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Is the Galaxy Watch 3 Waterproof?

Last Updated Jun 17, 2022
Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch 3 has some awesome features like health monitoring and fitness tracking, but is it waterproof? Removing your watch every time you need to wash your hands can be inconvenient and frankly, annoying.   

The Galaxy Watch 3 is water-resistant, meaning that it can handle being exposed to water, but water will eventually damage it after a certain amount of exposure. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Watch 3 can stay under 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. 

While the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is water-resistant, certain activities can cause your watch to be more susceptible to water damage. The following tips will teach you how to care for your watch to prevent water damage. 

Avoid Using The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in High-Pressure Water

The Galaxy Watch 3 can only handle a depth of 5 feet of water because the lower the depth of water, the higher the water pressure. For this reason, the Galaxy Watch 3 should not be used while scuba diving or in any other situations that may expose it to high-pressure water. 

The Galaxy Watch 3 should also not be used in fast-flowing water or water flowing with force. This includes holding your watch under a faucet with strong water pressure and engaging in certain water activities. Activities such as white water rafting, jet skiing, and diving are not advisable, even if you are staying above 5 feet of water. These activities can lead to a strong impact on the water which can damage your watch.  

Rinse Your Galaxy Watch 3 After Using it in Saltwater or Chlorine

Did you know that it’s usually not the water itself that damages your electronics? If you were to accidentally spill pure water on your electronics, chances are they would be fine once you let them dry. However, the sodium and other minerals, electrolytes, and chemicals found in water are what cause the most damage.  

Having a water-resistant Galaxy Watch 3 means that there’s no need to leave your watch behind during a trip to the beach or the pool. Just be sure that when you’re done swimming, you rinse your watch with clean fresh water and then allow it to dry. Forgetting to rinse your watch, can allow long-term exposure of your watch to chemicals and minerals that can use cause your watch to stop working correctly and can ruin the look of your watch. 

Avoid Dropping Your Galaxy Watch 3 on Hard Surfaces

As a general rule, you should probably avoid dropping your Galaxy Watch 3, as you should your other electronics. As I’m sure you already know, dropping it or banging it against hard surfaces can damage your watch. 

The water-resistant feature makes it even more important to avoid drops and impacts. Dropping your watch can cause cracks and damage, even if not visible to the naked eye, which can make your watch less resistant to water.  

Dry Your Galaxy Watch 3 After Exposure to Water

Leaving your watch wet after exposure to water can cause your watch to be exposed to water longer than advisable. To keep your Galaxy Watch 3 in good condition after exposure to water, shake your watch to remove excess water, and then dry it with a soft cloth. 

For best results after use in the pool or beach, shake and then dry your Galaxy Watch 3 immediately with your towel. Once you can, rinse your watch in fresh water, and then shake it and dry it again with a clean towel. Using heating machines such as a hair dryer or a hand dryer to dry your watch can damage it. 

Remove Your Galaxy Watch 3 in Extreme Water Temperatures

The water-resistant feature of the Galaxy Watch 3 was made to withstand typical water temperatures. Anything colder than the water temperature of the pool or beach, and anything warmer than water used to shower or wash your hands should be avoided. If you’re thinking of taking an icy plunge or relaxing in the sauna, you might want to remove your Galaxy Watch 3 before doing so. 

Does Water Lock Mode Make the Galaxy Watch 3 Waterproof?

The Galaxy Watch 3 is only water-resistant and the water lock mode does not make it waterproof. Water lock mode protects your watch from accidental touches when immersed in water. Essentially, it puts your watch’s screen to sleep until you remove the water lock. At the same time, forgetting to place your phone in water lock mode will not affect the watch’s resistance to water.  

Bottom Line 

No, the Galaxy Watch 3 is not fully waterproof; however, you don’t have to be afraid to expose it to a limited amount of water. You can swim, exercise in the rain, and take showers with your watch, keeping it in good condition, as long as you follow the tips above. 

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