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Is Fire TV Cube Worth It? 9 Reasons Why

Last Updated Nov 29, 2021

You have your heart set on Amazon’s Fire TV Cube but wondering if it has good value for money. If you do end up purchasing it, are you going to get the bang for your buck? 

Keep on reading to learn about nine reasons that will make getting the Fire Cube TV a good deal.

It Offers Hands-Free Entertainment Without Using The Remote

With this device, you will not need a remote to treat yourself to a bit of entertainment. Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, will always be there to help you cycle through the channels or control the volume with just your voice. You will also be able to use a compatible soundbar and an A/V receiver conveniently from the comfort of your couch.

It Is Powerful and Versatile

With a Hexa-Core processor, a dedicated graphics card as well as 2GB of fast DDR4 memory. Furthermore, the device has plenty of storage, Bluetooth version 5.0, and a high-speed Ethernet/WiFi card for seamless operation. It also has eight separate far-field microphones, which helps pick up the user’s voice even when it is not loud.

It Has Some Nifty Additional Features

The integration of Alexa into the device means that you can turn the TV on from across the room, check weather forecasts as needed, turn off or dim compatible lights and much more. The device also allows users to install third-party applications for increased functionality. The Cube can screen-cast to other devices via Bluetooth.

It Has A Wide Range Of I/O Ports

The back features an HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) connector, an IR extender. Hence, you can use it to increase the range and maintain functionality even when the device is out of the line of sight. In addition to the power connector, there is also a micro-USB connector.

It Supports 4K Ultra-HD Resolutions, HDR10+, And Dolby Vision

It offers 4K UHD resolutions of up to 2160p to guarantee crisp and sharp images on-screen so that the experience of watching your favorite movies and TV series is supernatural. The Cube will also allow you to Refresh Rate playback, meaning that the video feed will also flow smoothly.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) support means that the pictures you see on the TV will be as immersive and vivid as they look in real life. A comprehensive range of displayed colors and contrast with the integration of HDR will draw you in more effectively to the content. Remember that the HDR10+ is the best standard for HDR-enabled displays. It uses dynamic metadata so that the color range is updated frame-by-frame. 

In addition to HDR10+ (which is Samsung’s proprietary technology), the Fire TV Cube also supports the Dolby Vision HDR standard, giving you HDR-enabled content, not only on Amazon Prime Video but also on other platforms such as Netflix and Disney. Dolby Vision is Dolby’s proprietary technology, and it is on par with HDR10+, if not better. 

It supports 12-bit color depth and 4096 shades of primary colors besides upwards of 10000 nits of peak brightness, making your home TV viewing experience the equivalent of a high-end Cinema system.

HDR10 Is Also Available For Older TV Systems

For TVs that do not support HDR10+, the device also features HDR10 that uses static metadata instead of dynamic, resulting in slightly lower display quality. Nevertheless, the experience is still guaranteed to be much more desirable than what Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) displays can provide.

Dolby Atmos Surround-Sound Comes As Real

Dolby Atmos is another technology developed by Dolby. It adds more fun to the entertainment by tantalizing your ears from every direction without using dedicated height speakers. With the help of Atmos, the Fire TV Cube offers an unbeatable listening experience.

Privacy-Conscious Features Are Built-In

The Fire TV Cube has integrated privacy and security controls and protections so that your identity and actions remain hidden from prying eyes at all times. For example, one can conveniently turn off preview videos and their audio from playing automatically. 

Other features of this sort include:

  • Delete past voice recordings and transcripts used by Alexa for speech training.
  • The option to auto-delete the recordings or not be saved at all.
  • Withdraw from Amazon’s usage of your viewership preferences and habits for marketing and presenting targeted ads. 
  • Users can disable Amazon’s tracking of their usage of different apps on the device.

These features will benefit you while changing its ownership or giving it to another person. If you would like to learn more about the Fire TV Cube, check out this article

A Plethora Of Content Is There To Choose From

Indeed, the Fire TV Cube has Amazon Prime Video at its forefront. Moreover, it also supports a fine selection of other entertainment platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Peacock, HBO, Hulu, and Starz via third-party applications. Prime Video has a fine selection of TV shows. 

You can stream some popular music free from Spotify or pay a small fee for the privilege of using Amazon Music Unlimited and its library with millions of tracks.

The Fire TV Cube brings together ultimate convenience, a wide range of functions, high-quality content in considerable quantity.