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Is There a Monthly Fee for Nest Cam?

Last Updated Jun 1, 2022
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The Google Nest Cam is that one product everyone wants, including you and that’s why you’re here. You probably want to get the Nest cam but between your phone and electricity bill, you’re wondering if you have to pay for a camera too. 

As a general rule, the basic functions of a Nest cam are free of charge, but there are additional features that come at an optional fee. 

Keep reading to find out more on these additional features of Nest. 

What Are Nest Monthly Fees Like?

The Nest cameras are designed so that you don’t have to buy a subscription to use most of their basic functions. All you have to do is buy the camera. This is a big incentive that comes with Nest because nobody wants to be locked into service agreements or monthly fees. 

It is important to note that even though you can enjoy the usage of nest cams without subscriptions, there’s the option of monthly and annual subscription, also known as Nest Aware. 

Nest Aware packages are designed for those perfectionists with a good dollar ready to harness all the additional features. These features include facial recognition, intelligent detection upgrades, special alerts, and activity zones. In addition, there’s the option of 24/7 continuous recording  and the freedom of accessing your video history from anywhere.

This sounds very juicy and you’re probably wondering how much it costs. 

How Much Does Nest Aware Cost?

When paying for the Nest Aware subscription, you have two options. 

Nest Aware

You have the $6/month Nest Aware and $60/year, which gives you access to event video history and facial recognition. 

Using a Nest cam without a subscription can detect and alert you about anything passing its sensors without a subscription; however, with Nest Aware, you can have facial recognition for familiar faces. This means that Nest can tell if a loved one or stranger is being detected by your camera.

Nest Aware Plus

The second subscription tier is the $12/month and $120/year. 

This provides 60 days of video history and 10 days of 24/7 video history if you have a wired Google Nest Cam. Just to note, Nest hello doorbells can’t record continuous video. There is also the chance to take advantage of Nest Aware’s free trial for 30 days of video history before committing to a paid monthly subscription.

Does Each Nest Cam Require a Subscription?

This is the next question that comes to our minds, especially if one would like to purchase more than one nest cam.  Well, Google has you covered. 

You do not need a subscription for each camera you own. Some cameras can run on the free subscription, but if you choose to subscribe for multiple cameras, the Nest Aware Plus plan and the 30-day event history plan covers every Nest device in your home.

Two Cameras

Here is a list of the Nest Aware pricing for two cameras:

  • $8/month and $80/year: 5-day 24/7 video history
  • $15/month and  $150/year: 10-day 24/7 video history
  • $45/month and $450/year: For 30-day 24/7 video history

If you’d like to learn more about Nest, take a look at this article. Now, let’s see for three cameras.

Three Cameras

Here is a list of the Nest Aware pricing for two cameras:

  • $11/month and $110/year: For 5-day 24/7 video history
  • $20/month and $200/year: For 10-day 24/7 video history
  • $60/month and $600/year: For 30-day 24/7 video history

Now, let’s see if Google has recently taken off restriction from Nest cam additional features.

Has Google Recently Taken Off Restriction From Nest Cam Additional Features?

Recently, Google has been introducing updates to the Nest camera line with a new version of the Google Nest Doorbell and several new versions of the Google Nest Cam. They are reducing some of the Nest Cam’s restrictions on features.

Some features like saving video history require a $6-$12 per month subscription, but newer models can now record through motion detection for up to three hours. Some facial recognition features also work without a subscription.

It is highly advisable to use these cameras with a subscription. This is because without subscription, a user loses out on access to recorded footage and intelligent alerts. 


While the rush for Nest products such as the cameras is ever increasing, it is nice to note that to effectively use these cameras, a monthly subscription, Nest aware, is advised. We hope this article helps you realize your home security peak. 

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