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Is Simplisafe Compatible with Alexa (10 Useful Commands)?

Jan 24, 2020
Simplisafe alarm base station on kitchen counter

Simplisafe and Alexa are highly coveted sources of technology in today’s world, but what we want to know is, how are these devices compatible with each other, and what kind of commands can be used with Alexa, to operate Simplisafe?

SimpliSafe and Alexa are now compatible with the latest SimpliSafe software update. Now that they sync up, you can control your home security by using simple commands to arm and disarm your system, adjust your thermostat, and more.

Many people have different commands for their Simplisafe services. While there are several commands between the home security system and Alexa, we will go on to talk about the 10 best and most useful commands between Simplisafe and Alexa and how to sync and set up the equipment. This process takes less than 10 minutes and will give you a lifetime of comfort, knowing that your family is safe and secure.

Compatibility and Set-Up

When Simplisafe was first released on the market, it was not compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant. At that time, it was just a simplified way to manage your home and family’s safety. As Simplisafe evolved as a brand and technology became a greater invention, the brand decided to find different ways to make being safe, a lot more simple. Controlling your home with technology and voice commands has never been easier and more comforting.

With the latest technology release, SimpliSafe is now compatible and easy to use with Alexa. Before the pairing can begin, a monitoring plan with SimpliSafe needs to be purchased. While there is a monthly fee associated with this, the benefits outweigh the cost that comes with using both services, not to mention what is risked when your home is not protected. 

For the minimal cost of $.083 per day, SimpliSafe provides professional monitoring 24/7, in-home climate control, live video feeds that are captured with SimpliCams, and more. With these services, you can rest easy, knowing that your home and family are secured and protected!

To pair these two products, the Alexa app will need to be launched on a computer or mobile device, first. Once the app is open, navigate to the tab that says, “Skills”, then there is an option to enable SimpliSafe Skill under the SimpliSafe option. As soon as this is enabled, the devices are paired, and ready to be used with the commands that are available. 

If at any time there is not a use for Alexa to be connected to the home security system, there is an easy option to disconnect or revoke the connection. It is as simple as logging back into the app and disabling the connection. Keep in mind, you will still be paying for the monitoring fee until that is canceled as well.

Useful Commands Between Alexa and SimpliSafe

So now that the two devices are connected, the next question is how do they work together? If the steps above were followed, you may just jump right in with the commands and get to using the system. 

One thing to take into consideration is that the commands change for the mode that the device is in. There is a home mode and an away mode. If the device is in home mode, it may disarm the system, change the thermostat and shut the camera off, whereas away mode may do just the opposite. This is all set up based on user preference and the type of equipment that you have. Here are the commands that most subscribers find useful.

Home Mode:

  • Alexa, ask SimpliSafe to arm my system in home mode.
  • Alexa, tell SimpliSafe to lock up.
  • Alexa, tell SimpliSafe good night.
  • Alexa, tell SimpliSafe I’m going to bed (Arms system)

Away Mode:

  • Alexa, ask SimpliSafe to arm my system in “away” mode
  • Alexa, tell SimpliSafe I’m going out
  • Alexa, tell SimpliSafe I’m leaving
  • Alexa, tell SimpliSafe to turn on

SimpliSafe Equipment

Like most home security systems, SimpliSafe offers different equipment for different ways to protect your home or business. Each person is different in their needs and what they are looking for in terms of security. Some users may just be looking for cameras while others want to deck their homes out in smart technology and function as a smart home. 

There are several packages available when it comes down to equipment and then there is the option to build a package based on the type of monitoring that is needed to fit your family’s lifestyle.

For all packages, the base and the keypad is included. This will allow you to arm and disarm the system. But what will be armed? That is up to you to decide. Start thinking about what you need and ask yourself, “what am I looking for in terms of monitoring my home and keeping it safe”?

Like most security systems, SimpliSafe offers common equipment such as cameras, door sensors, and keyfobs. What SimpliSafe also offers are ways to make your home a smart home. There are options for temperature sensors, smoke detectors, glass break sensors, and water sensors to detect potential leaks and floods. 

What it all boils down to, is that the user needs to decide what is needed in the home in order to make a final purchase decision on equipment. How far will you go to protect your family and your home?

Plans, Prices, and Professional Monitoring Services

With most home security systems, there comes a monitoring plan and professional monitoring services, that will provide that extra peace of mind that is needed in protecting your family. SimpliSafe offers two different subscriptions that are not only affordable but absolutely worth it. 

Standard Plan

SimpliSafe offers a standard monitoring plan that starts at $14.99 per month. This is the minimum plan needed to fully operate the connection between SimpliSafe and Alexa. While this is considered the “starter package” for SimpliSafe, it still offers excellent benefits.

  • In-home environmental changes
  • Cellular connectivity for when the wifi is out
  •  Live video from your SimpliCam
  • 24/7 professional monitoring

Interactive Plan

The interactive plan is the next step up from the standard plan. The interactive plan offers the same services as the standard plan but then offers some additional options that are worth the step-up in cost. 

  • App alerts
  • Remote control security
  • Video verification. 

These add-ons to the interactive plan are accessible through the SimpliSafe application, available on your tablet and mobile devices. That is a lot more control for a little extra money. 

Like most monitoring services, there is an initial cost upfront, to purchase the equipment. The cost upfront will vary from customer to customer as everyone will choose their own plans and products, and no two people are the same. Once the customer chooses the equipment that they are most interested in, a plan will be selected, most likely based on the type of equipment selected, and then the products will be shipped out.

When registering as a user with SimpliSafe, you should know that no contracts are required and if you do not like the service, you can return all the equipment and cancel the monitoring plan.

There are no strings attached to this service, like many other home security systems that require contracts. Overall, the benefits of the SimpliSafe monitoring system are worth the price. Don’t let a few dollars stand between you and your family’s safety. 

Overall, the SimpliSafe system is a comprehensive home monitoring system that has a lot of great features to it, including the sync with Alexa, and is a very well rounded piece of technology. 

Furthermore, they offer a fast set up and competitive monitoring prices with no contract included. It is imperative that the consumer compares the features and prices of this system with other monitoring systems and carefully selects the products that will fit their needs.

If the comparison and process of selecting the equipment are not followed, chances are the user will not be happy with their services. So make sure that when going through the purchasing process, you only select what you will need and use to satisfy your safety concerns.