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Is the Toshiba Fire TV Worth It?

Last Updated Dec 2, 2021
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Every other day it seems like a new Smart TV, streaming device or streaming service is cropping up. While having a wide variety to choose from is great, it can also complicate things because you’re not sure what is worth it and what isn’t. For example, many people are beginning to wonder if the Toshiba Fire TV is a good choice. But is it really?  

If you want a solid Smart TV without spending a fortune, the Toshiba Fire TV is well worth it. The TV graciously balances its affordable price, compatibility with other smart technologies and its excellent streaming capabilities. 

If you’re still not sure if the Toshiba Fire TV is worth it for you, keep on reading. Below we will break down the features of the Toshiba Fire TV so you can do a quick check to make sure it has everything you want on it.  Additionally, to give you a balanced perspective, we will also go over any aspects of the TV that fall short of its overall quality. 

What Features Make the Toshiba Fire TV Worth It?

When it comes to what makes a Smart TV worth it, it largely depends on its compatibility with other smart technologies as well as the features it has. Fortunately, despite its low price, the Toshiba Fire TV is loaded with features and compatible with some of the most popular smart devices. 

We’ve outlined some of the features we think will be most important to you below:  

  • Compatibility with Alexa: If you have an Alexa, you can very easily connect it to your Toshiba Smart TV, to enable even more functions like voice commands. In fact, the remote has a microphone built-in so you don’t have to go through the laborious process of trying to type on a keyboard with a remote when you want to watch a new show.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes at affordable prices: You can get a screen appropriate for where you want to use your television because the Fire TV comes in five sizes. They are as follows; 43, 50, 55 , 65, and 75 inches. What’s better is that at every size they’re affordable compared to the competition. The 43” comes in at $249, while the 50” is $359.
  • Plenty of ports: If you don’t want to have to buy a box to expand how many ports your TV has, it’s important you find one that already has them built in. Fortunately, the Toshiba Fire TV has three HDMI inputs as well as other types in its larger models. They have RCA composite video inputs, a place for an antenna or cable and ethernet.  
  • Launch app buttons on the remote: The remote has shortcut buttons to take you to streaming apps like Netflix or HBO. This may sound like a little thing, but theres just something nice about not having to scroll through and find the app every time you want to use it. Instead it’s right there at the press of a button. 

Of course, there are also the standard features that come with most smart TVs like WiFi, preloaded apps and easy, automatic updates. 

What are the Cons of the Toshiba Fire TV?

Now that we’ve covered all the pros of Toshiba Fire TV’s, let’s take a moment to review the potential cons that could influence your buying preferences. Keep in mind, some of these problems only apply to certain sizes. We’ll make that clear when it is the case, but it’s something to keep in mind depending on the size you’re going for. 

Below we’ve outline the biggest cons of the Toshiba Fire TV, so you can make an informed choice on whether one is right for you: 

  • Problems with viewing angles: While the picture quality of Toshiba Fire TV’s looks really good (especially with the 50”), it does have some problems with certain viewing angles. This is a common problem amongst affordable TVs. When viewed at too much of an angle, the picture diminishes a little bit. 
  • Smaller ones aren’t in 4K: This is one of those things that matters a great deal to some people, while others really don’t care because the quality is still really high. Still, in case you belong to the former camp, you should know that the smaller models are in 1080p instead of 4K. If you get the 50 inch however, it is in 4K.
  • The screen can have a glare: If you have big windows in the room where you’re planning to set up the TV, you’ll either want to get some blinds or shop around for another smart TV. There can be a noticeable glare on the TV when you have it in a bright room.  
  • Some users have reported dark spots: While this isn’t guaranteed to happen with the model you buy, there have been reports from customers that say there are some spots on the screen that are darker than others. Usually this is only when it is viewed from certain angles however. 

Thankfully, none of these problems are so big that we would say the TV isn’t worth it. With any affordable option, there are going to be some trade offs. When a large portion of that trade off is a glare and an inability to look at the TV sideways, it’s pretty reasonable. 

So, is the Toshiba Fire TV Really Worth It?

The Toshiba FireTV is an excellent choice. Not just because it can come with the crisp, near perfect, picture quality of 4K (if you get the larger models), but also because of its compatibility with other smart technologies like Alexa. 

Of course, there are some issues that will dissuade those out there who only want the very best. It can have some problems with viewing angles and the picture quality is reduced on the smaller models. That said, it’s still a great option for anyone looking to get their first smart TV. 

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