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Is Kindle Oasis Waterproof?

Last Updated May 10, 2022
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Some of us read anywhere; on the toilet, in the office, at picnics. We would read in the shower if we could! Unfortunately for us though, paperbacks get ruined by water, and most smartphones aren’t water-friendly either. What About eBook readers like Kindles, especially the Kindle Oasis?

Kindle Oasis is waterproof, as it can stay up to an hour at a maximum depth of 2 meters of freshwater.

Despite this, there are limitations you always have to keep in mind. Also, there are do’s and don’ts involved in managing a wet Kindle Oasis. Let’s look into these in detail.

Is The Kindle Oasis Waterproof?

The Kindle Oasis has an International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standard 60529 rating of IPX8 and can withstand immersion in up to 2 meters of freshwater for up to 60 minutes.

It is advised that you should not expose your Kindle Oasis to pressurized water, high-velocity water, or highly humid conditions like a steam room. Also, avoid letting your Kindle contact food, oil, lotion, and abrasive substances. All of these can cause physical damage or even damage the device’s functioning.

The question then is can you swim with your Kindle? Or Shower with it? Let’s look at and answer these questions.

Can You Swim or Shower With Kindle Oasis?

Yes, you can swim and Shower your Kindle Oasis. However, there are many conditions attached. For example, you would probably be fine if you swam with it without going deep into the pool and staying long. Further, you can shower with it, provided that the shower isn’t at full blast and it isn’t releasing hot water.

That being said, you shouldn’t swim or shower with the Kindle Oasis, even if you meet those conditions. For one, you will be unable to use it for some time after being exposed to water because you can’t use it while wet, and drying it can take some time. Also, the ability of devices like the Kindle to be resistant is not perfect. Nothing is truly waterproof, only resistant, so why risk it?

What To Do If Kindle Oasis is Submerged in Water

If your Kindle Oasis gets water poured or splashed on it, you only need to wipe it off with a tissue or soft cloth to continue usage. However, what do you do when it gets submerged in water totally, and water gets in its holes? Thankfully, there is no need to panic because your Kindle will be fine due to its water-resistant property.

However, there are things to note and do if your Kindle Oasis is submerged in water. These actions are:

  • Remove the cover and expose it to warmth, preferably mild sunlight. Do not use an external dryer like a microwave oven or hairdryer, as the heat might be too high and cause irreversible damage.
  • If the liquid the Kindle Oasis was submerged in was not water, or the water is chlorinated, salty, or soapy, first use fresh water to rinse the device before drying.
  • Do not insert any object in the charging port to clean the moisture off. However soft the object is, you risk damaging the port.
  • Do not charge the device until you are sure that all the moisture is removed. This is because charging the device while there is wetness in it can cause damage to the motherboard and render it useless.

How do you dry your Kindle Oasis if it’s thoroughly wet? Continue on to the next section which discusses this.

How To Dry Off Kindle Oasis After it Has Been Submerged in Water

Despite being supposedly waterproof, you can’t just leave your Kindle device and continue using it after it has been submerged in the water. You have to dry the water off or risk damage to the device.

Amazon had a guide for drying the Kindle Oasis in two steps. These two simple steps are:

  1. Let the water drain out: To do this, you have to allow the water to come out through the hole it went in through–the charging port. Tap the side of the device gently to induce the water to come out until none is dripping.
  2. Dry the Kindle Fully: Because all the water is unlikely to disappear through the charging point so quickly, you have to find a way to remove all the moisture. To do this, stand the Kindle upright in a well-ventilated room so the rest of the water drains and dries off.

After following these steps, you are good to go to continue usage. Happy reading!


The Amazon Kindle Oasis is water-resistant and can last up to an hour at a depth of two meters underwater. However, you do need to carefully dry it off after contact with water to avoid damage. Despite the waterproof label, you should avoid getting water in and on the device as no device is truly waterproof, only water-resistant.

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