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Is The Amazon Fire HD 10 Waterproof?

Last Updated Jan 12, 2022
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For all the tablet users out there, meet the new Amazon Fire HD 10 device! The Fire HD 10 is a brilliant and innovative tablet, providing tons of entertainment for you right at your fingertips! The vast majority of verified buyers on Amazon have had positive experiences with this device, but some people are also skeptical about if the Amazon Fire HD 10 is a waterproof tablet or not.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is not waterproof, sadly, but you can invest in a waterproof case for it to prevent water damages. It is also recommended to purchase a screen protector for your tablet for extra shielding against damages. 

Now that you’ve learned that the Amazon Fire HD 10 is not a waterproof tablet, let’s take a look at everything else that it has to offer! 

What Can You Use The Amazon Fire HD 10 For?

If you are thinking about purchasing the Fire HD 10 tablet, then you may want to know more about what you can use it for. There are tons of different features to enjoy on this device other than just entertainment. Here are just a few applications the Amazon Fire HD has to offer its users:

The Amazon Fire HD 10 provides a lot of entertainment such as surfing the internet, watching videos, reading, and listening to music. This device also allows you to use apps such as Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. It is also a wonderful device to use for work and for organizing your schedule!

Amazon’s Fire HD 10 also comes in different colors such as black, blue, pink, and green, making your device more personalized for your taste! If you would like to learn more about Fire tablets, check out this article. Keep reading to learn more about the Amazon Fire HD 10 device!

How Is The Fire HD 10 Compared To Other Amazon Tablets?

Amazon has developed many other innovative tablets for its customers to enjoy, so what makes this one unique from the others? Although Amazon has tons of different tablets to choose from, they all provide different features according to which one you would like more.

Using the given information provided by the Amazon Fire HD 10 product page, we’ve created the following chart comparing similar tablets from Amazon to show what each has to offer:

Fire 7Fire 8Fire HD 10Fire HD 10 Pro
PriceUp to $49.99Up to $89.99Up to $149.99Up to $179.99
Storage Capacity16 to 32 GB (able to upgrade up to 512 GB)32 to 64 GB (able to upgrade up to 1 TB)32 to 64 GB (able to upgrade up to 1 TB)32 to 64 GB (able to upgrade up to 1 TB)
Battery LifeUp to 7 hours (charging time takes 4 hours)Up to 12 hours (charging time takes 5 hours)Up to 12 hours (charging time takes 4 hours)Up to 12 hours (charging time takes 4 hours)
Size & Quality7’’8’’ HD10.1’’ 1080p HD10.1’’ 1080p HD
RAM Memory1 GB2 GB3 GB4 GB
Wireless Charging

Depending on what your personal needs are for an efficient tablet, we’re sure that Amazon has you covered no matter what device you’re looking for! If you would like to learn more about what comes with the Amazon Fire HD 10, then keep reading this article!

What Is Included With The Amazon Fire HD 10?

Once you have received your Amazon Fire HD 10 device, you may notice other additional things that are included with it. These things will help you keep your tablet running smoothly and help it last longer.

Along with the Amazon Fire HD 10, you will also receive a 9W power adapter and a Quick Start Guide. The power adapter included is used to charge up your device’s battery and the Quick Start Guide is there for you to read how to set up your Amazon Fire HD 10.

Is The Amazon Fire HD 10 Eco-Friendly?

Amazon is dedicated to providing its customers with sustainable choices for their products. If you’re curious to know whether the Amazon Fire HD 10 is eco-friendly or not, you’ve come to the right place.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is certified as Climate Pledge Friendly, energy-efficient, and made out of recycled plastics from previous consumers! This product has also been certified by Carbon Trust, an organization that is dedicated to reducing the number of carbon emissions.

If you love purchasing and owning eco-friendly products, then the Amazon Fire HD 10 is a great option to choose from!


The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a great option when shopping for your next digital purchase. Whether you’d like to use it for reading, watching movies, or simply for work purposes, you are guaranteed to enjoy everything that the Amazon Fire HD 10 can provide you at any time! 

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