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Is Fire HD 10 Good for Reading?

Last Updated Jan 1, 2022
kindle fire and ipad

For a while now, many people have switched from reading physical books in libraries to using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to read electronic books on the go. The budget-friendly Amazon Fire HD 10 has been a great tablet option for many reasons. However, one crucial question most bookworms want to answer before buying it is, “Is Fire HD 10 good for reading?”

Yes, the Amazon Fire HD 10 is a good tablet for reading. Thanks to its clear display, lighting, and battery life that helps it last longer than many others of its kind, the Fire HD 10 offers you a great reading experience that you can use on the go.

The Fire HD 10 has been upgraded recently, so it is even better than the previous versions and a good competitor against the Kindle e-reader version. Read on to learn what the Fire HD 10 has and how it compares with other tablets.

What Makes a Tablet Good For Reading?

There’s nothing as remarkable as the smell of new books. It is always everyone’s first choice. But, unfortunately, we can’t always carry all the books we want to read with us everywhere we are going. Tablets and smartphones help us take that experience wherever we are going. Tablets are better because their wider screen gives us a better display.

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But how do we know what kind of tablet to buy? Every tablet must have three essential characteristics to be considered suitable for reading.


First, the tablet should have a crisp and sharp display. That is important because you want to see the words on the tablet very clearly. A tablet with a light display can also hurt your eyes and cause a tiring reading experience. A crisp display also keeps you engaged and interested in the book. If the display is dull, you’ll probably fall asleep before you read through the first chapter.

Battery Life

When checking for a good reading tablet, the second aspect you should look out for is good battery life. If you wish to read on the go, you might have to go for hours without charging your battery. Therefore, you need a good battery that can last you for this period before you find a place to charge your tablet.

Library apps

Finally, it would be best to have a tablet with access to the Kindle app or other good library apps. This quick access will make it easy for you to buy, download and read millions of books from anywhere in the world. Amazon tablets are suitable for this reason since they were designed primarily with access to Amazon’s wide range of e-books, audiobooks, and videos.

Screen Sensitivity

An additional helpful feature would be good screen sensitivity. Since you will be scrolling and touching the screen while reading, you want to have a tablet that is sensitive to your touch and not difficult to scroll with.

Why The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a Good Tablet for Reading

The Fire HD 10 has all three above-listed features, among other reasons.  

10-inch LCD Screen

First, it has a 10-inch LCD screen which is slightly wide, making it suitable for reading as it can accommodate many words. Also, the latest Fire HD 10 version is brighter than its predecessors, so the display is crisp and sharp. It is also lighter and easier to hold so that you won’t feel the burden of carrying it for hours on the go.

Good Battery Life

Next, its battery life can give other tablets a run for their money. It has a 6300 mAh Li-ion non-removable battery that can last for days on standby for up to 6 hours with WIFI streaming. This means you can go for hours without charging the battery, an important feature when searching for reading tablets.

Audiobooks & E-Books

Finally, it has access to all Amazon apps and services, including Kindle (for e-books), Audible (for audiobooks), and Amazon Prime. As a result, you can access millions of books in the Amazon library in seconds with the Fire 10 HD tablet.

In more ways than one, the Amazon Fire HD 10 is an excellent tablet for reading. 


Many people prefer other tablets for reading, like Amazon Kindle tablets, which are explicitly made for accessing Kindle books and offer a good reading experience. However, both tablets are great, and you can get your money’s worth from them if reading is what you want to do.      

The major selling point of the Fire HD 10 is that it has all the great qualities that make it suitable for reading, and it is budget-friendly at the same time. Of course, you can also get them for your kids if you want to introduce them to reading with a tablet, but you must be careful to put restrictions on their activities. 

While we wait to see the new upgrades Amazon has for us, we can enjoy reading on the go with the Fire HD 10.