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Is The Samsung 7 Series Good For Gaming?

Last Updated Oct 4, 2021
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Gaming is a serious business, and there are many excellent products out there for the serious gamer to choose from. Whether you’re a professional or gaming is a hobby, it’s important to know what you’re getting when you purchase new tech. After all, the screen you play on can make a difference in your gameplay!

The Samsung 7 Series are smart TVs that were built for gaming. They are consistently rated highly by the biggest and most respected names in gaming technology and are one of the top brands chosen by professionals in the gaming industry. 

In this article, we’re looking at the Samsung 7 series of TVs, and whether or not they are considered good for gaming. We’ll go into their performance while taking different types of games into consideration to help you choose the best TV for your gaming experience.

Can You Use Samsung 7 Series for Gaming?

When you’re looking into a TV that’s designed for gaming, you have to make sure you have all the facts to make the right choice for your home. After all, not all TVs are created equally, and neither are all video games. It is crucial to make sure the TV you choose can keep up with the level of gaming you enjoy, as well as the specific requirements for multiple types of games themselves. 

Okay, so now that we’ve established that the Samsung 7 series is considered to be a real contender for gaming, let’s go into more detail on some of the product specs and features that make this series a good choice for a gamer looking to level up!

Best Rated Samsung 7 Series TV For Gaming 

The most highly praised Samsung 7 series TV is the Q-Smart Q9F 65-inch model. With HDR 2000, this TV has the most highly rated picture quality with Game Mode and is Freestyle Compatible. The headline feature is its HDR 2000 tech, which offers the most vivid HDR available and is a contender even when put up against newer model smart TVs. 

While this TV was released in 2018, it easily stands up to newer models in terms of picture quality and value. It has most of the same features as the newer Q90R, with the added benefit of a more affordable price. The Samsung QLED has more vibrant colors and vivid contrasts than OLED, creating a highly detailed gaming experience.  

What To Consider When Selecting a Gaming TV

While the best rated Samsung 7 Series TV is the Q-Smart Q9F, it is important that yourTV fits into your lifestyle and needs. Before you make a decision on which Series 7 model is right for you, there are a few things you should consider

We’ve provided a breakdown on those considerations below: 

  • Connection: The first consideration is how easily you will be able to set up for your gaming experience. The best feature here is the auto recognition feature that switches your TV to the Input selection your console is connected to automatically when the console is turned on. This feature is built into all of the Samsung Series 7 models. 
  • Picture And Sound Quality: This is a huge consideration and not one to be taken lightly. Dynamic black equalizers minimize areas in games that are difficult to see, which can prove invaluable when playing games such as First Person Shooters(FPS) where poor visuals can take you out of the running. HDR and optimized sound also play a huge role in game play.
  • Low Input Lag: This is a crucial point to consider when playing any game that requires split second movement, such as action, sports, or FPS games. Screen processing is measured in milliseconds, so a TV with low input lag dramatically improves game play and can make the difference between a win or loss.. Samsung TV’s use Freesync, which optimizes screen processing to lower lag time between your button press and the corresponding action on your screen. 
  • Game Mode: This is a feature specifically designed for gaming TVs that optimizes your settings for game play. It automatically adjusts your TVs audio and picture specs not only for game play, but for the type of game you are playing. 


Whether you are a casual gamer or gaming is your profession, it is important to consider how your screen can affect your experience. The Samsung 7 Series of TVs are developed for gaming, while still functioning well as a standard smart TV. In this article, we have gone over the best rated Samsung 7 for gaming, as well as provided you with some great guidelines for picking the gaming TV perfect for you to keep leveling up on the games you love most!