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Is The Smartbulb360 Waterproof?

Last Updated Nov 7, 2022
A rainy day outside of a home

The Smartbulb360 is a new type of security camera combined with a lightbulb. Many people want to use it outside and wonder, is the Smartbulb360 waterproof?

The Smartbulb360 is waterproof. It is rated to be placed either indoors or outdoors and can withstand extreme weather and temperature changes.

Now that you know you can use the Smartbulb360 outdoors, it is time to learn how to set it up and troubleshooting tips. Keep reading below to find out more.

Your Smartbulb360 and Water

The Smartbulb360 is a smart camera that allows a user to enjoy a 360 viewing angle indoors and outdoors. Its website rates it for severe weather and temperatures as well.

The Smartbulb360 is a waterproof smart bulb camera. When placed outside, it can withstand wind, rain, sleet, and snow, making it weather resistant. 

Although the Smartbulb360 is rated for outdoor use, it can still run into problems due to water damage and complications. Below we highlight how water can affect your Smartbulb360.

If you want to learn more about the Smartbulb 360, we’ve got a thorough guide to let you know everything about it. It’s a fantastic starter product to use in any smart home.

Troubleshooting Your Smartbulb360

The Smartbulb360 is a great tool to use when you are trying to keep your home secure. Its viewing angle and infrared lighting make it ideal for outdoor use. 

Sometimes the Smartbulb360 stops working as it should. Some problems users report are: 

  • WiFi connection failure
  • Blurry image
  • Too many phone alerts
  • Power failure

These issues can be caused due to water problems with your Smartbulb360. Below we highlight why each problem occurs and how to fix it.

We also have a fantastic universal tech troubleshooting guide if you need further help.

If you don’t think the Smartbulb360 is right for you, we’ve also analyzed other cameras to help you learn which fits your needs.

Problems Connecting to WiFi

One problem that the Smartbulb360 can suffer from is a lack of WiFi. If the WiFi signal is too weak or far away from this smart bulb, it will not function.

Typically, a WiFi issue is due to a router or modem problem. Occasionally, it can be due to inclement weather. Severe rain can detrimentally affect the signal.

Intense rain, fog, and humidity can cause the signal to weaken from your service provider and result in low service. You can attempt to troubleshoot this issue traditionally or wait it out.

The Fix: Traditional Reset

To fix this issue, it is important to check your WiFi connection. Power cycle your router and modem to refresh it. Do this by following these steps:

  1. Unplug the router
  2. Unplug the modem
  3. Wait 2 minutes
  4. Plug in the modem
  5. Power on the modem
  6. Plug in the router
  7. Power on the router

Once the power comes back on and the system is initialized, the internet should be refreshed and working again. Test this by looking at the live stream through the Smartbulb360.

If the internet is on, but the bulb is having difficulty staying connected to WiFi, it could be due to a weak signal. Investing in a WiFi extender is the best way to solve this issue.

Low Resolution

Another problem you may encounter with the Smartbulb360 is low video resolution. Although the camera comes with 1080p capabilities, problems can occur. 

These problems can be due to settings or weather and water-related issues. 

Sometimes, water can get behind the lens of the Smartbulb360 and cause a blurry picture. Other times it can hang out on top with the same result. 

The Fix: Adjust Video Settings and Clean The Light Bulb Camera

If you go onto the camera and view the video stream and it is blurry or hard to see, it is time to perform some troubleshooting. Resetting the Smartbulb360 is easy; follow these steps:

  1. Grab the thimble that comes with the lightbulb
  2. Insert the thimble into the reset hole
  3. Keep it in the hole for a few seconds until the voice prompt occurs

The bulb will go through the motions to reset. Once it is done, launch the app to see if live streaming works. The video should be clear and easy to see now that it has reset completely.

If the problem is due to water logging. It may be time to replace the bulb in its entirety. Otherwise, wait until the rain stops and go out and wipe the bulb off.

Check out the video quality to see if it improves after replacement or cleaning.

Motion Sensitivity Malfunction

Occasionally, the Smartbulb360 will pick up too much motion. This can result in too many notifications on your phone to notify you of the event.

This can get annoying quickly, especially if it is a windy or rainy day and the camera regularly picks up on each motion. 

Another root cause for odd motion sensitivity is the presence of water. If the bulb has a lot of water on it and senses a drip going down the camera, it will consider its motion.

On really rainy days, these water droplets can become a bane and aggravate you to no end. Luckily, you can do a few things to solve this issue.

The Fix: Clear Water and Adjust App Settings

In the app itself, under the settings section, you can select how sensitive the motion detection is and how often it notifies you. You can also determine which events proc a notification.

Power Failure

Sometimes you will look at your Smartbulb360 live stream and see nothing but blankness or an error message stating the light bulb is offline.

This could be due to power failure. The Smartbulb360 requires a constant stream of electricity for it to function.

Sometimes power failure occurs due to natural causes or wear and tear. Other times, it can be due to water issues.

Although the Smartbulb360 is waterproof, the wires connecting it to power are not. If there is a crack or space, water can get into the area and wreak havoc on the wiring.

The Fix: Call an Electrician

To solve this issue, first look for your circuit breaker. Check to see if any of the electrical breakers have been flipped off. If it has, flip it back to the on position.

If the breaker is not the issue, it could be an issue with the wiring that is directly attached to the light housing. If this is the case, an electrician must assist you with the wiring.

If the wires a ruined due to water damage, they should be replaced by an electrician as well. Water and electricity do not mix and should be handled by a trained professional.

Ready For Outdoor Use

The Smartbulb360 is great for indoor or outdoor use. Its water and weatherproof design make it easy for users to keep their homes safe from all threats.

Take advantage of this great smart camera and help secure your home today.

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