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Is The Xfinity Stream App Free?

Last Updated Jun 20, 2022

Xfinity is a popular internet, phone, and cable provider that people all over the country use. This provider provides its customers access to thousands of channels, competitive mobile services, and high-speed internet. One of the perks they recently released is the Xfinity Stream app. People all over are wondering, is the Xfinity Stream app free?

The Xfinity Stream app is free to download on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. To use this app, you must be a current Xfinity customer and log in with your current Xfinity account credentials. This app allows users to watch live TV, watch movies, and keep up with upcoming shows. 

Although the app is free to download, you need to purchase a service plan to use it and use all the features it offers. Read on to learn about the different plans offered by Comcast, what the Comcast app provides, and what troubleshooting tips you can use if the app doesn’t work properly.

Part of the Plan

You must be a subscriber to Xfinity to access the content on the Xfinity Stream app. Thus, it is clear that to take advantage of mobile television; you will have to pay for cable service at some level. Each plan comes with a different set of associated costs. Here is a list of plans that came included with the Xfinity Streaming App access:

  • Internet plans with speeds from 300 to 6,000 Mbps
  • Flex with Blast! snd up to 1,200 Mbps internet
  • X1 with internet speeds from 300 to 1,200 Mbps
  • Mobile with unlimited data per line or data by the Gig
  • Select More
  • Signature+ More
  • Super+ More

Each of these plans can be modified. The best way to determine which plan is right for you is to contact a sales representative from Xfinity. Generally, it is cheaper to buy a bundle with Xfinity than to select singular services. This will save you money and give you access to the Xfinity Stream app. The Xfinity Stream app cannot be purchased on its own.

Features of the Xfinity Stream app

The new Xfinity Stream app is a great way to watch TV on a phone, tablet, or even at home on a smart TV. It can be downloaded to most modern TVs, streaming sticks, and smartphones. This app is designed so that consumers can watch TV without worrying about situating a clunky box with tons of wires. Some of the things you can do with the app are:

  • Stream live TV from over 250+ channels
  • Watch movies
  • Browse the upcoming TV schedule
  • Watch some on-demand content
  • Watch DVR recordings that are complete
  • Schedule new DVR recordings so you do not miss your favorite show while away
  • Filter shows by definition or image quality
  • Toggle closed captioning on or off

There is a great deal of functionality in this app. It is almost as if you had a TV connected to an Xfinity box hooked up to it. There are a lot of features you would get on your TV, but with Xfinity On Demand, you can bring them with you anywhere you have access to the internet and can log in to your Xfinity account.

Streaming Woes

Sometimes, when we go to use our new devices, it can become an issue. This is because technology does not always yield the desired results and can malfunction. When this occurs, it is easy to throw in the towel and replace the piece of technology that is misbehaving. 

If you’re having trouble specifically with streaming Xfinity from your phone, there are a few different fixes.

Before you throw your money away in frustration, try some of the tips we have highlighted below.

Out of Date Firmware

This is one of the number one problems users face when trying to use the Xfinity app, which doesn’t work. Xfinity regularly pushes out updates to its app. If a user doesn’t update, they will have a malfunctioning app.

A Simple Disconnection

Sometimes, the WiFi on the app or device the app is streaming for kicks out. When this happens, the app can no longer function. This is because it completely depends on internet access to provide you with the content you want to watch. The best way to fix this is to check the WiFi connection. Try rebooting it to get the best streaming experience.

Plan Compatibility

Another reason why a user may not be able to use the Xfinity app is that they do not have a plan that is compatible with the app. This means a user will need to sign up for an Xfinity plan or update their plan to use this feature. The best way to do this is to go online, create an account, and browse their plan options; once you have a plan, download, launch, and stream!

Free App and Affordable TV

Xfinity has a lot of great options for its users. Many of these options are competitive in price, which is great for your pocket. The app is a great addition to their platform because it removes the need for a cable box and declutters your home while still providing top-of-the-line service. Don’t be afraid to commit; it is worth it.

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