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Is Philips Hue Light Strip Waterproof (Water resistant or outdoor proof?)

Jun 16, 2019
Philips Hue Light Strip Waterproof

Philips Hue has one of the most high quality light strips on the market. Its versatile enough to be used under cabinets, in a bar, or even in the hallway. But can it handle the outside elements?

Is Philips Hue Light Strip Waterproof? The Philips Hue Lighstrip Plus is not waterproof but the Hue Outdoor Lightstrip (530931) is Water Resistant and has a solid block of silicone around it. Using the Outdoor light strip outdoors in the elements should be fine.

Placing the Outdoor lightstrip outside your yard or along the grass is okay however it is not recommended that you constantly submerge the lightstrip under water.

There are 2 main different light strips they offer right now:

Here are some direct quotes from Philips Hue Care Team why the regular indoor Lightstrip Plus is bad for water:

The lightstrip is not waterproofed at all, we don’t recommend using it outside

“Philips Hue Care Team” answering Customer Q&A’s on Amazon

We don’t recommend using the Lightstrip in water. The Lightstrip is IP20 rated and is only advised for indoor use.

“Philips Hue Care Team” answering Customer Q&A’s on Amazon

You can see the product and all the reviews and questions/answers here on Amazon. Here is support providing more insight and recommending the outdoor one as well:

While the indoor lightstrip plus won’t work for indoors, you can still use the Outdoor version!

Other Hue Products Meant for Outdoor Use

Philips Hue has come a long way from their purple smart lights. We know there seems to be an infinite amount of lights to choose from, but what other different products?

Here is a list of other Philips Hue products that you can use outside:

  • Lily Kit Spot Light – Great for lighting up around your home or a specific location.
  • Econic Wall & Ceiling Fixture – Perfect for an additional Wall or Ceiling Light.
  • Calla Home Lighting and Lamps – Around home lighting or lamps. Great for lighting up around your house or serve as a lamp on a porch.
  • Dusk-to-Dawn Motion Sensor – Weather-resistant sensor to trigger your indoor and outdoor lights.

As you can see, there are a lot of options that Philips Hue gives you to light up the outside of your home. Lets dive a little deeper into each one.

The best two outdoor lighting options are going to be the Lily Spot Lights and the Calla Home Lights.

Lily Kit Spot Light

The Lily Spot Light (Click to see on Amazon) is perfect for shining a light on the different accents of your home. Put a couple around the home and they’ll look great.

Click on Image to see on Amazon

The Philips Hue Lights work with:

  • Alexa
  • Apple home kit
  • Google Assistant

Best of all – they are high quality weatherproof material. Perfect for outdoor use.

  • Lifetime up to 25,000 hours
  • Plus a 2 year Warranty

The spotlights are based on low Voltage and easy to setup. It will need to be within 30 feet from the hub and can extend up to 60 feet from one hue light to the next one.

We recommend getting the Lily Spot Light Base Kit which comes with a power supply, cable extensions, mounting brackets, spikes, and cable connectors.

White & Color Econic Wall & Ceiling Fixture

Need to shine a light on your porch? Or maybe you need a ceiling light to replace the dim one you have.

The Econic wall and ceiling fixture (Click on Amazon to see) does just that.

Click on Image to see on Amazon

What we love about the Econic lighting:

  • Outdoor Resistant – Designed to survive the outside elements
  • Quick installation – Setup the Hue Econic Wall and Ceiling fixture in just a few minutes. It is easy to install using the included hardware.
  • Total lumen output fixture:1150 lm
  • Mounting Options – The Econic Smart outdoor wall and ceiling light comes with different mounting components. Wall or ceiling mounted.

Awesome for deck lighting, front yard lighting, porch lighting, around the door, garage or any where really.

Calla Home Lighting and Lamps

I love the Calla Home lighting because it can have multipurpose use: a lighting around your home Or a lamp on your porch/deck.

Click on Image to see Calla on Amazon

The Calla physically reminds me a lot of the Amazon Echo but has the same traits as other Philips Hue products:

  • Needs a Hub
  • 25,000 hours lifetime use
  • 2 year warranty
  • Works with Alexa/Apple Homekit/Google Assistant

I recommend using them to create a lighting path along your drive or to your door.

Dusk to Dawn Motion Sensor

Want to bump your smart lighting to the next level? The Philips Hue Dusk-to-Dawn (Click on link to see on Amazon) opens the doors to smarter lighting.

Click on Image to see on Amazon

The motion sensor can detect motion and then trigger the lights to welcome you or guests home. Great to show off to your friends and family, while also saving energy so they are not on all the time.

There are also motion sensor settings to change between Low, Medium, and High. Adjust the settings to your preference.

The Dusk to Dawn motion sensor will require a Philips Hue Hub Bridge as well, but we suspect most readers will already have one.