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Is TCL TV Better Than Samsung?

Last Updated May 1, 2022
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When it comes to relaxation time, the one major item that most people need is a television. There are so many different types and brands out there. So, how do we know which one is better? 

Samsung outperforms the TCL in multiple areas looking at the TCL Class 5-Series and the Samsung Class AU800. Samsung outperforms in sound, Smart features, ports, and most importantly, value. 

Samsung and TCL both have features that cause one to be better than the other. It will depend on what you want to use the TV for. Are you into gaming, music, or even binging streaming services? So, let’s see the statistics:

Main Features

When we look at the statistics in the table below, specifically look at the sound quality and the “smart” features. The TCL Class 5-Series and Samsung Class AU800 are available in 50”. You will also see that the Samsung is the cheaper option without compromising on features.

TCL Class 5-SeriesSamsung Class AU8000
ProcessorAIPQ EngineCrystal Processor 4K
Sound16W Dolby20W Dolby
OSGoogle TV or Roku TVTizen
Ports3 HDMI, 1 USB, A/V Input, Ethernet3 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet, Digital Audio, Ex-Link

So above we looked at the specs, but that’s a lot. What does that mean when it comes to different types of media? When it comes to Smart features, Samsung outperforms TCL in many categories. They have worked with their platform: Tizen, which is integrated seamlessly into the system. It connects with three different voice assistants: Google Assistant, Amazon, & Alexa. 

TCL, on the other hand, works with Google TV. While it may have more apps, such as YouTube, it doesn’t have the Bluetooth connectivity that Samsung has, nor the processing power. 

Both the Samsung and TCL have WiFi capabilities. Both TVs also offer an “Auto Game” mode, or Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), for those gamers. The ALLM allows for a smoother gaming experience, especially for those who enjoy gaming online and fear lag. 

The Samsung has a built-in AirPlay that allows you to mirror content from your PC, phone, or tablet to the TV’s screen. So, if you have a workout app that you want to see the workouts on a larger screen, this would allow you to do so. 

Picture Quality

While both companies offer features such as HDR, OLED, QLED, LED, and more, comparing them may prove to be hard. They both make the color look brighter and more vivid. In the case of these two TVs, you have to give it to TCL for having the better picture quality with the QLED. 

So, what is the difference between QLED and LED? It’s not just adding a “q” if that’s your question. The difference is the layer added onto the QLED that filters out unwanted light and makes the picture brighter. 


So, while having an “In-Home Sound Theater” can really be a plus, what happens for those who don’t have access to that? In that regard, TCL cannot compare to Samsung yet again. The TCL has a sound wattage of 16W, whereas the Samsung is 20W. 

They both tend to use Dolby sound, which works out in TCL’s favor, but the speakers on the TCL Class 5 Series will never hold a candle to the built-in speakers of the Samsung Class AU8000. 


The Crystal Processor 4k that the Samsung rungs off of allows you to boost the resolution on all your content. It is also the cheapest processor and only allows your processor to work on video and display. Usually, the Crystal Processor 4k is installed in budget models. 

Then you have the AIPQ Engine for the TCL. The AIPQ automatically makes sure the picture setting qualities are the best it should be. It recognizes the different content being used and adjusts accordingly. This even includes the sound of the surrounding environments! 

Compared to the Crystal Processor 4k, the AIPQ Engine outperforms it multiple times over. If you are leaning towards a Samsung, it would be much better to look for a Samsung with the Neo Quantum Processor instead of the Crystal. 

Smart TVs

Samsung uses the TizenOS that they have developed solely. The good thing about that is that because Samsung owns it, they control it. Unfortunately, that also means that you may not get all the content you want from the Smart TV aspect. Still, because it is a Samsung-owned operations system, the ease of use and the smoothness of the application are prime. 

The TCL gives you a choice between a Google TV or a Roku TV. This allows you to have a wider variety of application selections. The problem with TCL having either Google or Roku as their operating system, as opposed to owning their own, is that they have to coordinate their interface layout with whatever Smart company is on display. 

So Samsung or TCL?

When it comes to Smart TV, sound, and additional features, you have to give it to Samsung. They allow you to

  • Mirror your apps
  • Give a better sound boost
  • Use multiple different voice assistants
  • Have multiple ports

TCL has a better processor and allows you to have access to Google TV or Roku TV without having to buy an external system. 

The choice becomes up to you, but looking at these two televisions side by side, the choice may not be a hard one. The Samsung Class AU8000 may just “out-class” the TCL Class 5 series.

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