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Is Tile Mate Free? (What You Need to Know After 1 Year)

Last Updated Sep 24, 2021
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As you know in the last decade alone technology has exploded making options for many things confusing and overwhelming at times. To make matters even more daunting it is just plain expensive! It is no different when looking for a tracking device. You want the most efficient device to keep track of your lost items and so you look to the Tile Mate.

The Tile Mate is free for tracking short and long ranges. If basic tracking is what you are looking for then you are probably content with this option. After 1 year of continuous use, your battery may die, and you will be in need of a new one.

When you have a tight budget, your choices become slimmer. Buying a device with a monthly subscription plan may be something you want to stay away from. You like what you see in the Tile Mate. You like that it is free so you can get the protection you seek on a budget. So let us see what you get with the free version of The Tile mate and also what you can expect after a year.

The Popular Choice

The Tile Mate is a popular option currently on the market for tracking devices. It has a sleek design, being small and easy to stash. People enjoy the discretion behind this product and its efficiency. There are 3 different levels of membership, Customers appreciate the flexibility that comes with that,

Functional Features

The Tile allows users to have access to the navigation on their devices via Bluetooth. From the app, you can ring your tile that is attached to your lost item. Even when it is far away the GPS locator will show your lost item on the app.

What Is the Catch?

You may be thinking that there must be a catch, right? You are wrong! What is nice about this product is that there is just the initial cost of $24.99. After that, there are no memberships required in order to use The Tile to find your belongings. Using The Tile is free.

Optional Add-Ons

There are memberships that are options that would enhance The Tile features. They offer what is called Premium and Premium Protect. These add-on’s features are not included with free memberships.

What You Need to Know After a Year

Many things have natural wear and tear, and electronics are no different. When a member upgrades their membership to Premium the worry of a dead battery is no more! Although this feature is not free it can save you money in the long term. Without this membership over time, you could end up paying much more by repurchasing The Tile over and over.

How Much This Will Cost Monthly

The cost for the premium feature is in many cases cheaper than what you pay for a cup of coffee daily.  Membership is $2.99 a month or $29.99 for the year. Of course, if you are looking to increase the likelihood that you will find what is lost you would go with a 2 or 4 pack bundle. When you do that getting the premium makes sense the yearly fee is cheaper than having to replace all tiles in your bundle.

Are There Other Products Offering Free Replacements?

There are other Bluetooth trackers out there that you could purchase that either have an extra battery included or that you can charge. Take for example the Cube Key Finder listed on Amazon. This device comes with an extra battery, so you do not have to buy one every year or pay for a membership. There are others such as these:

CriteriaAirTag Prime Tracking    SwiftFinder SmartTag classicKimfly
Battery Length1 year +Lifetime12 monthsVaries Upon Usage
Replacement or ChargeReplacementCharge & ReplacementReplacement CR2Replacement CR2
Cost$8-$10Varies by RetailerVaries by RetailerVaries by Retailer


In the end, anyone can use The Tile Mate without a paid membership. After a year, with premium, if your battery is dead, you get a replacement for free. When you first acquire your device, you get to try out the premium service for free for 30 days. During that time, you can enjoy the perks that come with it and decide if it is something that you want to keep up.