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Is the Fire HD 10 Wireless Charging (Plus Charger & Docking Suggestions!)

Last Updated Jan 14, 2022

Using wired chargers is a quick way to power your device, but more innovative technology is changing the way you can be able to charge your device. Instead of opting in for the traditional way of charging, people are now making use of wireless chargers. You may be wondering if you are able to charge your Fire HD 10 tablet wirelessly.

Unfortunately, Amazon’s Fire HD 10 does not come with an inbuilt wireless Qi charging technology. Although there are ways you can implement a Qi receiver on your Fire HD 10 to charge wirelessly using a Qi charger. If you need the inbuilt Qi wireless technology, you can opt-in for the HD 8 Plus or the HD 10 Plus.

Although, your device has to first support the wireless charging technology before it can be able to use a wireless charging pad. Unfortunately, Qi wireless charging is not supported on some tablets because of the battery size, and it would take a long time to juice it up using one. Keep reading to see if the Fire HD 10 comes with wireless charging technology, how fast it charges, and chargers you can use on it.

Can You Wirelessly Charge Fire HD 10?

There’s confusion going around the Fire HD 10, and the Fire HD 10 Plus when it comes to wireless charging or docking stations. Both devices can enter the show mode feature when they are docked, although most docks use wireless charging technology.

If you purchase a show dock for the Fire HD 10, you can plug the show dock into an outlet then place your Fire HD 10 tab on the show dock making sure that the little metal pins on it connect with that of your show dock. Technically, it may be considered wireless charging, but it does not give the full wireless charging experience.

To clarify further, there’s a wireless charging dock that charges your Fire HD 10 Plus by just placing it on the pad, and a normal show dock that uses contact pins found both on the tablet and the show dock to power your Fire HD 10. So Fire HD 10 can be used only on the show dock, but not on a certified Qi wireless charger.

If you would like to learn more about Fire HD 10, check out this article.

Does Fire HD 10 Have Fast Charging?

This is one of the most prominent questions asked by most users who want to purchase the Fire HD 10 tablet. Although Amazon tablets had been in production before the Fire HD tablet 10, Amazon waited till this version to implement the USB-C port on their tablets. So does this have a fast-changing feature?

Although the Fire HD 10 generally would have a fast charging rate due to the new USB-C port, it is sad to know that the device does not support any type of fast charging, and the 9W charger that comes with the device takes about 4 hours to fully get juiced up. The Plus model charges faster when you use a Qi charger. 

So the Fire HD 10 doesn’t have fast charging, but after 4 hours of charging, you are sure to have a battery that would carry you for about 10 hours. If you are using a show dock, you shouldn’t be much worried about the charging speed as your tablet would spend most of its time on the dock.

Suggestions On How To Wirelessly Charge Your Fire HD 10

If you own a Fire HD 10 Plus, you can wirelessly charge your Amazon tablet using any Qi-supported wireless charger, but if you own a Fire HD 10, there are some certain steps you can take to wirelessly charge your device. These are as follows.

Try Using a Show Dock

Show docks are meant for your tablet to sit in the Amazon show mode, but they can as well charge your tablet while doing it. Like we looked at earlier, show docks make use of metallic pins as a contact to deliver power to your tablet. You shouldn’t also be worried about your tablet’s battery as Amazon themselves claimed that show docks can’t damage them. 

Try Using a Wireless Qi Receiver

Although this is not completely wireless, you can make your Fire HD 10 act like it has the Qi technology embedded in them. This can be done by using a Qi receiver. A Qi receiver can be plugged into your Tablet’s port, and then you can place it on a charging pad to wirelessly charge your device. 

It can be used on most brands of wireless charging pads such as Anker, Mophie, or Belkin. You can even use a Qi receiver on a wireless charging dock. 


Although the Fire HD 10 doesn’t come with a wireless charging feature, this doesn’t stop the device from serving you any better. If you want to get a device with wireless charging, consider going for either the Fire HD 8 Plus (2021) model or the Fire HD 10 Plus. 

If you have already purchased your Fire HD 10 tab, and you need the wireless charging experience, you can then result in using any of our suggestions above.

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