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Is WYZE Cam Weatherproof? And Can It Be Used Outside?

Last Updated Mar 15, 2022
Wyze camera in hand

Over the past several years, home security systems have become more advanced and easy to use than ever before. However, the common concern that falls into the minds of homeowners is the reliability of their chosen security cameras in various areas of the home, and how they will hold up in extreme weather.

Is WYZE Cam weatherproof, and can it be used outside? No. WYZE Cams are not weatherproof and should never be left outside for long periods of time.

As homeowners, it is increasingly important to know that your home can be protected by security surveillance both inside and outside. Not only that, but peace of mind comes with knowing that outdoor security cameras will be able to protect you in any condition. Keep reading to find out how durable WYZE Cams are in these situations.


The WYZE Cam is a compact recording device that can be used to detect contact and motion inside of a home. This tiny camera has tons of features that compete with its larger and more expensive competitors.

WYZE Cam Features:

  • 1080p streaming
  • Video recording
  • Cloud recording and storage
  • Motion detection
  • Mobile alerts 2-way audio
  • Smoke detection
  • Night vision

Out of all of the advanced home security cameras that are available on the market today, the WYZE cam is one of the most cost-effective options. Users can gain access to all of these technological features at the surprisingly low price of $20 to $30.

WYZE Cam Models

WYZE Cam Models:


WYZE Cam Pan


Since the WYZE Cam is a relatively new product, the company has only come out with two separate variations of the device: the WYZE Cam and WYZE Cam Pan.

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The WYZE Cam is the most basic version of the camera that comes in a small compacted square. It stands on a moveable base that allows the device to react to movement and human contact in order to capture the best video.

The WYZE Cam Pan, on the other hand, is a slightly more advanced version of the product that rotates on an even smaller base. The camera itself will rotate panoramically around the base it stands on and can move as fast as 110 degrees per second.

The fundamental difference between the two models is the shape and rotation abilities. Other than that, both devices have virtually the same functions and video quality.

Using WYZE Cam Outside

WYZE Cams are a cost-effective alternative to other products offered by some of the most popular home security companies and can be used anywhere in the house. Unfortunately, these cameras are not meant to be mounted outdoors or left outside for long periods of time.

Indoor WYZE Cams:

  • WYZE Cam
  • WYZE Cam Pan

Outdoor WYZE Cams:

  • Currently in development by WYZE

This can be unfortunate news for homeowners who are in search of an all-in-one security device that covers all areas of the house, both inside and outside. In addition to being unsuitable for outdoors, WYZE Cams are unable to protect themselves from the weather.

WYZE Cam Weather Resistance

WYZE Cam Weather Damage:

  • Sunlight – bad video quality, color alterations
  • Water – battery and power cord damage

Due to the fact that WYZE Cams are not meant to be used outside at all, they are not resistant to any kind of weather damage as a result. Direct contact with sunlight and water can cause significant damage and malfunctions to the hardware of the camera.

If the WYZE Cam experiences direct sunlight exposure for long periods of time, especially if directed at the front of the lens, the quality of the recorded video will begin to deteriorate.

More specifically, you will notice that the colors in the video playbacks will be slightly faded or altered, followed by a gradual decrease in overall quality.

This happens when the sensor inside of the camera is exposed to more heat than it can handle, causing it to become physically burned.

Contrary to the lens, the actual body of the camera will not incur any burns or physical damages when left outside in the sunlight for too long. This can potentially be dangerous because the WYZE Cam will not show any exterior signs of damage while the lens is being burned on the inside.

This can cause a delayed response of the WYZE Cam user that might not come to the realization that this is happening until the device is already ruined. As a result, it is a good idea to never leave your WYZE Cam outdoors, especially in the sunlight, to avoid these kinds of problems.

Since WYZE Cams are powered by a battery and require a power cord connection to be able to operate, they are most ideal for indoor use. Not only would it be difficult to find a way to connect the camera to power outdoors, but the loose cords present an increased risk for permanent damage.

When a camera is left outside unattended, it can be negatively affected by unpredictable weather conditions. These unpredictable conditions include rain, snow, and any kind of liquid contact.

This is increasingly dangerous, considering the power cords and batteries that are connected to the device because any exposure to water can completely ruin them.

WYZE Cam Operating Temperatures

Even though WYZE Cams are not recommended by the company or manufacturer to be used outdoors, they have officially recommended a range of temperatures that WYZE Cam devices will be able to withstand.

Take a look at this list to find out what the minimum and maximum temperature thresholds are for WYZE devices. These ranges apply to both the original WYZE Cam and the WYZE Cam Pan.

Recommended Temperatures for all WYZE Cams:

  • Minimum: 32 F
  • Maximum: 104 F

In accordance with the sun damage that can be inflicted on a WYZE Cam device as mentioned in the above section, this will usually not happen unless the maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit is reached or exceeded.

The high temperature in combination with direct sunlight on the lens piece of the WYZE Cam will be the cause for sun damage and color alteration in the camera’s video.

While it is true that these conditions must be closely met for these effects to take place and the camera must be in the sun for long periods of time to experience serious damage, it still would not be a good idea to place or mount your WYZE Cam outdoors.

The minimum temperature limit of 32 degrees Fahrenheit suggests that cold temperatures are not good for the WYZE Cam either. In the event that the outdoor weather reaches close to 32 degrees or dips below this threshold, you will notice a decline in video quality until your device stops working altogether.

The range of operating temperatures for both camera models was recommended based on the assumption that most homes will keep an average temperature range between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the various seasons of the year.

With that being said, the WYZE Cam and WYZE Cam Pan will have no issue with operations while being used inside of the home. The absolute minimum and maximum temperatures exist for extraneous circumstances and are not an invitation to place your device in these conditions intentionally.

To tie this up, the WYZE Cam is a convenient and cheap alternative to other home security cameras that have similar features. However, they are not suitable for outdoor video monitoring due to their decreased weather resistance.

While this may be a deal breaker for some homeowners, the features that come with these compact devices can still be an asset to any home.

Fans of the WYZE Cam products should keep an eye out for the new outdoor developments that the company has announced will be coming soon to solve home security problems both inside and outside.

Can WYZE Cam Pan be mounted upside down?

Yes. If you need to mount the WYZE Cam Pan upside down, you will need to change the settings within the WYZE app. This should be done after the camera has already been secured into the desired position. Through the app, you will be able to change a particular setting that will rotate the camera’s image to fit the upside down orientation.

Does WYZE Cam need WiFi to work?

While the WYZE Cam itself does not need a wireless internet connection to rotate and capture video, you will not be able to access the functions remotely without it. This means that without a WiFi connection, you cannot connect to your WYZE cam through the app, live stream video, or adjust any settings in real time.

Is there an additional monthly fee associated with the cloud storage function on the WYZE Cam and WYZE Cam Pan?

WYZE offers a free 14-day cloud storage period every month to all WYZE cam users at no extra cost. While this service does come with the device and does not require any kind of recurring paid membership, the storage and playbacks are only available during that free period. So, you can only view stored videos for a duration of 14-days.

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