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Is Roku Ultra Wireless?

Last Updated Jun 27, 2022
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Roku Ultra is one of the popular streaming players by the top digital media player company, Roku. The Roku Ultra player is highly praised for its affordability and great features for a streaming player, but is Roku Ultra wireless or wired? If you are looking to find out whether Roku Ultra is wireless or wired, then worry not. This article will uncover more about the Roku Ultra and what it has to offer as a streaming player.

Roku Ultra offers both wireless and wired connections. The newly released edition, the 2022 Roku Ultra, and Roku Ultra LT have hardwired Ethernet and internet support. Roku Ultra has hands-free voice control, a headphone jack, and a remote finder function.

It also offers a strong media selection and private listening where you can use a wireless pair of headphones with the Roku mobile app. With many wondering whether this wireless option is only available to those with the new model and if they need to upgrade their Roku Ultra to go wireless, it is important to address this. Keep reading to learn more.

Is Roku Wireless or Wired?

While it is true that some features like the 50% greater connectivity range are not available to the older models, it is also true to say that any Roku Ultra player supports a wireless connection.

How To Make Your Roku Wireless

When connecting your Roku Ultra player to a wireless network, there are certain boxes you need to tick for a smooth transition. For instance, ensure you know your wireless network name and have the password by hand.

Therefore the first step is to check and confirm that you have active Wi-FI. Once that is done, you can plug your Roku Ultra into power, connect it to the TV, and turn it on. Roku Ultra works on any TV with an HDMI port. For someone who has a Roku TV, you will not have to do these first steps.

After the connection is done and successful, exit your TV settings menu and navigate to the Roku home screen. Select settings>network>wireless WI-FI and then set up your new WI-FI connection and key in your network password, and you are good to go.

How Far Can Roku Ultra Be from The Wireless Router?

Like any other wireless connection player, even with Roku Ultra, you must be within a certain range to enjoy fast streaming. But how far your Roku Ultra can be from the wireless router will also be affected by different factors, including the model of the Roku Ultra, internet speed, and the type of router.

For instance, the 2022 Roku Ultra edition currently offers the best WI-FI connection compared to its predecessors and other Roku players. The 2022 Roku Ultra has an increased connectivity range of up to 50%. This means that you still enjoy fast, seamless streaming and the highest picture quality without having to be too close to your router.

How Else to Enjoy a Wireless Connection With Roku Ultra

Other than the wireless network connection, there are other ways to go wireless with Roku Ultra, including the voice remote pro. Roku Ultra has a hands-free voice control option and remote finder function.

The Roku Ultra remote has a built-in mid-field microphone that can pick your voice within a certain range, provided you are audible enough. You just have to start with the phrase “Hey Roku,” then direct the media streamer to power on your TV or search for what you want. Maybe a specific program or TV show.

With the Roku mobile app, you can also go wireless and listen to your favorite show privately. However, this wireless function is only available when using the app. If you want to listen from the Roku Ultra remote, you will have to plug in the headphones.

Lastly, Roku Ultra has a find your remote function. This is the last wireless feature where you can find your remote using the hands-free voice command. It can be frustrating when you have misplaced your remote, and after spending hours looking for it, you can’t still place where you left it last. This is where panic sets in for many users, and you don’t know what to do exactly.

The find your lost remote function allows you to find the remote by pressing the button on your player or just say “Hey Roku, where is my remote?” The remote will then play a sound.

To Sum Up:

As we come to the end of the article, we can confidently say that we have our answer to this question. Roku Ultra has both a wireless and wired connection which can be switched depending on your most preferred network. You can use an Ethernet cable and connect it directly to the Roku streamer. You can also opt to go wireless and connect directly to the internet.

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