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Is Kindle Oasis Touch Screen?

Last Updated May 15, 2022
kindle oasis with book page on screen

Having an e-reader such as the Kindle Oasis can literally change the way you read! This incredibly sophisticated yet easy-to-use device has a plethora of features that makes downloading, carrying, reading, and even listening to books a whole lot easier. However, you may have a few questions about this nifty tool, including where or not it has a touch screen. 

The Kindle Oasis is a touchscreen device. This feature makes it easy to navigate through the settings and library, as well as through your books as you read. However, if you do not love the touchscreen option for one reason or another, you will be pleased to hear you can disable it in the settings menu!

Consumers have reported that the Kindle Oasis is one of Amazon’s best e-readers yet, so if you are considering purchasing one, and want to know a little more about the device, and specifically, how the touch screen works, keep reading! You are going to be a Kindle Oasis screen expert in the next few minutes!

Is Kindle Oasis Touch Screen?

So now you know, the Kindle Oasis is a touch screen device, but what does that mean, and is there an option to change it?

If you have a smartphone, you most likely use a touch screen device every day! The Kindle Oasis is no different. You can use just your fingertip to navigate through the settings and library of books this device holds, as well as turn pages, connect to WiFi, and pretty much everything else you need to do on your e-reader! 

Users have reported mixed reviews when it comes to the touch screen feature on the Kindle Oasis: some love the ease of use, while others aren’t so impressed. 

The problem some people have encountered is that the touch screen is too sensitive, and for some reason, the pages of their books are turning when something touches the screen before they are ready. If you are experiencing this problem, or you simply do not enjoy the touch screen feature on your Kindle Oasis e-reader, don’t worry, there is a way to disable it! 

NOTE: The option to disable the touch screen is not available on the 1st Gen Kindle Oasis. 

How to Disable the Touch Screen on Kindle Oasis

In order to disable the touch screen feature on your Kindle Oasis, all you need to do is follow the instructions below:

  • Tap the top of the screen to open the menu bar. 
  • Select the icon with three dots in the right corner. 
  • Click the option to disable the touchscreen. 

Simple right? It’s important to note that when you turn your Kindle Oasis off and on again, the touch screen feature will return to factory settings and therefore be turned on. 

This is also the only way to turn it back on, so if you realize you’ve missed the touch screen option, just restart the device! 

How to Use the Built-In Buttons on the Kindle Oasis

One of the most popular features of the Kindle Oasis is the handy page-turning buttons located physically on the edge of the device. Readers confirm that this small touch makes a big difference and actually makes the e-reader feel much more like a book than a tech device. 

These buttons, of course, are what allow you to turn off the touch screen feature and still be able to read your book! Using them is as simple as can be: pressing the top button once will move you forward a page while pressing the bottom button will move you back a page. 

The device can even adjust to whichever way you are holding it, so you do not need to remember which way is up and down! 

As convenient as these buttons are, the only downside is that they cannot access your library or settings menu. So if you want to change the book, sign in to WiFI, adjust your settings, or really anything else, you will still need to use the touch screen option. 

Final Thoughts

Is the Kindle Oasis touch screen? It certainly is. And now you know that while some consumers love the touch screen option, there have been some complaints that it is simply too sensitive and turns the pages too quickly when reading a book. 

So, if you love the touch screen, you are good to go! And if you would prefer to disable it, well now you know how to do that too! You even know how to use the buttons located on the edge of the screen to turn the pages of your book while the touch screen is disabled!

All this information certainly makes you a Kindle Oasis screen expert, now you can use this e-reader to its full potential and enjoy every minute of it!

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