Is the Tile Mate Waterproof? (And How to Protect it)

under water with bubbles floating to the topunder water with bubbles floating to the top

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It has happened again. You have ruined another electronic device by getting it wet. It has happened to the best of us. When considering what type of tracking device this may be something that was on your mind.

Unfortunately, the Tile Mate is not waterproof, but it is water resistant. If you’re using it in the rain, you should be fine, but submerging it in water will most likely damage or ruin the device

In this article, you’ll learn whether your Tile Mate is waterproof and what you can do to keep it from being ruined by water. Tiles are important to be able to keep track of the things you need most, so having them in perfect working order is crucial.

Tile Mates in Water

Many think that waterproof and water resistant means the same thing. The two words are often used interchangeably. The fact is that they mean two different things. Waterproof technology is completely sealed with coating while on the contrary water resistant can repel light water exposure and cannot withstand being in water for long periods of time.

The Tile Mate claims that is water resistant, but not waterproof. What this means is that if you are caught in the rain, it will be okay when a few drops of water land on it. If your tile gets dunked into a puddle, then you are talking about another matter. This is when your premium protection would come into play.

Tiles are not Waterproof

One the other side of things water resistant is a bit different. Unlike waterproof, technology with this claim cannot be submerged in water like waterproof. If technology is in water for a long time eventually water will begin to seep into the technology. This is the case with Tile Mates

Accessories can Help

If you have technology with the claim as being water resistant, there are some things you can do further protect it. There are protective cases you can purchase to keep your Tile dry. We have seen covering from laptops to cameras. Silicone cases can be found on Amazon giving your device another layer of that resistance.

Luckily, there are silicone waterproof covering for the Tile Mate Pro. This covering will actually prevent water from coming in without getting in the way of the device’s usage.

Protection When The Worst Happens

The best way of providing protection for your Tile device is through the premium subscription. Without this “backup” protection you are left with nothing when your device is damaged.

Waterproof Options

Other tracking devices are also seeing the value in having waterproof technology. The Cube, for example which is very much like the tile in shape and size is waterproof. With this device you would not have to worry about having to replace it or get protection cases.

There are others such as Tail It which is named the world smallest GPS tracker. It claims to be the world’s smallest GPS tracker. Their device is also water resistant. It is easier to find trackers that are water resistant rather than waterproof. It is important to know the difference.

Waterproof Technology

What makes technology waterproof anyways? Most people do not know this; but the most popular coating used on technology is called conformal coating according to technology news trends. There are many types of conformal coatings as well but Parylene is the most popular for electronic devices.

People seek out waterproof technology for a multitude of reasons. From students to people whose profession calls them to work with water this is a desirable feature. Some people that might want to opt for a waterproof option instead are:

  • Students
  • Marines
  • Swimmers
  • Aquatic Professions
  • Theme Park Workers
  • Nature Professionals
  • Water Enthusiasts

However, even if you’re not one of these, you might still be fine to have a Tile Mate. The best thing you can to to protect your Tile Mate, short of purchasing a premium subscription, is to keep it inside something, whether it be a pocket or a case. Otherwise, there is a chance your Tile could be susceptible to water damage.

Final Thoughts

Some people can keep their electronics dry by taking the basic precautions to keeping it away in a bag or covered by something. Most people, however, do run into common circumstances such as running to your car in the rain. The Tile comes with a key ring attachment which means that it’s highly likely to be attached to the outside of a purse or bag.

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