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Is the Google Nest Wi-Fi Good for Gaming?

Last Updated Mar 2, 2022
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One of the latest solutions to spotty Wi-Fi coverage at home is the Google Nest Wi-Fi mesh system. It provides a way for you to extend the wireless coverage in your home, allowing you to find the same signal strength even in previously low strength areas. However, there’s a difference between having good internet coverage and having internet that supports the needs of more demanding tasks, like gaming.

Whether Google Nest Wi-Fi is good for gaming depends on a few things, but having the system can, at the very least, improve the signal strength in the home. This allows users to game freely without worrying about a weaker connection, removing concerns about network connection problems.

Having good Wi-Fi for gaming isn’t quite as simple as just purchasing the Google Nest Wi-Fi system, but there are several things that can be improved by owning it. With the right Internet service provider, the Google Nest Wi-Fi will free you up to game wherever you like in your own home.

What Does Google Nest Wi-Fi Do?

The Google Nest Wi-Fi is a whole-home Wi-Fi system. Traditionally, you would have access to wireless internet via your router and a modem. While this works well enough if you’re mainly using your computer, mobile device, or tablet in one designated area of your house, it can be restrictive in certain parts of the home due to poor signal connection. After all, who hasn’t experienced a lag in video streaming while lying on a specific part of their bed?

Enter the Google Nest Wi-Fi system. There are two devices in the system: a router and a point.

  • The point works with the router to expand coverage and maintain fast Wi-Fi speeds. Not only is the point a smart speaker with Google Assistant, but also it provides coverage in your whole home with a consistently strong signal.
  • One Nest Wi-Fi router with one Wi-Fi point is strong enough to get 200 devices connected and stream multiple 4K videos at the same time (Source: Google). It accomplishes this by connecting you to the fastest Wi-Fi point and puts your network on the clearest channel and fastest band to avoid congestion.

Depending on the size of your property, one router and one point is more than enough to get you the coverage you need. Here’s a chart that maps out how much coverage you’ll get with specific devices so that you can decide which package is best for you.

One routerUp to 2200 square feet
One router and one pointUp to 3800 square feet
One router and two pointsUp to 5400 square feet
(Source: Google)

On top of this, it functions as a smart speaker that works with the other smart devices in your home; it’s a massive upgrade to any smart home.

What Makes the Google Nest Wi-Fi Different from a Router?

The Google Nest Wi-Fi stands out from your traditional router in that it works in tandem with the points to boost Wi-Fi coverage in your house. Its ability to handle a large number of connected devices also helps it stand out when comparing it to other routers.

With just a single Google Nest Wi-Fi router, you’ll be able to handle at least 50 different devices—perfect for the smart home of today with smart plugs, smart doorbells, and smart security cameras all demanding some bandwidth.

How Does Google Nest Wi-Fi Affect Gaming?

For those living in homes with multiple Wi-Fi users, you might experience some issues with connectivity. Having the Google Nest Wi-Fi allows you to have multiple devices with no drop in speed.

However, what is even better for gaming with this system is being able to turn on device priority and prioritize the device you’re gaming on. This allows your computer (or PlayStation, Xbox, etc.) to request data packets first among the devices that are connected to Wi-Fi in your house.

Though gamers often have specific “gaming routers,” the Google Nest Wi-Fi does more than well enough to be an all-purpose mesh system for both your smart home purposes and your gaming needs.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, the Google Nest Wi-Fi mesh system is an impressive addition to any smart home (but particularly those already in the Google smart home ecosystem). It has a leg up on traditional routers thanks to its ability to increase coverage and maintain high speeds across multiple devices.

The Google Nest Wi-Fi system also allows you to have the freedom to work and play wherever you want in your home without fear of dropped or poor connection.

Though the Google Nest Wi-Fi system wasn’t explicitly designed for gaming, it is more than capable of meeting the needs of every gamer while doing even more than your standard router.

For more about Google smart home products and how they interact with Wi-Fi, check out our article on Google Home connectivity.

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