Is Toshiba TV Better Than Vizio

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A TV is an integral part of any family home. Choosing the right one for you can not only enhance your viewing experience but create opportunities to create fond memories with your family. When you’re searching for a TV, you may find yourself asking, “is Toshiba better than Vizio?”

Vizio TVs are better than Toshiba TVs; with both TVs, you can expect around 60hz of refresh rate in a 4K panel. What sets the Vizio TV apart from the Toshiba TV is AMD Freesync. The basic AMD Freeysnc provides for a tear-free experience and low latency lag, with premium AMD Freesync giving you at least a 120hz refresh rate.  

In this article, you’ll learn which brand of TV might be best for your home. Read on to learn more about the differences and similarities between Toshiba and Vizio that could be the difference between a solid purchase or not.

Vizio M7 TV vs Toshiba C350 TV

Vizio TV is a popular choice of TV. You may be familiar with the Vizio soundbar – paired with your Vizio TV, you will enjoy countless movies and TV shows with your family. Let’s look closer at the Vizio M7 TV together by viewing some tables.

There are two models of Toshiba and Vizio TVs that are similar: the Toshiba C350 and the Vizio M7 TV. Some of their similarities and differences are below. 

Vizio M7Toshiba C350
LED screenLCD screen
4K resolution4K resolution
AMD Freesync Does not have the AMD Freesync feature

Vizio M7 TV

Similar to the Vizio M8, the Vizio M7 Series Quantum is a good budget TV. With a low input lag, fast response time, and a VA panel that gives off deep blacks, it is a good gaming TV. It is also a sleek-looking TV and will fit in beautifully in most spaces.

Features of the Vizio M7

More than just low input lag and fast response time, the Vizio M7 features a large LED screen size and high resolution. 

In the table below, we’ve put together some of the primary features of the Vizio M7 TV:

Display TypeLED
Screen Size65 inches
High Dynamic Range (HDR)Yes
LED Panel TypeQuantum LED
Backlight TypeFull Array Local Dimming
Refresh Rate60Hz
Smart PlatformSmartCast
AMD FreeSyncYes

The TV supports wireless screen-sharing over Apple AirPlay or WiDi. However, this TV does have less brightness and narrow viewing angles on top of fewer local dimming modes. Nonetheless, it is still a beautiful and colorful TV for gaming.

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Okay, we’ve covered some of the features. Let’s look at some streaming services now.

What Streaming Services are Compatible with Vizio M7?

The Vizio M7 TV offers the same streaming services you’d expect from other Smart TVs. With SmartCast, you may want to pair this device with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick or Fire Cube for additional streaming providers. A Roku is a great choice, too.

Here is a list of compatible streaming and music services for the Vizio M7 TV:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Vudu
  • Xumo
  • Hulu
  • Redbox
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • iHeartRadio
  • SiriusXM

Now that we’ve gone over the Vizio M7 TVs features, let’s take a dive into the Toshiba C350 TV. 

Toshiba C350 TV

The Toshiba C350 Fire TV is a neat bezel-free 4K TV. Check out the table below to see more specs. Both of the TVs mentioned in this guide are budget TVs – this Toshiba TV may save you one to two hundred dollars, but make sure it fits your needs first.

Features of the Toshiba C350

The Toshiba C350 is an LCD Smart TV that you will love having in your home, office, or bedroom. 

In the table below, some primary features you can expect with the Toshiba C350 TV are outlined:

Display TypeLCD
Screen Size50 inches
High Dynamic Range (HDR)Yes
LED Panel TypeStandard LED
Backlight TypeDirect Lit
Refresh Rate60Hz
Smart PlatformFireTV
AMD FreeSyncNone

As for screen sharing, the Toshiba C350 supports WiDi and Miracast but does not allow for AirPlay. Toshiba’s C350 TV, unfortunately, has a dim panel and low contrast. Though it may rank highly in other aspects, this is something to be aware of. For comparison, the Vizio M7 has wonderful contrast with average dimming.

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What Streaming Services are Compatible with Toshiba C350?

The Toshiba C350 offers many popular streaming services. You will need to purchase your own subscription to each of these services, but some programs come pre-installed into the TV unit. A Fire TV will have a built-in microphone in both the TV and/or remote, Amazon Prime Video, thousands of streaming channels, music, and games. 

Here is a list of compatible streaming services with the Toshiba C350 TV:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney+
  • Hulu
  • Netflix. 

The Toshiba C350 uses Amazon’s Fire TV platform, whereas the Vizio M7 TV uses SmartCast. You may find yourself purchasing external devices with the Vizio M7 that you’d otherwise not have to with the Toshiba C350.

How to Save Money When TV Shopping

Now that you know which of these TVs may be better for you, you may be wondering how you can get them even cheaper brand-new.

To save money on a 4K Smart TV, you might want to look at some stores locally or online that offer great deals and discounts:

  • Bestbuy
  • Amazon
  • Walmart

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to get a deal on a 4K Smart TV.


If you are looking for a budget TV to play the latest Call of Duty on, the Vizio M7 is a better choice. The Vizio M7 TV provides you with a low latency lag, quantum LED, and full array dimming and would make a good living room set. If you are needing a streaming TV, go for the Toshiba C350. The Toshiba C350 TV is a direct lit , standard led panel LCD TV and would be perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, or office.

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