Kasa Vs. Treatlife: Who Is The Best Smart Dimmer Switch?

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These days, almost every device in your home can be controlled by your smart device, so you never have to get up and physically flip a switch, dim a light, set your thermostat, or even turn on your TV ever again! But when it comes to smart home devices, there are a lot of options out there. So you’re probably wondering, Kasa vs. Treatlife: Who is the best smart dimmer switch?

Kasa and Treatlife are both considerable options for smart dimmer switches. They each have pros and cons but deciding which one is the best for your home will depend on exactly what you are looking for. 

In this article, we are going to directly compare the Kasa and Treatlife smart dimmers so you can decide which is the best option for you! Within the next few minutes, you are going to be a smart dimmer expert, so keep reading! We have everything you need to know right here. 

Kasa vs. Treatlife: Everything You Need to Know

Before you purchase a smart dimmer switch for your home, it’s vital that you understand the pros and cons of the Kasa and Treatlife devices. 


Kasa is a well-known brand within smart home devices, and consumers love their easy installation and user-friendly appliances. 

One of the best factors of Kasa devices, including their dimmers, is that they do not need to be connected to a central hub, each device simply needs to be paired with your in-home WiFi network to function. 

But this is just one of the many pros of Kasa smart dimmer switches, and there are quite a few others.

  • The switches are made of a durable material and are known for being extremely stable.
  • Kasa dimmers work with Alexa or Google Assistant so that you can control your lighting with just your voice. 
  • The dimmers come equipped with an Away Mode option and can turn on and off on their own to save energy and even protect your home from intruders. 
  • Using the app on your smart device, you can set the lights to a specific mood. 
  • The app will remember your preferences and even has a timer mode. 
  • Kasa smart dimmer switches are affordable and typically cost less than $20 per switch. 

Potential Downsides

Now that you know the pros, you should also understand the cons before deciding if Kasa dimmer switches are the best option for you. 

  • A neutral wire is required as well as the standard lighting wires. 
  • The app only allows three actions to happen at once, so if you have multiple dimmers, you will need to change the settings in sections of three. 
  • It does not support Apple Home Kit. 

It’s time to dig into Treatlife’s smart dimmer switch so you can compare their offerings. 


Treatlife is another incredibly popular smart home device company, and their dimmer switches are known for being a great value and convenient option for your home. 

Here are some of the various pros of Treatlife: 

  • You can create a schedule on your smartphone for your lights to set to your preferences automatically. 
  • Treatlife analyzes your light and energy usage. 
  • The switches are made from flame retardant and heat resistant material.
  • Voice control is available through Alexa and Google Assistant. 
  • The installation process is quite simple and you can do it by yourself!

Potential Downsides

Of course, it’s also important to learn about the few cons of the Treatlife dimmer switches.

  • You must install a neutral wire in order for the switches to function. 
  • The LED light on the switch is quite bright and cannot be turned off.
  • The plastic casing is less attractive than some other metal options. 
  • The Smart Life app can be slow to respond to commands. 

Hopefully, you now know what each of these dimmers has to offer and what their several disadvantages are. It really is up to you to decide which one is better as they will both certainly do the trick and are two of the most popular options on the market. In other words, you can’t really go wrong with either one. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s recap! When comparing Kasa’s dimmer switches to Treatlife’s the truth is that they have essentially produced the same product with a few important differences. 

The major contrasts we found were that Kasa’s switches are made from metal instead of plastic, and Kasa comes equipped with away mode, but Treatlife offers an on and off option and will give you analytical updates of your light usage. 

They can both connect with Alexa and Google Assistant, can be controlled via an app on your smartphone, and the installation process is quite easy for both brands. All in all, we cannot say that one is “better” than the other, it just depends on which brand feels right for your home!

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