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Is the Luna Controller Worth It?

Last Updated Jul 25, 2022
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The world of online cloud gaming is growing fast, and many of the big tech giants have released their own services. One of the newer services is Luna, Amazon’s entry into the field. However, perhaps more eye-catching than the service is the controller that Amazon has designed to go with its Luna service. All the buzz around the controller could lead you to wonder: is buying this extra purchase worth it?

The Amazon Luna Controller can be a worthwhile buy, especially if you have an Amazon Luna subscription. Certain controller features that interact with Amazon Luna games elevate the controller’s capabilities.

While the Luna controller can be used in any gaming that accepts Bluetooth controllers, it gives Luna subscription users a higher bang for their buck. Read on to find out the features of this controller that make it worth taking a look at.

Luna Games Get a Speed Boost

One of the unique features of the Amazon Luna controller is the type of connection it uses. The controller can connect via either Bluetooth or WiFi. However, it is with the WiFi connection that a user gains the most significant return.

You can connect the controller to your Amazon Luna account through Wi-Fi. By doing this, you can reduce your game latency by 17-30 milliseconds.  This is due to the controller connecting through direct WiFi instead of Bluetooth.

This may not seem like a significant return, but this is a large reduction in the world of online gaming. Online server-based gaming often can suffer from higher lag times just because all game traffic is retrieved from the internet and the Luna servers.

You can, however, use this controller as a Bluetooth gamepad as well.  This capability would be useful if you wanted to use it for an additional gaming setup. The Luna controller can be your universal gaming controller!  

Although you can use the Bluetooth connection while playing on Luna, this seems quite pointless, especially if you want the latency reduction.  

It Can Play Luna Games Anywhere

The Luna controller has a very neat feature that will help you if you use your Luna subscription on multiple devices.

The Luna controller can work with any device capable of playing Luna games. Furthermore, it can work without the need to pair the controller every time you switch between devices. This extremely useful feature saves time and streamlines the gaming experience.

This means that you could play a game on the Amazon Fire TV with the Luna controller in the living room and then pick up and play on your computer in a separate room without doing anything with the controller. Amazon automatically will recognize which device is playing a Luna game and will pair your controller automatically.

This feature is only for Luna games and only in linking the controller to your Amazon account through WiFi. This feature is not available if you use this as a Bluetooth controller.

“Alexa, Play Sonic Mania Plus”

The Luna controller has a dedicated microphone button that is Alexa capable. If you have Luna and Alexa running in your house, this controller could be a very beneficial boost.

Amazon has integrated Alexa support into Luna on Fire TV so that, so long as everything is properly set up, you can give voice commands to Alexa to launch a specific Luna game. This will help ensure that this controller will be the only thing you need to launch and play a game.

Alexa can also be useful in other aspects as well. Perhaps you sit down to play a game, and you see that the Alexa-controller driveway lights are on. It often can be frustrating shouting to the Echo Dot two rooms away to turn off the garage lights. By using Alexa on the controller, you can save your voice.

The Luna Controller Is Home

The Luna controller has a couple of handy features regarding its Home button. These features can only be leveraged with Amazon Luna.

If you have an Amazon Fire TV, then the Home button is able to launch the Luna app. This allows for the Luna controller to be the only peripheral necessary to play a Luna game on the Fire TV.

The Home button also is able to launch an in-game menu during gameplay. This feature is available when playing on any device.

It is clear through the many niche features that Amazon designed this controller specifically for their gaming service, as well as for their other products. Like many large tech companies today, they create a microcosm of interconnected products in their digital ecosystem. When paired with the Luna gaming service, their corresponding controller is a solid and worthwhile device.