It’s important to know what the limitations of our smart home tech are, as well as to stay informed about how to use and maintain them safely. After all, many of our smart home devices are there to keep us safe as well as to provide a necessary function in our home!

With the exception of the Arlo Q, Arlo Plus Q, And Arlo Baby, Arlo Video Doorbells are considered water-resistant but are not considered to be waterproof. 

In this article, we’ll explore the Arlo Video Doorbell to determine if it is waterproof, as well as going into more detail about its overall requirements for optimal performance regarding other weather-related conditions. 

Choosing the Right one for You 

When considering a video doorbell, this is very important when applied to possible water damage. You don’t want to purchase a device for outdoor use that can’t withstand possible weather conditions like rain or snow. Aside from being a waste of money, it also wastes valuable time looking for another option for your home. 

So the answer is that while it isn’t waterproof, the Video Doorbell is water-resistant. What exactly does that mean? And what other weather-related conditions do we need to look out for to keep our Doorbell from possible damage? Let’s find out! 

Weather Conditions And Limitations

The Arlo Video Doorbell is water-resistant, but it is important to know the limitations of that resistance, as well as the possible weather conditions that may cause damage to the Doorbell or loss of function. In this section, we will explore possible weather events to look out for in regard to our Doorbell. 

First, it is important to note that the Arlo Power adaptor that is provided with your device is not weatherproof. For outdoor use, it is recommended that you purchase the Arlo Outdoor Adaptor. This adaptor is:

  • waterproof 
  • water-resistant 
  • will significantly lower the risk of electric shock for the Video Doorbells that are wired in.

Safety Concerns

Please remember, even a small spark from an electrical device can cause significant fire damage! For the safety of your home, please follow all manufacturer guidelines regarding proper safety procedures for your Doorbell, as well as all of your smart home devices. 

It is also important to place your Video Doorbell in such a way as to keep water from accumulating anywhere near the battery, battery compartment, or power adapter. Water in these areas will damage the device. 

This also applies to battery-powered Doorbells. Water renders the device unsafe to use due to the risk of physical injury as well as damaging the device itself. The chemicals contained in the reusable battery are highly corrosive and will damage both the inside of your camera and your skin if you come into contact with a damaged battery. 

Never remove the rubber covering on your Doorbell’s USB adaptor, again due to the risk of electric shock or fire. In the case of extreme weather events such as hurricanes, blizzards, severe rain, or any other severe weather, it is best to bring your Doorbell inside until this weather passes. Remember, water-resistant does not mean waterproof!

Heat And Cold Tolerance Of Arlo Doorbells

In addition to weather conditions, it is important to also consider the temperature guidelines for your Video Doorbell. Extremely high or low outdoor temperatures can affect the performance of Except your device, whether your Video Doorbell is wired or battery powered. 

Every Arlo Video Doorbell, whether wired or battery-powered, functions optimally in temperatures ranging from -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit, or -20 to 45 degrees Celsius. If the temperature drops below the lowest optimal temperature, both battery-powered and wired devices may slow down significantly in terms of function, with battery-powered devices running the risk of not functioning at all. 

Extreme heat above the recommended temperature can cause issues like device malfunction or even heat damage and melt to your device. Water damage can also be a concern in regards to heat-related condensation. 

Make sure to check your device regularly. While Arlo does make a UV skin to protect some of their cameras from the heat of the sun, they do not make one for their Video Doorbells. It is important to make sure that you mount your Doorbell in such a way as to keep it out of direct sunlight or extreme heat. 


When purchasing new smart home tech, it’s important to keep all safety issues in mind to keep your device working optimally, including possible weather-resistant features. In this article, we addressed several of the Video Doorbell’s weather limitations, as well as the temperature limitations and safety issues we need to look out for. This concludes our in-depth answer to the question: is the Arlo video Doorbell waterproof?