When searching for a home security camera, whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor placement, one of the top contenders will be the Nest cam. However, many wonder if it is worth the hefty price tag. Especially, since there are other cameras on the market that seems to have slightly similar capabilities but may be a bit easier on the wallet. The Nest cam appears to be the best on the market and is highly rated but is it all that great? Does it really have what you need in a camera system?

A question on many consumers’ minds, is the Nest cam worth it? The Nest cam is one of the best cameras on the market today; once you own it and really put the Nest cam to work, you should be able to see why people do believe the Nest cam is, in fact, worth it. The Nest cam is packed full of all the features one would need for home security camera capabilities.

To determine if the Nest cam is worth it for you as an individual will come down to three essential factors. First, your personal preference on capabilities and features; second, Wi-Fi in your home area; third, your price point. Continue reading for a deeper dive into the Nest cam to get a better idea if it is the home security camera for you.

The Price is a Dealbreaker for Some

Price is a big deal, so let’s get that out of the way first. When purchasing the Nest cam, a single camera will cost you $199.00, or you can buy a 2-pack for $298.00. The dual pack can save money upfront if you know you will want more than one camera, but that can be expensive for people on a budget.

Aside from the initial camera cost, it is highly recommended that you pay for the monthly subscription of Nest aware to get the full Nest cam experience and optimal service and support. Nest aware typically gives a 30-day free trial, but subscriptions start a $6.00 per month after that.

How Easy is Installation?

No electrician or handyman is required for the Nest cam installation. Inside of the Nest cam box is everything you need except the screwdriver or drill.

To install the Nest cam:

1. Choose the preferred outdoor location.

2. Remove the bracket and screws from the Nest box.

3. Screw the bracket into the desired location.

4. Mount and lock the camera base.

5. Insert the camera into the base. The camera will attach via magnet to ensure proper placement.

6. Adjust the camera angle as needed by rotating the base.

Complete installation from opening the box to adjusting the camera should take about 15 minutes.

How Long Will the Battery Last?

The outstanding feature about the Nest cam is that it is completely wireless; the downside to that is it is battery-powered and must be charged from time to time.

Charging the Nest cam:

1. Find the charging cable included in the box.

2. Simply remove the Nest cam from the base; remember it is attached magnetically, so it should pop off easily with a bit of force.

3. Insert the cable into the camera and charge for roughly 5 hours.

4. Reattach the Nest cam to the camera base

You can always check the camera’s battery life in the nest app to know when it will need charging. Users average their battery typically lasts between 6 to 8 months before needing to be charged again.

Is Wi-Fi a Requirement?

While Wi-Fi to use the Nest cam is not a requirement. Most features will be unattainable without it. You can use a cellular hotspot or another type of internet device to get internet to the camera. However, without Wi-Fi of some sort, you may not receive all necessary notifications, all footage may not record and save ideally, viewing the camera from the app may be lagged or unavailable from time to time. Nest cams work best in locations where some type of Wi-Fi is available.

Audio and Video Features for the Nest Cam

Any Nest cam user will let you know the audio and video features of a charged, Wi-Fi-connected Nest cam are impeccable.


Video basics of the Nest cam include 1080p resolution, which is not 4K, but it gets the job done and preserves battery life. There is also a 6x digital zoom and night vision feature for when necessary.


The camera itself has a tiny speaker and microphone on the bottom that are much better than one would initially assume. The microphone does a great job grabbing sounds, and the speaker is perfect for “yelling at kids to get off your lawn” if you’re a scrooge.

Final Thoughts

Most Nest users do not regret their purchase after seeing what the powerful Nest cam can do and the ease of use it provides. However, to fully decide if it is worth it to you, you will have to give it a try.