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Is Marshall Kilburn 2 Worth it?

Last Updated Jun 23, 2022
Marshall Kilburn amp

If you want to invest in Marshall’s home audio solutions (portable speakers), is Kilburn 2 worth the investment?

Generally, Marshall Kilburn 2 is worth buying. For instance, they have a durable and roadworthy design, over 20 hours of portable playtime, their controls are intuitive, and their sound is powerful and quality. However, they only support Bluetooth connectivity options.

Keep reading to discover more if Kilburn 2 is worth the Marshall name.

Is the Design of Kilburn 2 Worth it?

Marshall Kilburn 2 has a durable and roadworthy design. By looking at its body, you will notice that this speaker delivers a high-quality construction and design. For instance, it does not feel or look flimsy in any way. Its look is similar to the appearance of a small Marshall combo amp.

It features a water-resistant design, a sleek black vinyl casing, and flush-mounted corner caps. These add a layer of protection, making it durable and rugged. It also has an all-metal grille decorated with the iconic Marshall logo.

Kilburn 2 is also water-resistant with an IPX2 rating. For instance, accidental water spills or a little rain onto this speaker will not wreck it. The carrying strap is not your normal strap; it is an actual soft black leather, almost like a guitar strap. It is fastened to the side with gold-finished guitar pins. Besides, the underside is a lovely velvet.

What are the Available Connections Options?

Although Kilburn 2 is durable and stylish, it is not versatile in terms of connectivity. For instance, the greatest disappointment with this speaker is that you can only connect to it via Bluetooth. It does not have a headphones jack nor a 3.5mm AUX input. However, the great Bluetooth 5.0 aptX connection counters this downside. You can connect and play music with any Bluetooth device at a range of up to 30 feet away from the Kilburn 2 speaker.

This speaker is also designed with a Multi-Host function feature to compensate for the limited connectivity options. This feature allows you to connect and switch between two Bluetooth devices. For instance, you can take turns with your friend to play what you want to listen to. Although this is not enough to counter the lack of connectivity options, it is a cool feature.

How Long Does the Battery of Kilburn 2 Last?

A fully charged Marshall Kilburn 2 battery will give you a 20-hour playtime. Marshall Kilburn 2 uses a lithium-ion battery that needs an adapter cord to charge. The good news is that it has quick charging capabilities. Therefore, you can connect it to an electrical socket and have it charged at a momentā€™s notice.

For instance, fully charging this speaker’s battery takes only 2.5 hours. Besides, with only 15 minutes of charging, this speaker will give you 3 hours of playtime. Marshall Kilburn 2 is also designed with a battery level indicator light on the top panel.

Are the Controls of Kilburn 2 Intuitive?

The controls of Marshall Kilburn 2 are quite intuitive. For instance, they are simple and easy to use when it comes to finding a sound. This speaker has only three control knobs that are fluid and sturdy. They are similar to the knobs on the Marshall guitar amp. The three knobs are the Treble control knob, the Bass control knob, and the Volume control knob. They do what their name says.

How Does Marshall Kilburn 2 Sound?

The sound of Marshall Kilburn 2 is fantastic, rich, and detailed with crystal highs, excellent mids, and solid bottom-ends. This speaker boasts a speaker power of 36 watts. This is a power that other portable speakers can not match. The wattage is divided among the tweeters and the subwoofer. Both use a class D amplifier with 8 watts for each tweeter and 20 watts for the subwoofer. The resulting sound is fantastic, and you can only describe it as “Marshall.”

This speaker also has a sophisticated sound enhancement that enhances a better listening experience. With a sound pressure limit of 100.4dB and a frequency range of 53Hz, Kilburn 2 delivers dynamic and articulate sound. Its quality and power will leave you surprised and wowed!

What are the Top Features of Marshall Kilburn 2?

These are the features that make Marshall Kilburn 2 worth it:

  • Over 20 hours of portable playtime on a single charge
  • Multi-host technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0 aptX connectivity
  • IPX2 water-resistant rating/design
  • Durable, compact, portable, and roadworthy design
  • Multi-direction sound
  • Multi-Host function feature
  • Bluefin Stereo soundstage
  • Quick charge

However, it is vital to note that it does not have 3.5 AUX and headphones inputs.

Final Thought: Is Marshal Kilburn 2 Worth it?

Marshall Kilburn 2 is one of the best portable speakers you can wish to have. For instance, there are not many portable speakers that can produce the same kind of sound power and quality as Marshall Kilburn 2.

However, it does not have 3.5 AUX and headphones connection inputs. But the Bluetooth 5.0 aptX connection and the Multi-Host function feature are enough to counter the lack of connectivity options.

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