Is Tubi on Roku? How to Watch It

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If you have a Roku TV, chances are you have realized just how many streaming options are at your disposal. One streaming service that continues to grow in popularity is Tubi. Is Tubi on Roku? How can you download and activate it?

Tubi is available on Roku. To activate it:

  • Download the Tubi channel
  • Open Tubi
  • Receive and enter your activation code
  • Await activation 
  • Start streaming

Below, we’ll discuss how you can easily activate and watch Tubi on your Roku TV. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Activate Tubi TV on Roku

Tubi is available on the Roku TV store, and activating Tubi on your Roku TV is as simple as anything else.

To activate Tubi on your Roku TV, first, download the Tubi channel. Then, create a Tubi account and follow the verification process on a smartphone or computer. Once it is activated, you can stream on Tubi whenever you want.

Some of the required steps require more specific knowledge, so keep reading below for our guide on stress-free Tubi activation.

Download the Tubi Channel

If you are new to Roku, you might not yet know how to download channels from Roku’s Channel Store

Luckily, the process is incredibly simple. 

To download Tubi onto your Roku TV, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to your Roku TV’s home screen.
  • Scroll down and select “Streaming Channels.”
  • Search for and select “Tubi.”
  • Press “Add Channel.”

Once Tubi is downloaded on your Roku TV, you can move on to the next step.

Open Tubi

Make sure you’re connected to a secure WiFi network, then locate Tubi on your Roku home screen.

Press on the icon to launch the app.

Receive and Enter Your Activation Code

After launching Tubi, scroll to “Sign In” on the left side of the home screen. Tubi will provide you with an activation code on your screen when you click this. Using a smartphone or computer, go to and sign into your account to activate your TV.

If you already have a Tubi account, you can sign into it on your smartphone or computer.

If you don’t have a Tubi account yet, you’ll need to create one on the website.

After signing in or creating a new Tubi account, you’ll be brought back to the activation page.

Refer back to your Roku TV for the activation code, then enter it on your smartphone or computer.

Your TV screen will automatically refresh and sign you into this account.

Start Streaming

Once you’re signed into your account, you can begin streaming with Tubi.

Browse through their massive content library, or search for your favorite programs to see if they’re available!

Pros and Cons of Using Tubi on Roku

Tubi offers one main advantage that most other streaming services do not: it’s completely free to use! 

Although this is a big benefit, the service is far from perfect.

See the table below for a comparison of the pros and cons of using Tubi.

Pros of TubiCons of Tubi
Free streaming for all users.All movies and shows include advertisements.
Over 40,000 movies and shows to choose from.No downloads available.
Supported by several different devices.Low-quality display.

Tubi has its fair share of disadvantages, but many argue that its pros outweigh its cons.

Pros of Streaming with Tubi

As opposed to most popular streaming services, Tubi is free. 

It does not cost the viewer anything to stream from the tens of thousands of programs available.

Tubi’s wide variety of movies and shows makes streaming with Tubi even more enjoyable.

In addition, Tubi is available on most platforms, including smart TVs, streaming boxes and sticks, and gaming consoles.

Cons of Streaming with Tubi

The biggest downside of Tubi is that all programs contain ads. 

Many streaming services are popular because they allow the viewer to watch TV uninterrupted.

With Tubi’s ads, your favorite movie might be cut off right in the middle of the climactic scene.

Tubi also does not allow you to download shows and movies like many other services, and the quality of their video display leaves something to be desired.

Is Tubi Really Free?

If you can get past the disadvantages, you might still be interested in Tubi. 

However, with streaming services getting increasingly expensive, you may be wondering how Tubi manages to remain free to users. Are there really no hidden fees?

Tubi is completely free. This is because they can bring in revenue by putting advertisements on each of their shows. Paid ads allow users to stream movies and shows on Tubi without paying a cent. 

Final Thoughts

Tubi is available on Roku, along with many other platforms. 

Activating Tubi on your Roku TV is simple, but you must follow the steps above for proper execution. 

Like any other streaming service, Tubi has its pros and cons. 

However, the fact that they provide movies and shows to customers for free is appealing to everyone.

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