget, I think Wyze is the best option for you. If you are also going for an outdoor smart plug, I would suggest you go for Wyze because it has an energy monitoring feature.

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