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Is The iPhone 11 Waterproof? Waterproof Rating And Examples

Last Updated Jan 5, 2023
Is The iPhone 11 Waterproof? Waterproof Rating And Examples

The iPhone is a powerful cellphone, and people regularly purchase it due to its many capabilities. With all its advanced features, people still wonder if the iPhone 11 is waterproof.

The iPhone 11 is not waterproof. No iPhone is completely waterproof. However, iPhones are water-rated in certain scenarios if they get wet. This helps prevent a malfunction from a splash or rain.

There is no doubt that this complicated answer can cause even more questions. Below we highlight everything you need to know about your iPhone 11 and its water rating.

What is the iPhone 11’s Waterproof Rating?

All of Apple’s iPhones have a waterproof rating. This rating is determined by a series of tests performed on the iPhone. Once the tests are finished, the rating is granted. 

The iPhone 11 has an IP68 rating according to IEC standard 60529, which corresponds to a maximum depth of two meters for thirty minutes.

So even if you accidentally drop your phone in the toilet, the bathtub, or the sink, it will survive the storm. It is a good chance of not surviving if it goes into the ocean or a deep lake.

What is the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant?

Many people incorrectly think that water resistance and waterproofing are the same. In reality, both terms have completely different definitions. Below we explain each:

  • Waterproof: Completely impervious to water
  • Water Resistant: Can be penetrated by some amounts of water for short periods
  • Water-Repellent: Treated with a surface coating that makes it, so it is not easily penetrated by water

The iPhone 11 is water resistant, so it cannot be completely submerged in water as it is not impervious to it. 

This is why it has its IP rating and has been tested before sale.

What Water Activities can you do With an iPhone 11?

If you want to do something near the water, it is important to understand the do’s and don’ts of water with your iPhone 11. 

Below is a list of both to help guide you.

What you can doWhat you can’t do
ShoweringScuba Dive More Than 100 Feet
BathingDrop it into the ocean
SwimmingDrop it into a lake
Water Skiing
Water Park Amusements
Scuba Diving (Up to 100 feet)

The water resistance rating is very impressive for the iPhone. Most people can do virtually anything they want without worrying too much about aggressive water damage.

Apple water rates most of its technology no matter the generation, such as its AirTags, AirPods, and Apple Watch.

What to do if your iPhone 11 Gets Wet

If your iPhone 11 does get wet, don’t panic right away. Alternatively, you can follow these steps to ensure that you dry it off and keep it in working order:

  1. Grab a soft dry towel or cloth
  2. Wipe away moisture that is on the exterior of the iPhone 11
  3. Remove the case from the iPhone so water isn’t trapped within it
  4. Grab a bag of uncooked rice and pour some into a large ziplock bag
  5. Put your iPhone 11 inside the bag of rice for a few hours and wait
  6. Do not plug the iPhone 11 into a charger or outlet until it is dried

The rice trick helps absorb the moisture from the phone to dry it out. This is especially useful when drying out a phone with water or liquid damage inside its interior.

Other great options to use to completely dry out the iPhone 11 Pro Max or other iterations are:

  • Putting your iPhone in the sun 
  • Place it in a warm room
  • Blow dry the phone on low heat for short windows of time
  • Use paper towels to dry the outside, and then place it in uncooked rice in a plastic bag  to absorb moisture
  • Use silica gel bags

Each of these alternatives is a safe way to dry out your phone without causing its potential damage. It is important to take this step immediately for the best results.

Tech Supportal

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It’s Okay to Get Wet

The iPhone 11 can get wet without causing much damage or trouble. It is rated this way, so life’s inconveniences don’t ruin the tech. 

So wash, swim, and dive in confidence.