Is Yeelight Compatible with Apple HomeKit?

Several smart light stripsSeveral smart light strips

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Yeelight has dominated the smart light industry within the past ten years with various light fixtures, bulbs, and light strips. Now, Yeelight has set out to deliver lighting that integrates with smart home hubs to give you complete control over your ambiance, no matter what room you are in. But, is Yeelight compatible with all smart home hubs, like Apple HomeKit?

All of Yeelight’s products are compatible with Apple HomeKit and integrate seamlessly with the hub.

Yeelight offers a host of features and integrates with multiple smart home hubs, including Apple HomeKit. With numerous bulbs, voice control capabilities, and unmatched reliability, adding Yeelights to your home is a no-brainer.

Can Yeelight Products Work with Apple HomeKit?

Yeelight works with Apple HomeKit to change your lights’ brightness or color from anywhere in your home. Using the accompanying app will give you control over all your connected lighting and is even more accessible with the addition of a smart home hub.

Apple’s HomePod is Apple’s answer to an all-in-one smart home hub. As mentioned above, HomeKit integrates Yeelights into your smart home toolbox, allowing you to access all Yeelight’s features without using a separate application. HomeKit is an excellent hub for those who use Apple TV, Mac, and iPhone products.

Is Yeelight Compatible with Other Smart Home Hubs?

As Yeelight is known for its broad product variety, it is also known for its compatibility with smart home technology. Apple’s HomeKit is just one of the many hubs that work with all Yeelight’s smart lightning and offers complete control from the comfort of your couch.

Some of the best smart hubs to use with Yeelight are:

  • Amazon’s Echo Show: With Alexa integration, you can use your voice from anywhere within range of your Echo to change the color of lights throughout your home. You can ask Alexa to dim, change the color, enhance the hue, or turn off any of your connected Yeelights.
  • Google Nest: With a simple voice command, you can control the hue, brightness, color temperature, or power status when you connect your Yeelight to Google’s hub, Nest. Google Assistant will carry out these commands and can set schedules for all your lighting needs.
  • Samsung SmartThings: Samsung’s answer to smart home integration, known as SmartThings, allows you to have hundreds of devices connected, making this the ultimate hub for many devices. SmartThings works with a wide variety of smart devices beyond lights, such as thermostats, cameras, and locks.
  • Razer Chroma: If you’re looking to maximize your gaming environment, connecting Yeelights to Razer Chroma will add color-changing lights that sync up with whatever you are playing. This unmatched ambiance is user-friendly and is as easy to set up as connecting your apps to the same Wi-Fi.

All these hubs can give you the power to change your lights’ colors and set them up on a schedule of your choosing. Not only do Yeelight products work with these hubs, but they also operate separately with the Yeelight app that is downloaded on your smartphone.

Smart Hub-Compatible Yeelight Lights and Fixtures

After looking at the smart home hubs that work with Yeelight, let’s look at some of the most popular Yeelight devices that show off their functionality and color range. With mounted fixtures, bulbs, and portable lights, Yeelight has all your lighting needs covered.

Some of Yeelights highest rated lights are:

  • Galaxy LED Ceiling Light: Possibly the most impressive light they offer, Yeelight’s Galaxy LED light has a dual light source that provides both main lighting and mood lighting. You can alternate between lighting the whole room or merely having the color-changing halo to set your room’s mood.
  • LED Light Strip 15in: There are numerous types of light strips on the market, but all pale in comparison to the Yeelight LED strip. The light strip is extendable and can have different colors throughout as there are numerous small lights across all fifteen inches.
  • Smart LED Filament Bulb: Perhaps the most flexible option on the table, Yeelight’s LED Filament bulbs provide a fast array of colors and control, along with the ability to put the bulb in almost any fixture that uses a traditional sized bulb. This is an appealing option if you don’t want to spring for a new fixture and wish to upgrade your existing set-up.

Each of these lighting options work with both Apple’s HomeKit and numerous other smart home hubs. With voice control available for all these fixtures, you can experience the best lightning possible while utilizing some helpful smart home features such as lighting schedules and instant color changes.

In Summary

With numerous smart hubs to control your lighting and multiple fixtures to customize, Yeelight stands out among the crowd of smart home lighting. You just can’t beat asking your smart hub to synchronize your lighting to whatever media you’re watching, all without even having to press a button. 

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