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Is The Fire HD 8 Good For Gaming?

Last Updated Jan 27, 2022

Video games are a massive industry these days. People spend countless hours gaming on a multitude of platforms, including tablets. Like all Android devices, Amazon Fire tablets support many gaming apps that users can enjoy. So what games can you expect to play on the Fire HD 8? Can it run popular games smoothly?

The Kindle Fire HD 8 boasts a Quad-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53 processor, 2 GB of RAM, and a Mali-G52 MC1 GPU. That means that users can expect games like Asphalt 9 to run smoothly at low to medium graphics. However, most games will take longer to load due to the 2 GB RAM.

The Fire HD 8 works well as a budget gaming device. Read on to learn if there are other tablet devices you should consider for gaming purposes.

Is The Fire Tablet Good For Gaming?

The Fire HD 8 is a good budget option for low-end gaming on a tablet. It can handle most games at low to medium graphics but will suffer occasional performance drops. The Fire HD 8 only supports the Amazon app store, so game choices will also be limited.

The Amazon app store has only recently seen an influx of some video games from the Google Play Store; it might take a while for lesser-known titles to reach the platform. It is also tricky and risky to install an app directly from the APK file in your Kindle Fire HD 8. So if you have a Fire HD 8, you will have fewer choices when downloading games.

That is especially troubling if you are a regular mobile gamer and want many popular titles installed on the same device. You will also have to do without fancy graphics, or games will likely run slow. The latest generation of the Fire also comes with Game Mode, which does not improve gaming performance but prevents interruptions from notifications while you play games.

Fire HD 8 Gaming Bundle

Amazon is now offering the Fire HD 8 with a Luna controller so that you can stream high-end titles directly from their Luna cloud gaming platform to your tablet and forget about its limitations. After purchasing this bundle, you have to download the Luna app on your Fire HD. However, you will only get a 7-day trial of the Luna because Amazon sells that subscription separately.

You can also get the Fire HD 10 together with the Gaming Bundle for a little bit more. That will give you a 1080p HD gaming experience on a large, 10.1-inch screen. The Fire HD 10 also has a powerful 8-Core processor and 3 GB of RAM for high-end performance. Go to Amazon and check it out!

If you would like to learn more about Fire HD, check out this article.

Is Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus Good For Gaming?

The Fire HD 8 Plus is the same as the standard Fire HD 8 underneath, but the RAM is now 3 GB instead of 2 GB. This extra RAM will decrease average loading times, but overall performance remains the same. The Fire HD 8 Plus is fine for casual gaming but not competitive gaming.

Sadly, there is no option for purchasing the Luna controller and gaming bundle with the Fire HD 8 Plus. It should be good enough for your low-end gaming needs, but you will not be satisfied if you would like to have many popular video games installed on it.

In that case, a Samsung tablet or an iPad will be a better spend of money. Those tablets are geared more towards performance to help run games more smoothly.

Can Fire HD 8 Be Used As A Phone?

The Amazon Fire HD 8 is a tablet device that does not have cellular connectivity features like 2-way radio and SIM card slots. Generally, a person cannot use it as a mobile phone to make or receive calls or text messages.

You can send or receive instant messages and calls on your Fire HD 8 because they travel over the internet and not a cellular connection. You can call some nearby devices directly, as long as they are Amazon devices, or at least support Alexa in some way.


The Fire HD 8 is a quality tablet by Amazon. It is excellent for many things: watching movies/TV shows, listening to music, reading digital books, playing games, etc. Although it does not have powerful hardware, the Fire HD 8 provides a satisfying gaming experience for a budget tablet.

The lack of gaming options with the Amazon app store is only a temporary issue: it will get better soon. For now, the support for Luna cloud gaming is more than enough to fill that void. All things considered then, the Kindle Fire HD 8 is a worthwhile product for a casual gamer on tablet devices. 

We hope that this post helped you make the purchasing decision confidently. Get the Fire HD 8 Gaming Bundle from Amazon today, and enjoy a gaming experience like never before. Happy Gaming!

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