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Is Hisense TV Better Than Vizio?

Last Updated Mar 4, 2022
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Hisense TV is getting more and more attention as of late, thanks to its budget-friendly appeal while still maintaining the Smart TV features so many homes want, but how does it compare to other brands? Especially those that are a little more expensive, like Vizio? Is Hisense TV better than another comparable, more affordable brand, Vizio?

If a budget-friendly TV is your overall goal, then Hisense TV is the better option between Hisense TV and Vizio. While Vizio offers excellent options, they cannot match the lower price and comparable quality of Hisense. Hisense TV has the necessary features that today’s Smart TVs need.

In the same timeframe, Vizio has risen to have the same levels of quality and features. They also offer the same level of quality and features when compared to the big names in TVs. When buyers search for more moderately priced TVs, Hisense and Vizio are typically the two most common choices.

Is Hisense TV Better?

This is a difficult question to answer without some context. If you are new to HD or UHD TVs, chances are they are substantially better than whatever you are currently using. Hisense offers some of the most sought-after features just like other more established manufacturers but often at much lower prices. Features like OLED displays and smart connectivity are available.

Hisense offers some features just like other more established manufacturers but often at much lower prices. Features like OLED displays and smart connectivity are available.

Now, when you begin to compare Hisense to brands with another up-and-coming brand like Vizio, the question becomes more difficult to answer. Vizio has become the standard most people compare other less expensive displays to. So, if that is your only basis of comparison, the Hisense will not have the features you are looking for.

Hisense is better than other manufacturers when it comes to price and, as a result, has some tradeoffs. In most scenarios, Hisense TVs are $50 or less expensive than a similar Vizio. While this is maybe something blatantly obvious in the store while you are comparing, once you get it home and installed in your own house, those differences may not matter anymore.

When other factors like OS and overall value are taken into consideration, Hisense will probably be the better choice for the majority of consumers.

Are Vizio TVs Good Quality?

Another brand that is brought up quite often for budget-friendly TVs is Vizio. Much like Hisense, they offer the same features as the big guys but at lower prices. Also, much like Hisense, they tend to cut some corners to make the prices more palatable. One thing to note, consumers tend to find the screens Vizio chooses to be of a very high quality which is a nice aspect in their usual prices.

Reading through reviews online, you will see the same sentiment. People are very pleased with the picture quality and brightness but complain about things like the sound quality and OS being slow to respond. It is not to say that they are of poor quality, just that they were chosen to be more cost-effective than something Samsung may use.

A way around all of this is by adding third-party hardware such as surround sound speaker systems and streaming sticks like Chromecast. The user would get a high-quality picture and an overall better experience than someone who purchased a TV. All the while, they still probably spent about the same amount of money as someone that chose a more well-known brand.

How Long Does a Hisense TV Last?

While typically considered a more economical option, Hisense does not use poor-quality screens. On average, their screens will last roughly 7 years if the user uses them at the highest brightness setting. A more realistic lifespan is closer to 10 years of usage.

Hisense TVs do not last substantially less or longer than the more well-known brands when compared apples-to-apples. The exception would be when comparing a LED-backlit TV and one that has a more traditional bulb. LED lights will always last longer no matter what brand produces them.

While this may not seem like a great length of time, you must consider that the hardware will be fairly out of date at this point and would require replacements to keep up with the rate of technology changes. Also, after 10 years of display improvements, new devices will have substantially better picture quality than their predecessors and would probably make the owner want to replace them anyway.

Final Thoughts

Hisense and Vizio have become the predominant budget TV makers of the last few years. But this is not to say they are of poor quality. Often, these devices provide the same features as any other TV at a lesser cost. When it comes to which is better, it really is a toss-up. It all depends on what the buyer wants in a TV on their budget.

Vizio and Hisense have extremely similar ratings from buyers that have owned them. On paper, their specs are often nearly identical. It is truly a matter of personal preference. Chances are, someone looking to choose between these two brands needs only to look at the weekly sale ads from places like Target or Best Buy and find the cheaper price.

This is simply because they will probably have difficulty differentiating the two otherwise.

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