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Is Ring Elite Wireless? (And what is PoE – Power Over Ethernet)

Last Updated Mar 15, 2022
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The Ring Elite uses WiFi and power over Ethernet for its functions. This device uses Power over Ethernet setup with an 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connection at 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz. Power over Ethernet allows the network cables to carry electrical power to your device. 

Is Ring Elite Wireless? (And what is PoE – Power Over Ethernet) The Ring Elite is not a wireless device since it prioritizes power over Ethernet for its function and WiFi connection. Power over Ethernet uses one single cable to provide both data collection and electric power to your device. 

With power over Ethernet, you will never have to be concerned about charging your battery or if the internet is connecting to your doorbell. Power over Ethernet is a more reliable option than other WiFi options. This allows for a smoother experience with your Ring Elite. 

Ring Elite 

The Ring Elite is a professional-grade product with an impressive look and more secure connectivity for constant power. 

Ring Elite 


With the Ring Elite, you get real-time footage along with two-way communication. This allows you to hear and speak to anyone within the range of the doorbell. 

Power Over Ethernet Connection 

The unique difference between the Ring Doorbell and the Ring Elite is the ethernet connectivity. With the power over ethernet hard-wired systems, your connection is consistent and reliable. This allows for your device to remain online at all times with the best video quality without losing power. 


Installation for the Ring Elite is complicated and it is suggested to have professional installation. The Ring Elite installs on standard junction boxes with a flush-mounted finish. If you prefer to install the device yourself, visit the Ring website for step by step instructions. 

Power Over Ethernet 

What is Power Over Ethernet?

Power over Ethernet is a standard or ad hoc system that passes electrical power with data onto a pair of ethernet cabling. This allows for a single cable to provide both data collection and electric power to your device. 

How does Power over Ethernet Help My Ring Elite? 

A typical digital security camera requires two connections to be made during installation, network connection and power connection. 

The network connection is used for communication between the video recording and display equipment. The power connection delivers the electrical power necessary for the operation of the camera. 

Why Use Power Over Ethernet? 

Time and Cost-Effective 

Network cables can be easily located and reduce the time and expense of having electrical cabling installed. 


Without being tethered to an electrical outlet, your Ring Elite can be located anywhere that is suitable for you and your home. It can also be easily repositioned. 


Power over Ethernet is designed to protect your network from overload, underpowering, and the possibility of incorrect installation. 


The power for the power over Ethernet is from the central and universally compatible source instead of a collection of distributed wall adaptors. It can be supported by an uninterruptible power supply and controlled to easily disable or reset devices. 


With power over Ethernet, the installation and distribution of network connections are simple and effective for a reliable connection. 

Does the Ring Elite come with an Ethernet cable?

Yes, your Ring Elite will come with an Ethernet cable. Your doorbell is suitable with any of the two ethernet cords depending on the distance of the network range you want to cover.

Comparison Between the Ring Pro and Ring Elite 

There are a few significant differences between the Ring Pro and Ring Elite. A few of these differences are the way they are powered, the design, compatible networks, and installation. 

Power Options 

Ring Pro

One significant difference between the Ring Pro and Ring Elite is their source for power. The Ring Pro’s only power source is with an existing doorbell kit. Not 16-24 VAC, DC transformers are not supported with the Ring Doorbell Pro. 

Ring Elite

The Ring Elite functions with the Power over Ethernet (PoE). The significant difference between power over Ethernet and WiFi is the reliability of the connection. With power over Ethernet, the doorbell is provided the power to run along with the internet necessary for it to work properly. 


Ring Pro

The Ring Pro has a rectangular shape with 4.5 x 1.85 x 0.80 inch dimensions. 

Ring Elite

The look of your doorbell is a significant part of making it part of your home. Many doorbells lack the style fit for homes, leaving customers unsatisfied with the finished look. With the Ring Elite flush mount and sleek look, the design alone is an upgrade. 

This doorbell fits into most standard junction boxes and does not require additional work to your home for its placement. 

The Ring Elite has 4.70 x 2.75 x 0.43-inch dimensions when mounted. 

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