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Is There a Monthly Fee for Roku Ultra?

Last Updated Jun 29, 2022

Roku is a very budget-friendly streaming device making it a nice option if you don’t have a smart TV. While the Roku Ultra is more expensive than some of the other Roku options, it’s still more pocket friendly than streaming devices from other companies. But, you might be wondering what the total cost will be once you factor in buying the product and paying for subscriptions.

There is no monthly fee for using Roku Ultra. Once you buy the device, there are no costs to stream with the device. However, the exact price you will pay monthly with your Roku Ultra depends on the channels you use.

You might be wondering how much you will end up paying monthly for streaming channels and services on Roku. We will go over that in this article. We will also discuss some of the many free options available to you. 

Does Roku Ultra Have a Monthly Fee? 

You may know that some streaming services and cable services require a monthly fee to continue watching. Is this the case with Roku Ultra?

There is no monthly fee for Roku Ultra. Some channels on Roku Ultra require a monthly subscription though that have fees including Netflix and Disney+, but Roku also has tons of free channels to choose from.  

Why Is Roku Telling Me I Have to Pay a Monthly Fee?

So you know that Roku Ultra doesn’t have a monthly fee, but why are they asking you to pay them?

If Roku is asking you to pay a monthly fee for their service alone, there is a high chance it’s a scam. Unfortunately, there have been Roku scams performed by third parties in the past.

If you get an email about needing to pay service fees for Roku Ultra, you should delete the email. If you have been asked to provide financial information to pay a monthly fee over the phone under the guise that it is Roku support, you should end the call. These are common scam tactics.

If you believe you have been scammed, please contact Roku support through their actual support page as linked here and not a third party website.

Free VS. Paid Channels On Roku Ultra

Now that you know there are free channels and channels you have to pay for on Roku Ultra, you may be wondering what content there is from both to outweigh your options. We’ll go over both the free channels and paid channels below.

Free Channels on Roku Ultra

There are many channels included with Roku that are free. Depending on your location, you will also be able to get local channels for free. 

Some free channels include:

  • FOX News
  • ABC
  • WeatherNation 
  • CBS Sports Stream 

There are also apps you can download onto the Roku that offer free content. 

Free Apps with Free Content from Roku 

There are tons of free apps you can use to access movies, TV shows, and videos. 

Some free apps on Roku with free content include:

  • Pluto TV- More than 100 channels and thousands of movies 
  • PBS Kids- Over 1000 videos perfect for children 
  • The CW- Watch all the shows from the CW network for free 
  • XUMO- Best for on-demand streaming 
  • Crunchyroll- Over 1000 anime films 

Keep in mind that while the content might be free, many of the apps are ad-supported. This means you might have to spend a few minutes before each movie or show watching some ads.

Paid Channels on Roku Ultra

From the channel section on the Roku, you can add streaming apps that have monthly subscription fees. 

Some of the channels you need to pay for include:

  • Netflix 
  • Amazon Prime Video 
  • Hulu
  • Disney+

While you are not paying any fees to Roku, you will still be paying monthly service fees to the streaming channels of your choice. Some options though, such as Disney+ start with plans that are only $4.99. 

You can add up all the costs of the streaming channels you use to see the total cost you will be spending monthly.

Is Roku Ultra Worth It?

Roku Ultra is one of the more expensive Roku devices. On Amazon, the newest model is $89.99. Many people choose the Roku Ultra because it has a faster and more powerful signal than some of the other more basic Roku device choices.

The Roku Ultra also includes:

  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Ability to stream in Dolby Vision 
  • 4k capabilities 
  • Added voice control if you have an Alexa device 

Other than the cost you buy the device for, you won’t be paying anything to use Roku except the money you spend monthly on subscription services like Netflix and Hulu. 

Final Thoughts 

There is no monthly fee for Roku Ultra. There are also many Roku channels and apps you can get for free. Other apps though, like Netflix, will charge you a monthly fee to use their services.

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