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Is Google Nest WiFi Worth It? Here’s Why It Might Not Be

Last Updated Mar 18, 2022
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Google’s mesh Wifi network joins your smart home devices together with its simplicity and ease of setup. However, as with any technology, there are pros and cons to everything. Some say that Google Nest WiFi is worth it, and others disagree. So, is Google Nest WiFi worth it?

Here is why Google Nest WiFi may not be worth it for use on your network setup:

  • Not able to troubleshoot individual devices
  • Slower connection
  • No WiFi 6
  • No anti-malware
  • Non-integrated platforms
  • No USB and Ethernet ports

We did some research and found out what the problems were with Google Nest WiFi, and why some people made the choice of not going with the use of the hardware at all. Some obviously were important enough to not purchase the Google Nest WiFi. Let’s take a look at the Nest WiFi now and take a look at what we found.

The Cons of Google Nest WiFi

Despite the pros mentioned above, Google Nest WiFi does come with its limitations. Below, we’ll list some of the cons of using Google Nest WiFi.

Not Able to Troubleshoot Individual Devices

There is no option with the Google Nest WiFi to select individual devices on the network. This is crucial for troubleshooting problem connections, or keeping the network secure from unwanted devices. 

Not being able to select individual devices prevents the system administrator from being able to disconnect these devices individually should they be causing a problem with the network. This is another troublesome lack of available options.

Slower Connection

Google Nest Wifi also has the reported problem of lacking a dedicated backhaul band. This is a network traffic problem that congests the network more than needed and tends to slow down connections.

No WiFi 6

For those who want the latest and greatest in WiFi features, Google Nest WiFI does not come with WiFi 6, which is important to some network admins.

No Anti-Malware

Despite the security features of Google Nest WiFi that are built-in, it unfortunately doesn’t come with any anti-malware features that come along with it. This is a problem if you happen to have a network that you need to be secure with the latest and greatest malware defense solutions, especially if you run an at-home business that keeps track of essential records on the network. 

You will have to seek your own anti-malware solution if you purchase the Google Nest WiFI, which is an additional cost on top of the hardware itself.

Non-Integrated Platforms

If you want to use some of the advanced settings on the Google Nest WiFi, you actually have to download a separate app to be able to change these settings. This is an issue for many people who believe all features should be integrated into one app and one platform from your phone or other device.

No USB and Ethernet Ports

Unfortunately, this device also doesn’t come with any available USB ports, which are important to some people for hooking up external devices that require power close to the access point or router. This was a big drawback and a big reason many did not purchase the Google Nest WiFi device.

There are also no ethernet points available on the Google Nest WiFi access point and only 2 on the routing device, which is frustrating for many users who use these ports when they are available.

The Pros of Google Nest WiFi

Google Nest WiFi is a system that gives your whole home WiFi capability. It is famous for claiming that it will give your whole home lag-free internet, no matter what room of your house or building you are in, highlighting the expected long range reach of the network. So, what are the pros to using this WiFi?

Here are some pros of using Google Nest WiFi:

  • Can have a lot of devices connected to it. Google claims that over 200 devices can be connected to Google Nest WiFi at one time, allowing multiple devices to stream in 4k video on top of that.
  • Secure connection. Google made security important with auto-updating software and a chip that is included to enhance the security of the Google Nest WiFi itself.
  • Comes with multiple mesh devices that can be placed throughout your home to ensure consistent WiFi connection no matter where you are.
  • WiFi access points come with a speaker and microphone so you can use Google Assistant no matter where you are in your house if you are close to one of these connected points.

With all good things also comes the bad. Now you know why Google Nest WiFi may not be a good choice, but also some of the features that may be handy if you’re already using it.


If you want to keep your home network simple and don’t require using many advanced features that some network administrators tend to gravitate to, then the Google Nest WiFi may actually be for you. 

If it goes beyond the simplistic approach of a home network and you want more features to dive into your network setup further, you should consider looking at different options when it comes to your network setup.

So is Google Nest WiFI worth it? If you want to keep it basic, sure. But anything beyond that, we would have to agree with most others and say no.

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