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Is the Nest Protect Worth It?

Last Updated Jan 25, 2023
Nest Protect product

When building out your smart home, there are certain products that are obvious and others that are not so obvious. I would say smart smoke detectors like the Nest Protect are one of those not so obvious devices.

But is the old school smoke alarm really that bad? I was curious so I went into research mode!

So, is Nest Protect worth it? The Nest Protect system offers a variety of advanced and easy to use features that are not present in traditional smoke detectors. With a retail price of just under $120, Nest offers a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. The combination of the advanced technology and effectiveness of cost, an investment into a Nest Protect system is absolutely worth it.

Nest Protect is a smart device that monitors smoke and carbon monoxide emissions within the home. It is essentially a more modern and user-friendly version of the traditional smoke detector and can pick up on multiple different types and sizes of fires within your home.

You can learn more about smart smoke detectors in general here.

Features of the Nest Protect Smoke Detector

Nest Protect Smoke Detector

The Nest Protect device is able to detect all types of fires, no matter the severity. Whether it is a bag of popcorn burning in the microwave or a massive kitchen fire, Nest Protect will immediately alert you when any area of your home requires attention.

Every Nest Protect device comes with a human voice that will give a spoken warning when there are any signs of potential hazards. So, if something is starting to burn in the microwave or toaster, your Nest will give you the heads up that there is some smoke and where that smoke is coming from.

This allows you to quickly handle the issue by tending to your food before the entire kitchen is engulfed in flames.

In addition to the speaking function that is programmed into every Nest Protect, the human voice will also let you know exactly where the smoke or potential hazard is coming from in the house. So, if one of the lamps in your living room catches fire, the Nest will alert you that it is an emergency and there is smoke coming from the living room.

The Nest Protect works just like the smoke detector you have now but will also test itself once a month. This is a very convenient feature, given the fact that most people fail to perform scheduled tests on their smoke alarms.

In fact, 90 percent of people do not test their alarms every month as they should. Nest Protect does not only test its own alarm, but it also checks its internal components hundreds of times a day to make sure everything is working properly, without any kind of instruction.

Nest Protect is the very first smoke alarm in history to perform sound checks on itself once a month.

The Nest Protect also comes with more built-in sensors that will light up when it senses motion. So, if you are on your way to the kitchen for a late-night snack in the middle of the night, Nest Protect will switch on its light automatically to illuminate your path.

This feature, also known as Pathlight, is one of the most user-friendly features as well as a repeated customer favorite.

It is common for most traditional smoke detector devices to pick up on steam and mistake it for smoke. This can become a headache when your smoke alarm is constantly ringing when you are just trying to take a hot shower.

Fortunately, Nest Protect does not ring its alarm in response to steam. Equipped with advanced technology including specific algorithms and special humidity sensors, Nest Protect is easily able to differentiate between harmless steam and real danger.

Nest Protect Smartphone App Controls

When the Nest picks up on any level of smoke or carbon monoxide fumes, it will immediately send a message to your smartphone app to let you know what’s going on.

You will be able to press a button directly from the app to silence the alarm instead of frantically jumping up toward the ceiling and trying to disconnect the device like any traditional smoke detector.

Speaking of traditional smoke detectors, Nest Protect devices do not come with the annoying chirping sound that regular smoke detectors make when they are running low on battery power. Instead, the Nest Protect will send an alert to your smartphone app that the batteries need replacement.

In case of an emergency when nobody is home, Nest Protect will send out an alert to everyone in the family with details about what is going on. If there is a carbon monoxide detection in one of the bedrooms, the app will indicate the problem and push the notification out to everyone with the application.

Additionally, each person in the family can make their own individual account with Nest. There is no need to share the same password for a single family account. Each member of the family will be able to log into their profile and use their smartphone app to carry out all of the functions that are available, including turning off an alarm and running tests on the device itself.

Testing the functions of your Nest Protect is as simple as pressing a single button and waiting a short period of time for the smartphone app to check the device.

Once this is complete, a full and detailed report about your Nest Protect will pop up on your phone screen. This is an important feature because most people will fail to check their smoke alarm systems due to the tedious nature of the task. However, it is now easier than ever to perform a safety checkup on your Nest Protect device.

The Total Cost of a Nest Protect System

The retail price of a single Nest Protect device directly from the Nest website is just under $120. Nest offers bulk packs of 3 and 6 devices for $357 and $714.

Although these base prices do not offer any discount for upfront purchases of larger quantities, they frequently run sales and promotions on the website that can lower the price of each device significantly.

Nest Protect systems come in two options, wired and with a battery. Although this does not directly affect the total price or the overall functions the device can carry out, this is an important decision to make at the time of purchase.

For those who have a smoke alarm that is currently installed into the ceiling with wires, the wired Nest Protect will be the best choice. Alternatively, the battery-powered Nest Protect will be ideal in any other situation.

Nest offers monthly payment plans for both of these devices, giving customers the option to pay as low as $10 per month instead of paying the entire amount up front. However, these monthly payments will vary from person to person depending on credit history, income, and various other factors.

With a final total of $119 for a single Nest Protect device, Nest offers free expedited shipping to its customers. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, with the option to return the device for a refund if you are not completely satisfied with the product.

What other similar products does Nest offer for the home?

Nest offers a variety of similar products that can be installed and used throughout the home and are compatible with each other.

For example, the Nest thermostat can be connected to the Nest Protect system and work together to alert each other when there is a potential safety issue. If the Nest Protect system happens to pick up on a carbon monoxide emission when you are not home, it will immediately alert the

Nest thermostat to switch off the furnace as a temporary solution until somebody can get there and fix the problem.

What are the main differences between the Nest Protect and a traditional smoke detector?

To summarize, the main differences between Nest Protect and a traditional smoke detector are the advanced technological features that are offered with Nest.

Alternative smoke detector devices will generally have only a few functions, which include ringing when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, performing sound tests when manually prompted to, and alerting the user when the battery percentage is low.

Nest Protect, on the other hand, will complete all of these functions and more without any direct instruction from the user. In addition to the automatic features that come with Nest Protect, the user is also able to control the device remotely with the mobile app that is connected to the system.

Nest Protect offers increased safety and convenience in comparison to regular smoke detectors with no special features.

Does Nest Protect work with Alexa?

All Nest products are constructed to be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. There is an app for Alexa controls, where you can also control your Nest devices including Nest Protect and Nest thermostat.

Additionally, your Nest device can also work with other products that are compatible with Alexa.