Fire Tablets made by Amazon are one of the best smart devices you can buy. When you compare the Fire HD 10 to the 8, you would find out that both devices are highly affordable with great value when it comes to operation. These tablets adopted their version of Android (Fire OS), and they come with their own customized Amazon App store so their users don’t need to use the common Google Playstore. 

Buying any of these two devices is a perfect investment for smart home users who need a sophisticated smart hub, but are on a budget. The only issue is knowing which one is best for your needs. So is the Fire HD 10 better than the 8? We’ll find out if you keep reading.

Fire HD 10 VS. Fire HD 8

You can find the specifications of both the Fire HD 10 and the Fire HD 8 to determine which one is better in the table below:

Specifications Fire HD 10Fire HD 8
Display10.1-inch IPS LCD Display (1920 x 1200)8-inch IPS LCD Display (1280 x 800)
CPUOcta-core 2.0GHzQuad-core 2.0GHz
MicroSDExpandable to 1TBExpandable to 1TB
Front Camera2MP2MP
Rare Camera5MP2MP (750p)
AudioDolby Atmos Dual Stereo SpeakersDolby Atmos Dual Stereo Speakers
ColorsBlackDenimOliveLavender BlackPlumTwilight BlueWhite

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More On Fire HD 10 and 8 Specs

Irrespective of the Specs, the Fire HD 10 and the 8 offer almost the same experience when you use them both, and they run on Fire OS instead of the normal Android build which most “Android” phones and tablets use. You will be able to get most of your apps from the Amazon app store instead of the google play store making both devices more connected to the Amazon-centric ecosystem. 

Although both devices function alike, they were specifically made for different purposes. Bigger screens lean on movie enthusiasts while the smaller ones can be used for playing games or as a Kindle. When it comes to smart home integration, both devices function alike, and they can successfully carry out the job. 

Their OS is powered by Alexa which makes it possible for users to navigate, control, and interact with their smart home devices. Artificial Intelligence can be called upon no matter the current situation of the tablet (even in a sleep state) except if it is currently switched off. Both devices also feature a show mode where users can get a visual representation of what Alexa can do for you in general. 

This section shows calendar appointments, news reports, weather updates, and a live feed from one of your smart home cameras. Although the Fire HD 10 goes further to feature a split-screen function which you can enable to run two apps side by side eg, checking your emails as well as your camera feed.

Is The Fire HD 8 Okay?

The Fire HD features an 8-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 and due to this size, the pixel density scores at 189ppi which makes it a bit pixelated. Despite the low-quality screen, the overall performance of this tablet had been improved since its last version. 

This tablet features a quad-core 2GHz MediaTek MT8168 CPU which increased operation to over 30% when compared with the previous version. There is also 2GB RAM available at your disposal, and it comes with a 4,850mAh battery which is enough to last you for a while. Although quickly switching applications can be laggy at times, the experience overall is quite fluid.


Here are some of the pros of the Fire HD 8 tablet:

  • It is cheaper than Fire HD 10.
  • It is more portable.
  • Uses USB-C Type for fast charging.
  • It is more convenient to be used as a Kindle.

Now, let’s look at the cons.


Here are some of the cons of the Fire HD 8 tablet:

  • Low-quality speakers.
  • Low-quality pixelated display.

Now, let’s look at the Fire HD 10.

Is The Fire HD 10 Better?

This version is just an improvement from the Fire HD 8 version. It features a 10.1-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 with a pixel density of 224ppi. It may not mean much on paper, but that is a noticeable difference when compared with the 8. This version features an octa-core 2GHz MediaTek MT8183 Helio P60T chipset which has also seen some improvements. 

There is 3GB RAM available for all your smart home use, and it also comes with a 6,500mAh battery which is a huge improvement from the Fire 8 device. In performance, the Fire HD 10 isn’t a high upgrade, but operations seem more fluent on it. 


Here are some of the pros of the Fire HD 10 tablet:

  • Has a bigger and clearer screen.
  • Has a louder volume.
  • Has better specs than the 8.
  • Uses USB-C Type for fast charging.
  • Better battery life.

Now, let’s look at the cons.


Here are some of the cons of the Fire HD 10 tablet:

  • It is not as portable as the 8.
  • Costliest tablet by Amazon.

Now you know the difference between these  tablets.

Conclusion; Is It Worth Upgrading To Fire HD 10?

If you are already using the Fire HD 8, and you want to switch to the 10, you should look into what you use the tablet most for. If you mainly use your tablet to read books, play music or occasionally watch one or two contents, I would advise that you should upgrade to the Fire 10. 

Aside from the slower processor, and weak speakers, you are not really losing out. If you mainly use your tablet to stream videos, and also as a smart home hub, I would advise you to upgrade your tablet. The new model contains a much smoother operation for your smart home products and a crisp clear screen for your view experiences.