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Is the Luna Controller Worth It?

Last Updated Aug 9, 2022

If you’re a regular gamer through the cloud with Amazon Luna, you might be wondering if you should upgrade to a Luna Controller. The Amazon Luna Controller allows you to connect your controller through WIFI to give you a higher-performing gaming controller. You might be wondering if the features are worth the price though. 

The Amazon Luna Controller is a great gamepad with a sleek design, WIFI connection to reduce latency, and great Bluetooth connection features. As long as you are not solely a PC gamer and you have the extra money, the Luna Controller may be worth it. 

You might be wondering what all these features mean and how they improve the gaming experience. We will discuss them all in detail in this article. We will also discuss if the controller might be the best fit for your gaming lifestyle or not. 

Pros of the Luna Controller 

Before deciding if the Luna Controller is worth it, it’s helpful to compare the pros and cons. Here are the main advantages of the controller. 

WIFI Connection 

The main thing people talk about when it comes to the Luna Controller is the WIFI connection. Amazon advertises that connecting the controller through WIFI can reduce the latency by 17 to 30 milliseconds. 

This might not seem like a lot, but competitive gamers know that can make a difference when trying to beat your opponent. 

All you need to connect the controller to WIFI is the free Luna Controller app on Google Play or Apple App Store. The app will walk you through all the prompts to get connected. 

Bluetooth Connection 

You can use the Luna Controller as a Bluetooth controller as well if you want. You can use the Bluetooth connection to play games on Amazon Luna with a variety of compatible devices. 

You can also play through the Amazon Fire TV or through your computer. As long as the Luna Controller is connected to Bluetooth and WIFI, Luna can detect the connection and allow you to play on a variety of different devices and platforms. 

So, if you prefer to use your Xbox Wireless Controller, your PlayStation DualShock 4, or another gaming controller, you can do so through the Luna Controller when it’s connected to Bluetooth. This allows you to experience the reduced latency from the Luna Controller even if you are using a different gamepad. 

Better Feeling Gamepad 

The Luna Controller has a sleek and modern design. The main buttons (A/B/X/Y) are arranged in the same layout as an Xbox controller making it very easy for previous or current Xbox gamers to start using the Luna Controller. 

The menu buttons are set around the main Luna button making them easy to access since they are not under the controller like other brands. There is also a microphone button and a headphone jack under the bottom edge of the gamepad. 

Many gamers are impressed with the layout of the controller and think the buttons are easier to access compared to other controllers. 

Improved Gaming Performance 

With the Bluetooth connection, you can easily connect to your PC or TV without needing to wait a long time for your devices to find each other and pair. The inputs on the controller are also quickly responsive in case you want to switch your platform. 

Without the extra lag time and with an easy-to-use direction pad on the controller, you can be sure your gaming experience will be improved with the Luna Controller. 

Cons of the Luna Controller 

Now that you know all the good the controller has to offer, let’s look at the same main issues people have with it. 

Gaming with a PC Requires a Driver 

If you’re a regular PC gamer, you have probably noticed that your gamepads register as an XInput. This ensures they work quickly and efficiently when gaming with the computer. 

The Luna Controller will register with the PC as a generic DirectInput Bluetooth Gamepad which means it will not work as well when used with the PC. 

Amazon does have a separate driver you can download though if you want the controller to be able to have an XInput with your PC. Having a separate driver is not a huge deal, but it’s an extra step when it comes to your gaming experience. 

To download the driver, you can check out these steps and instructions from Amazon

High Price 

The controller is on the expensive side. If you don’t plan to exclusively game with Amazon Luna Cloud, it can be hard to justify the expense since you might want to spend the money on a controller for a technology you use more often.

Final Thoughts 

If you’re a regular gamer with the Luna Cloud, the WIFI connection and the design of the Luna Controller make it worth it to have this gamepad. It might not be the best choice though if you only game on PCs since there is a separate driver needed.

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