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Is Spectrum Gigabit Internet Worth It?

Last Updated Jul 20, 2022
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Our lives today revolve around the internet. We live, work, and even play through our internet connection. For this reason, it’s important to have fast, reliable internet in your home. Spectrum offers an Internet Gig plan, which provides users with extremely high speeds. But, is this premium plan worth it?

Generally, the Internet Gig plan is not worth the price for the average home. Although it offers incredibly high speeds, it is very expensive, and many people won’t notice a big difference in speed compared to other plans. However, it may be worth it if you require high bandwidth in your home.

Below, we’ll discuss more information on Spectrum’s Internet Gig plan and who it is best for. Keep reading to learn why a high-speed plan like this may not be worth it for the average home!

Is Spectrum Gigabit Internet Worth it? 

Most homes will never have enough internet traffic to see the value of this plan. Spectrum has become a household name in the internet provider world, and it makes sense why many people trust them and would like to use them as a provider. 

However, Spectrum offers a few different internet plans. While the Internet Gig plan is the fastest, it’s also the most expensive. Many less expensive plans are available that still give average users the necessary speed. The Spectrum Ultra plan, for example, is a high-speed option that comes at a much lower price. 

Internet Gig allows you to use up to fifteen devices simultaneously without affecting your internet speed. You can have multiple televisions and devices streaming HD content and never experience any lags in your connection.

This is an impressive feature. However, it’s pretty pointless for homes that will never have those numbers of simultaneous connections. 

Who Could Benefit from Spectrum’s Internet Gig Plan? 

Having faster internet is always great, but you need to weigh the cost of the plan against the benefits your family will reap. There are a few situations where users will benefit from paying extra for an incredibly fast connection. These include: 

  • Gamers that need top internet speeds
  • Home offices where several people are working from home
  • Smart homes where you need a good connection to control everything
  • Families with five or more members who stream high-definition content simultaneously

Below, we will highlight how the Internet Gig plan can benefit users like these.


Nowadays, many professional gamers stream online as they play. However, online games often require high bandwidth, even while playing casually. If you are a serious gamer, it might be worth paying the extra cost to always have a reliable high-speed connection. 

Home Offices 

Many people are now working from home. If you are the only person in your Many people are now working from home. If you are the only person in your household working from home, then the Internet Gig plan won’t be worth the extra money. However, if multiple people work in the same household simultaneously, it could be a valuable investment. 

You won’t have to worry about video meetings being interrupted or losing any works-in-progress. In addition, If you only have one or two people working from your household, but both deal with uploading and downloading large files, the Internet Gig may be worth it. Uploading and downloading files will be much quicker. 

Smart Homes 

People who live in smart homes will probably benefit the most from this plan. The Internet Gig plan will likely be worth the price if you have multiple smart home devices, such as doorbell cameras or AI assistants like Amazon Alexa.

The upload rate is amazing, and your cameras will never fail due to a connectivity issue. Plus, in addition to all your smart home devices, you can still easily use your internet connection for all your other entertainment and work needs. 

Large Families 

You may benefit from the Spectrum Internet plan if you have a large family where everyone uses their own wireless devices simultaneously. If you find that your shows are always buffering or web pages load slowly whenever multiple people are using the internet, this could be the perfect solution. 

Pros and Cons of Spectrum Internet Gig

As with everything, it’s important to weigh this internet plan’s pros and cons before deciding if it’s for you. As we mentioned, this is a great product for some people, but others will find that it just isn’t worth the price. 

Pros of Spectrum Internet Gig

The primary advantage of Spectrum’s Internet Gig plan is a fast WiFi connection that many people can use at once. There are no data caps involved, and Spectrum offers clear pricing guidelines. Signing up for the Internet Gig plan also gives you free access to nationwide WiFi hotspots.

Cons of Spectrum Internet Gig

There really is only one major con to this internet plan: the price. It is significantly more expensive than any other Spectrum plan. They do offer a first-year promotional rate, but even with that, it is still very pricey.

Getting Reliable Internet

We all want fast, reliable internet in our homes. While the Spectrum Internet Gig plan is worth it for some, the average user will find it simply is not worth the price.

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