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Is The Oura Ring Better Than A Smartwatch?

Last Updated May 14, 2022

When deciding whether or not to buy an Oura ring or a smartwatch can be tricky. Both the Oura ring and smartwatches come packed with important features essential to tracking health, wellness, and sleep. When comparing the two options, it is important to consider cost and features. Many people wonder if the Oura Ring is better than a smartwatch?

The Oura ring is better than a smartwatch. This is because a smart ring is more accurate with the information it collects than a smartwatch. Smart rings also tend to be more discrete and less bulky. They also do not get in the way of everyday tasks or become cumbersome.

Smart rings, such as the Oura ring, are better than smartwatches because of their unique, accurate features. If you still aren’t convinced, read on to get more in-depth detailed comparisons of an Oura ring vs. a smartwatch and why the Oura ring comes out on top.

The Devil is in the Details

The features of an Oura Ring vs. a smartwatch differ quite drastically. This is one of the main reasons consumers tend to have difficulty deciding between the two devices. It can be hard to discern these differences, and many users wonder what the main difference is.

Smart rings are packed with sensors. These sensors are highly sensitive and accurate. The smartwatch sensors aren’t quite as good as the Oura ring. If a smartwatch is used to collect data, it could provide numbers that are not statistically accurate, skewing the results.

Smartwatches, such as the Fitbit, have also been known to have many technical issues, such as not tracking sleep and quickly draining batteries.

This is not the only difference between the two options. When a user compares the two devices side by side, there are many differences. Read on to learn more about these differences and which is the better option in each scenario.

The Right Fit

The Oura ring beats out smartwatches when it comes to fit as well. This is because the Oura ring is small, compact, and conveniently sits on the finger. A smartwatch can be bulky, smack into things, and can even cause a rash on the wrist if not cleaned properly. This can be super inconvenient and pose a health issue. The Oura is small, does not get in the way, and can be taken off for a breather.


When it comes to quality and durability, the Oura ring is also the winner. This is because it is a simple ring with a sturdy design. Watches have a screen and a band. These screens and bands can crack and break relatively easily. When replacing them, it can get costly. The Oura ring will not need these types of replacements, meaning it is the better durable option.

Rings Have the Power

When it comes to comparing the battery life between the two smart devices, the Oura rings have a much more impressive battery life than a smartwatch like a Fitbit or a Strava. The Oura ring can last up to seven days without needing to be charged. The Fitbit and other common smartwatches need to be charged just after one day of use.

The main reason behind this is the smartwatch needs more energy and battery life to power the screen that it comes with. The backlight and display eat a lot of battery, causing the length of a charge to shorten. The smart rings do not have these screens and can therefore conserve energy.

Let’s Talk Green

When it comes to the Oura ring and a smartwatch, the Oura ring may not be the winner, depending on the smartwatch you compare it to when it comes to price. Newer versions of the Oura ring can cost up to $399. This price can be seen as relatively high. Look below at the chart we made to compare the Oura Ring’s price to other popular smartwatch costs.

Smart DevieCost
Oura Ring$299-$399 for newest model
Fitbit Blaze$199.95
Apple Watch 7$399.99
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4$249.99
Fitbit Sense$199.99
Apple Watch SE$279.00
Garmin Venu 2 Plus$499.99

The Oura ring is moderately priced for this niche. It is important to note that it does not have a screen and some of the capabilities that the smartwatches provide for their cost, but it does have amazing qualities, sensors, and accuracy, which may make up for the price.

Personal Privacy

Another concern that users have is privacy. Smartwatches have a screen, speakers, and a microphone. This means they can listen to all the conversations and track the information you say and do while using the device. The Oura ring does not have these capabilities. It can only track the information you provide on your phone and the health data it collects from its sensors.

If you prefer a private lifestyle and does not like big companies mining your data, then the Oura ring is the better option when it comes to choosing between it or a smartwatch.

Ring it In

All in all, the Oura ring is the superior health and fitness tracker. It gives users the most high-quality and accurate results. It is also more comfortable, less bulky, and moderately priced. Order one and start your health journey today.

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