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Is Night Owl a Good Brand?

Last Updated Mar 15, 2022
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Night Owl consists of various security devices aimed for your comfort and safety, such as wired and wireless cameras, hybrid cameras, doorbells, safes, add on cameras, and a few other accessories. Here are some ways to know if Night Owl is the right brand for you. 

Night Owl prides themselves in their products and services and here are a few reasons why: 

  1. DIY Installation Process 
  2. Features 
  3. Have access to view a live feed from your smartphone using the Night Owl security app, which is available on iOS or Android

Night Owl is a growing company with a promise to keep your property guarded with their security software. 

They provide instructions for you to install your own devices or offer services for assistance, have unique features such as dual sensors, DVR and NVR devices, are compatible with night vision and give you easy access to see your security footage using the Night Owl app. 

DIY Installation Process 

You have two options for how you choose to set up your Night Owl devices. Night Owl provides instructional videos and how-to guides for anyone that prefers to set up their devices themselves. 

If you prefer the help of someone else to set up your devices, Night Owl also offers professional installation services. To schedule this, find the link on their website and get a quote in order to schedule an appointment for an installer at your convenience.


Night Owl dual sensors

Dual Sensors 

The dual sensors are a great feature since it lowers your chance of false alarms. You will only receive an alert if there is a detected noticeable change in heat or motion. 


Customers are given the option between a digital video recorder and a network video recorder. 

The NVR devices have an 8MP (4K) resolution, which is four times the resolution of the standard 1080p. These devices create better image quality than the DVR devices.

The DVR devices are typically more affordable. When comparing the prices of NVR and DVR, the prices for the NVR devices were mostly raised by a few hundred dollars. 

Compatible with Google Assistant 

If you own a Google Assistant device, you can ask to show your Night Owl cameras and the app will open on your phone. This gives you a hands-free option for viewing your cameras. 

More information about using your Google Assistant with your Night Owl security devices can be found here. 

Night Vision 

Just because its dark outside, doesn’t mean your camera can’t see. Indoor Night Owl cameras have up to 20 feet of night vision, but the outdoor Night Owl cameras can reach up to 100 feet. 

iOS and Android

The Night Owl app gives you access to live footage from your security camera with your smartphone. This gives you access to know what is going on within the range of the cameras 24/7 with a few easy steps. 

The step by step process for setting up pairing your app with your devices can be found here.

The EZ Return Policy for Unsatisfied Customers or Defective Devices 

Night Owl has created its own unique return policy with their EZ return policy. If you receive a device that is defective and has not reached your satisfaction, Night Owl has made it easy to return your device as long as you are within the warranty period. 

This is great for anyone trying these devices for the first time and is unsure if they will be pleased with the product. Night Owl believes their customers should not be overwhelmed with shipping fees or overly complex requests. 

Committed to Customers With 24/7 Support Line

Night Owl provides 24/7 customer service with their support line, geared at providing for any needs their customers may have. With the support line, you will choose which topic your needs fall under (Customer Service, Repair & Service, Pre-Sales Support, and Technical Support). 

The customer service line can be reached at 1-866-390-1303 or This line caters to general questions regarding password resets, web store order issues, or other general customer service related questions. 

Repair and Service are for in-warranty replacement, details regarding an out of warranty repair, or part replacements. This line can also be reached at or 1-866-390-1303. Both the customer service line and repair and service line are 24/7.

The pre-sales line is for specific information about the products. They will help you find the product best fit for your needs. They are available Monday-Thursday, 9 am-5 pm EST and Friday, 9 am-6 pm EST.

Technical Support is for assistance with your device(s) and can be reached at 1-866-390-1303. 

For more information about the Night Owl brand and products, click here.

What Night Owl Lacks

Night Owl does not offer any professional monitoring. While this may be beneficial for those looking for a security system without monthly fees, it also means you will be responsible for monitoring the cameras yourself and calling 911 if there is an emergency in your home.

Many Night Owl users report that products do not work properly. Some users report continued issues with product functioning even after Night Owl sends them replacement products. The most common recurring issues are:

  • DVR or NVR not recording
  • DVR or NVR cable ports not working
  • Cameras not recognizing motion
  • Poor video quality

Night Owl products have a one-year warranty that allows for free product replacement. However, if you experience issues after one year, Night Owl will not replace your products for free. 

Customers who purchased products through Night Owl have been able to get a full refund if they experienced unresolved issues, but customers who purchased their system from a third-party such as Amazon or Best Buy were out of luck.         

Other users complain about problems using the Night Owl app. The app has a 2.4 out of 5 rating in the Google Play store and a 1.8 rating in the Apple App store at the time of writing. Common issues with the app include:

  • App not receiving notifications
  • Lagging or freezing camera streams and

Alternative Smart Home Security Systems

Check out the table below to compare popular smart home security systems.

Night OwlSimpliSafeVivintRing Alarm
Camera OptionsIndoor and OutdoorIndoor OnlyIndoor and OutdoorIndoor and Outdoor
Professional Monitoring NoneTwo optional monthly subscription plans with video monitoringTwo monthly subscription plans with video monitoringTwo optional monthly subscription plans which do not provide video monitoring
Installation DIY or professionalDIY or professionalProfessional onlyDIY or professional
Contract RequirementsNo contractNo contractNo contract if $600 for equipment paid up front,3-5 years otherwiseNo contract
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