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Is Wyze Lock Secure?

Last Updated Dec 19, 2021
wyze lock

If you are looking for a smart lock for your home, you are probably wondering about the security of them. Since it will be attached to your front door, you always want to make sure you get a smart lock from a reputable brand that can’t be easily hacked or broken into. Wyze Locks are a great brand to look into. 

The Wyze lock is built for security. It’s secure in many ways including the deadbolt system, and the encryption software. Lock codes are also not stored on the cloud and only one account can be set up with Wyze at one time. 

You might be wondering exactly what all these things mean. We will go over them in more detail in the article. We will also discuss the probability of your lock being hacked and discuss tips for keeping your lock as secure as possible. 

How Does the Wyze Lock Stay Secure? 

Wyze has several systems in place to make sure your lock is secure. This means your home is secure whenever you are using the lock. Here are some of the ways Wyze protects your home and data:

Account Security 

Wyze will make you create a unique password with a certain number of letters, numbers, and symbols. This is one way they make sure your account is harder to hack. You should also practice some helpful tips yourself such as not using passwords from other accounts and not reusing old passwords. 

If you would like to learn more about Wyze, check out this article.

Wyze will also recommend you use the two-factor authentication process. It’s not required but it will make your account more secure and harder to hack into. 

Auto Unlock 

This feature will automatically unlock your door when you’re nearby. It will use two steps to make sure it’s you by the door and not someone else. First, it will use your phone’s location to see how close you are to your home. Secondly, it will use the Bluetooth connection from your phone. If the phone is not unlocked in 10 minutes, it will relock itself. 

Lock Materials 

The Wyze Lock uses a deadbolt. This securely attaches to your door and will not alter the physical integrity of your existing lock or the door itself. This ensures people can’t bypass the lock or take the lock off the door. 

Where are Passwords Stored?

The Wyze lock keypad connects to the Wyze lock directly with a Bluetooth connection. This means all your access codes are stored locally rather than on a cloud. If a hacker were to get into your cloud and the information you have stored there, your Wyze access codes will not be on there. 

Encryption Software 

Wyze uses a combination of two standard communication protocols. They are Bluetooth and Zigbee. These two things combined with the AES-128 encryption make sure all the communication is secure and cannot be transmitted to other sources or other people. 

One Account Only 

The Wyze account cannot be set up to several different accounts at one time. This means people cannot hack into your account and add themselves to it. You have to remove your account before adding another one and the account cannot be removed without using the password and other access codes sent to your phone. 

You can add users to your account as the main user, but you cannot add another separate account. 

These are the main ways that Wyze protects you and your data. If you want more information, you can check out this full guide from the Wyze website. 

Can Wyze Lock Be Hacked? 

As with all smart home devices, Wyze locks can be hacked. However, the chances of this happening are very small. Keep in mind that all technologies can be hacked somehow because they have certain vulnerabilities. Any smart lock can be hacked, including Wyze. 

You might be wondering exactly how a hacker can get into the lock though with all the technology we just discussed:

  • Fuzzing. This is when hackers throw in extra codes or data until they can find a flaw in the system. Hackers can also write their own command codes to get into the system. 
  • Phone Theft. If you lose your phone or it’s stolen, people will be able to use it to get into the lock. Disable the lock and your account if you lose your phone. 
  • Device Spoofing. This is when the hacker tricks the cloud server and gets personal information. Your password won’t be stored here, but your account information might. The hacker can then use this to get into the lock. 

Rest assured though, all of these take a skilled hacker and a lot of work. 

Final Thoughts 

The Wyze Lock uses many different security protocols to make sure you are safe and secure. Like any piece of technology though, it can be hacked. Make sure you set up all the security features available and disable your account if your phone gets stolen or notice issues with the lock.