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Is the Yeelight Strip Worth It?

Last Updated Dec 2, 2021
Roll of blue LED light strips.

If you want to have a unique way to light up your home or business, you may have come across the Yeelight Strip, and you may be wondering if this strip is worth the cost and time to set up.

The Yeelight Strip is worth it if you are looking for a quality strip lighting system. The Yeelight Strip works with Alexa, Google, and Siri without a hub. The colors on the lights are customizable, and it can dim. Additionally, the strip is easy to set up, mount, and cut to size.

As you can see, the Yeelight Strip has many great features; however, when setting up the Yeelight Strip, you may want to pay attention to a few key things. Below, we will cover everything you need to know about the device.  

What is the Yeelight Strip?

The Yeelight Strip is a smart LED light strip that can really upgrade a smart home. They can light up areas of a room in unique and tasteful ways and can be used anywhere.

Some examples of where you can place the Yeelight light strips are:

  • Along the floor
  • Vertically in a corner
  • Across the top of the wall
  • Under cabinets
  • Under furniture
  • On staircases
  • Anywhere else you’d like!

What Features Does the Yeelight Strip Have?

The Yeelight Strip has a lot of great features. It can be turned on and off by a button that doesn’t have to be right next to an outlet; this is useful for people who want to use the lights in an area that lacks a convenient outlet.  

It is a smart strip, so it works with Wi-Fi. Even if you don’t want to press a button, you can turn the lights on and off using an app or your voice assistant.

You can even customize your lights in various ways; you can change:

  • The color of the light strip
  • The size of the light strip
  • The brightness of the light strip

What Additional Features are Available on the App?

The Yeelight Strip has an app that has even more features for your strip. As previously mentioned, the app can do basic things, like changing your lights’ color or turning the strip on and off. However, it has additional features as well:

  • You can play music on your phone or other sources, and the strip will sync up to the beat and change colors. This feature is awesome for parties and gatherings, or even just an impromptu dance party on your own.
  • There’s also a sunrise and sunset setting on the strip that can be set up in the app. This allows the Yeelight Strip to turn on and off or change its lighting according to a set schedule.

Does the Yeelight Strip Work with My Voice Assistant?

The short answer to this is yes! The Yeelight Strip works with:

  • Alexa
  • Google
  • Siri

Bonus: It does not require a hub to be set up with any voice assistant!

Like the app, voice assistants can turn the strip on or off and control how bright or dim the strip is. You can also use your voice assistant to change the color of the strip.

The Yeelight Strip can be part of any voice assistant routine, too. Routines can be based on time, events, or a voice command, that then signal the strip to turn on or off or change its colors and brightness.  

Is It Hard to Set Up the Yeelight Strip?

Setting up the Yeelight Strip is easy! It is very flexible, so it allows for endless possibilities.

It can also be cut to a specific length to fit where you’d like to place it perfectly. Keep in mind, though, when you cut the strip, the part that was cut off will no longer light up.

The adhesive is located on the back of the light and works well to mount to any surface. If you are purchasing extensions, those are easy to set up as well.

How Much is the Yeelight Strip?

The Yeelight Strip starts at about $53 for the entire 6.5-foot strip on Amazon. You can also purchase different sizes. If you want an extension, you can buy those for about $16.

Note: Prices fluctuate, so they may be slightly different than this when you go to purchase. However, the cost should be around those prices.

Final Thoughts

The Yeelight Strip is definitely worth the money. It adds a unique feel to any room, and with the range of features and easy set-up, it is the best smart strip for the price. The possibilities are endless with the Yeelight Strip to turn your room into a modern, well-lit oasis!

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