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Is Xfinity Fiber or Cable Internet?

Last Updated Sep 3, 2022
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Xfinity is one of the most popular internet providers on the market. They offer high-speed internet plans, as well as other services such as cable and mobile phone plans. However, many people wonder what type of internet this company offers. Does Xfinity deliver cable or fiber internet? 

Generally, Xfinity provides cable internet service to their customers. However, they do offer fiber connectivity in select cities. While fiber internet can be significantly more expensive than cable, it often comes with faster speeds.

There are many benefits of both cable and fiber internet. Below, we will discuss the difference between the two services and dive into what Xfinity offers. Keep reading to learn more!

Does Xfinity Offer Fiber or Cable Internet?

There are two general ways customers can get internet service in their homes. Some companies offer cable connections, while others offer fiber connections.

For the most part, Xfinity offers cable internet connections to their customers. Fiber connections are available for certain plans, but options are extremely limited.

If Xfinity fiber internet is available in your area, you’ll find that it’s often considerably more expensive than cable. However, it is also often significantly faster. 

What’s the Difference Between Xfinity Fiber and Xfinity Cable?

Xfinity’s fiber and cable options both offer high connection speeds. However, each type also comes with its own set of pros and cons.  

There are many things to consider when choosing an Xfinity internet plan. Below, we will highlight these pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

What is Xfinity Fiber Internet?

Xfinity fiber is a premium internet option. Fiber internet is an internet service that runs on fiber optic cables instead of coaxial cables. It is often considerably faster and more reliable than cable connections. 

On the downside, Xfinity fiber internet is significantly more expensive than Xfinity cable. It is also only available in certain cities. 

Xfinity fiber is available for Xfinity’s Gigabit and Gigabit Pro plans, which run at 1,200 Mbps and 3,000 Mbps, respectively. This is a great option if you want to install a smart home security system or bundle your existing security system with your Xfinity network.

What is Xfinity Cable Internet?

Xfinity cable internet is generally more affordable than fiber, and it is available in all areas of the US. It runs at different speeds, depending on the plan you choose. 

Xfinity cable internet is easy to install, and you can keep your old modem when you switch. You can even bundle Xfinity Cable with your TV and mobile phone plans to save money. 

Which is Better: Xfinity Cable or Xfinity Fiber?

All types of Xfinity internet work best in cities and suburban areas. Your internet connection may be weaker if you live in a rural area. Compared to competing internet providers, Xfinity’s internet connection is typically stronger during peak hours, which usually fall between 7 PM and 9 PM.

While everyone’s internet browsing needs differ, fiber is generally considered a more reliable option than cable. However, fiber is not as widely available as cable. 

Fiber may be worth the higher cost if it’s available where you live. If not, you should have no problems connecting to the internet at high speeds with Xfinity cable internet.

How Do You Set Up Xfinity Internet?

The process you will need to follow to set up your new Xfinity internet connection depends on whether you choose a cable or fiber network. Below, we will highlight the setup process for each type of network.

How to Set Up Xfinity Fiber Internet

To use the Xfinity fiber network, you must ensure it is available in your area and that you have a fiber network terminal in your home. After verifying both of these things, follow the steps below to set up your new network:

  • Locate your fiber network terminal and connect it to your gateway using the included cables.
  • Plug your gateway into a power outlet.
  • Use your web browser to navigate to the web address included in your setup instructions to set up your home WiFi network.

After following the steps above, you can begin browsing the web through your new fiber network.

How to Setup Xfinity Cable Internet

Most of the time, your new Xfinity internet plan will require a cable connection. To set it up yourself, follow the steps below:

  • Locate the coaxial outlet in your home and connect your gateway to it using the included cables.
  • Connect your gateway to a power outlet.
  • Establish a temporary internet connection, and use it to navigate to the web address highlighted in the setup instructions.
  • Activate your gateway and connect your new home WiFi network.

Now, you can begin browsing the web on your Xfinity network.

In Conclusion

Xfinity mainly offers cable internet, but they also offer fiber internet in select cities. If Xfinity fiber is available where you live, it may be a worthy investment if you require fast, consistent, and reliable internet.

There are pros and cons of both Xfinity cable and fiber. Xfinity cable is more affordable, but not as fast as Xfinity fiber. Xfinity fiber is significantly more expensive and only available in certain cities, but it has one of the fastest internet speeds.

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