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Is Toshiba TV Good? Is It a Good Brand?

Last Updated Mar 31, 2022
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When shopping around for TVs, you’ll notice that Toshiba is a leading competitor for many famous brands. With their latest V35 series, you have access to Fire TV in a 4K Ultra HD panel. 

With a range of sizes from 32” to 75”, a Toshiba TV can fit into any space and budget. This brand also experiences fewer issues with its LED panels than competitor brands.
The Toshiba TV is in demand. Read on to see if the Toshiba TV is a good choice for you.

New Toshiba TV Series Specs

Toshiba markets itself as a budget-friendly flat-screen TV brand. You have access to a 4K Ultra HD Fire TV at a fraction of the cost of other builds. And compared to other low-end TVs or popular brands, Toshiba typically has fewer LED problems than some competitors.

Here is a table outlining Toshiba’s latest and greatest series’ specifications: 

The V35 SeriesThe M550 SeriesThe C350 Series
Compact sizeVarious sizesVarious sizes
Full HD ResolutionRegza Engine 4K Ultra HDRegza Engine 4K Ultra HD
LCD ScreenUltra Essential PQ TechnologyLCD Screen
No HDRDolby Vision HDRDolby Vision HDR & HDR10
Motion Rate: 120Motion Rate: 480Motion Rate: 120
Fire TVFire TVVoice Remote & Fire TV
DTS Virtual:X AudioDTS Virtual:X AudioDTS Virtual:X Audio

You can also extend your warranty for up to 5 years with John Lewis if your model does not already come with a 5-year warranty protection plan from a store like Costco. The standard warranty for the Toshiba covers the first year.

What External Devices Are Compatible With Toshiba TV?

While the integrated Toshiba TV sound packs a mighty punch with its DTS Virtual:X audio, you can attach a soundbar and have added bass and sound potential. This Toshiba soundbar or any brand like Vizio or Sony will be compatible. Just check that it has Bluetooth capacity or the proper cables for your particular model.

The Toshiba TV is compatible with the Roku, but their latest models come with Fire-TV built-in. You can of course still hook up your Amazon Stick or Cube, but it would be redundant, as you have those features already built into the TV.

If you would like to learn more about Toshiba TVs, click here.

How Long Is Toshiba TV Warranty?

Now you know the important specs of Toshiba TVs, you may be wondering what the warranty looks like.

Toshiba TV’s warranty is applicable to all TV products sold since January 1st, 2017. The limited warranty period is generally 12 months. You will need either your receipt or a registered TV product to complete a warranty claim.

What Do I Do If I Have An Issue With My TV?

Issues seem to always come up with our technology at some point in their lifecycle. Most of the time, it’s because we’ve accidentally damaged the unit ourselves! 

If you end up needing support for your Toshiba TV, follow these steps:

  1. Check if your TV’s cables are connected properly, the outlet is still working, or the cables are still in service.
  2. Reset the TV by holding the power button. Factory reset the unit after unplugging all accessories and external connections.
  3. Consult the user’s manual. Note down your TV product name, model number, serial number, hardware and software, and a description of the problem.

If none of this fixes your problem, call the Toshiba support number. The representative may be able to diagnose your problem. Your TV may be eligible for a pick-up and return warranty service. If not, there are services you may be able to find in your city for a TV repairman to visit your home and remedy the issue.

Toshiba TV Sources

Toshiba’s website has a support page filled with owner’s manuals, warranty information, spec sheets, and the latest firmware updates. It’s the place you’ll go if anything goes wrong with your television set or you need a refresher on the specifications of your model. 

Toshiba’s website has the following:

  • TV releases and some past models
  • Owner’s manuals
  • Warranty information
  • Spec sheets
  • Latest firmware updates
  • Registration/product
  • Customer support
  • Email subscription service
  • Compliance information

Now you know whether Toshiba is a good brand.


As you can see, a Toshiba TV is still a great budget friendly TV choice in 2022. It offers beautiful displays and built-in features.

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