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Is TCL TV Better Than Vizio

Last Updated Feb 10, 2022
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Most consumers want a big bang for their buck and quality to match when choosing a television. Two of the most popular brands on the market today are TCL and Vizio; both provide great prices and impressive functions.

Overall, Vizio is the better television brand. Its picture and sound quality are better than TCL. Also, Vizio TVs are built better and last longer than TCLs. In addition to these differences, TCL and Vizio have different smart TV features, with Vizio’s outperforming TCL’s.

While Vizio is an overall better brand when compared directly with TCL, it doesn’t mean TCL TVs aren’t a solid option. This article will break down these categories for these two brands so you, the consumer, can make the best decision on your next television purchase. Keep reading for all you need to know in comparing TCL and Vizio TVs.

TCL and Vizio Brand Series

Both TCL and Vizio come in three comparable versions. Below is a chart that breaks down each brand’s three series types and categories.

CategoriesTCL Class 4-SeriesTCL Class 5-SeriesTCL Class 6-Series

Basic Functions with each television include:

  • Advanced PQ Setting with Mobile App        
  • Control Buttons         
  • Multilingual On-Screen-Display       
  • Closed Caption          
  • Parental Control (V-Chip)     
  • Accessible Menu System (CVAA)
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Roku
  • 1-year warranty
  • Remote included
CategoriesVIZIO V-SeriesVIZIO M-SeriesVIZIO P-Series

Basic functions with each television include:

  • Smart Cast
  • One year warranty
  • V-Gaming Engine
  • Full-Array LED
  • IQ Processor
  • Remote included

Comparing And Contrasting Key Features of TCL Vs. Vizio

Both TCL and Vizio are known for being reasonably priced while still offering solid features. Some of the top categories that consumers look for when purchasing a television are:

  • Price
  • Picture quality
  • Sound quality
  • Build durability
  • Smart TV features
  • Life span

Let’s break down each of these categories for TCL vs. Vizio and find out who the better television brand really is.


The TCL 50″ television typically runs in the 500$ range, while the comparable Vizio 50″ ranges in the 300-400$ bracket. This is partially due to the Vizio not having functions like Bluetooth, no VRR, and only three HDMI ports. However,  it appears that the smaller models of Vizio are cheaper comparably to TCL, while larger versions with the same features of both brands, Vizio is more expensive.

Picture Quality

Both television brands offer 4K, HDR (high dynamic range), and high refresh rates in this category. However, customer reviews show that Vizio offers a better glare reduction, crisp color, and contrast, and for gamers out there, motion blur is less evident on Vizio models.

Sound Quality

Most consumers rely on their external surround sound add-ons like sub-woofers, soundbar, Alexa, and the like when it comes to sound quality. When comparing the sound quality of the internal speakers only of both TCL and Vizio televisions, Vizio once again takes the upper hand in this category.

Vizio scored high on these qualities when it came to internal speaker performance:

  • Good amount of harmonic distortion
  • Good frequency response for deeper bass

Build Durability

Both TCL and Vizio are well known for their superb quality. While most people are under the impression that the more inexpensive a TV is, the poorer the quality of its parts will be, this is not the case for both of these brands. This is partly why consumers gravitate towards purchasing them without fear they will not last more than a year.

In comparison, both sets have the same thin tv screen that most buyers look for; however, Vizio’s thinner frame provides an overall sleeker look. Vizio also scores higher for stability with thicker leg stands. 

Smart TV Features

While both of these television brands offer Smart TV, the functional features differ slightly. These differences include operational software, interfaces, and applications. TCL’s Smart TV uses Roku, while Vizios applications rely on SmartCast. Most customers prefer the user-friendly Roku TV as it provides a more customized user experience within its apps and features.

Life Span          

Most customers have stated that Vizio televisions typically last on average seven to ten years, while its competitor TCL with considerable wear and tear, lasts about seven years.

Some common reasons these television brands need to be replaced are:

Ethernet cable code errorsDefective backlight converter
Distorted pixelation on the screenDamage in power supply component
Defective backlight converterNo sound in internal speakers
Internal speakers blow outApplications stop loading

Most of these issues can be resolved with basic troubleshooting, but some do require either outside repair or replacement altogether.

The Final Verdict

Overall, Vizio rated higher on the majority of categories, which determined they are the better brand of television. According to customer reviews, areas such as picture quality and Smart TV features are what set them apart from the competitor TCL.

While both brands offer exceptional price ranges, Vizio continued to be just a few steps ahead of TCL when it came down to functionality and quality. 

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