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Is the Eufy Indoor Camera Wireless?

Last Updated Sep 15, 2022
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EufyCams are designed by Anker and are quality cameras that follow the same path of success that Anker has had with all of its products and devices. EufyCams are available for outside and inside security applications. With that said, you may be wondering whether these adaptable cameras can be wireless.

The Solo Indoor Camera P24 and the Solo Indoor Camera C24 are the two inside cameras that Eufy offers, and both are wired. The two cameras are drastically different in terms of operational capabilities but share the same necessity in terms of an AC power source.

However, because Eufy indoor cameras are wired, it doesn’t mean that they are somehow less effective than their wireless competition. The benefit of a wired camera is that it has an unlimited and effective source of power that doesn’t require recharging. The drawback comes when there is a power outage. Read on to learn more.

Does Eufy Make Wireless Indoor Cameras?

The Solo Indoor Camera P24 and the Solo Indoor Camera C24 are the only indoor cameras that Eufy offers, but they are not wireless; both come with a micro-USB adapter and a 5V/2A plug.

Can You Use a Wireless Outdoor Eufy Camera Indoors?

You’re more than welcome to use any of Eufy’s outdoor wireless cameras inside. In fact, some of them would make a great inside camera. The only drawback to using an outdoor camera inside is that you would have to mount them. The following Eufy outdoor wireless cameras would work perfectly fine indoors:

Note: The Eufy SoloCam L20 is a spotlight camera, so if you wanted to put it indoors, it would be best to place it in the foyer or somewhere close to the front, back, or side doors. The rest of the cameras come with their own features and would work perfectly fine in an indoor setting.

Mounting a Wireless Outdoor EufyCam Indoors

This is really a lot simpler than it sounds as none of the above-listed cameras are overly heavy, and Eufy’s indoor cameras come with indoor mounting hardware as well. You’ll want a stud finder unless you are exceptionally good at knocking on sheetrock.

Of course, some of these cameras require a Eufy Homebase, while others do not. Be sure to check through the product descriptions so you know what you need or don’t need before ordering.

Many of Eufy’s cams come with two different types of mounting hardware.

  • One is a more permanent type, where the base is screwed into something like a 2 x 4 stud, a tree, or a post.
  • The other one is a half-sphere, magnetic mount.

The magnetic mount is simpler for installing indoors because you can screw it into your sheetrock with drywall anchors and screws. Once it is screwed into the wall, the EufyCam’s back will magnetically attach to the base.

The magnet is pretty strong and will hold the camera in place and upright for as long as it’s there. It’s the simplest option inside the house because you can simply pop the camera off whenever you’re ready to charge it, which won’t be that often.

Alternative Wireless Cameras to Use Indoors

If you really want a purely indoor camera that is wireless, you will have to go outside of the Eufy lineup to find one, and the available cameras out there are numerous and often difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to compatibility.

  • If you want to stick closely to the Eufy aesthetic, Arlo is the answer, as all of their cameras are strikingly similar to Eufy’s. The Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera is an indoor/outdoor camera and is a great replacement choice for indoor monitoring.
  • If you’re on a budget but love feature-heavy cameras, the Wyze V3 is an exceptional choice, and though it has the look of an indoor camera, it can serve as an outdoor camera too.
  • Last but not least, there’s the T-Link Kasa Smart 2K Security Camera, which is especially nice if you own a T-Link router, which many people do.

All Things Considered

If you’re dying to get your hands on a EufyCam for the inside of your home and don’t want to have a wired version, you’re better off going with an outdoor EufyCam. It may seem counterintuitive. However, the outside cameras are more than capable of operating inside the home.

The only difference you will have to worry about is how you want to mount it. Eufy is bound to come out with a wireless indoor camera at some point, but, as for now, you have the wired options only.

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