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Is Fire HD 10 Android

Last Updated Jan 12, 2022

Android tablets are mostly good for streaming content, songs, and reading books which are mostly provided by Amazon themselves. Most smart home users would want to also own these devices because they can be used as a smart hub with Alexa already provided. Although some are also keen on knowing the operating system this smart device runs on.

The Fire HD 10 is not a traditional Android device. It runs on Amazon’s own “Fire OS” operating system which is based on Android. It is not correct to call the Fire OS Android, but it does run a lot of Android codes. All the apps also found on the Fire HD 10 are all Android apps too. 

There is no notable difference between an Amazon Fire HD 10 device and a regular android tablet except for the fact that the Google Play store can’t be found on the Amazon tablet. In this article, we are going to be looking at if this tablet can be considered an Android if it can emulate Android, and how you can install Google Play on it.

Is Amazon Fire Considered Android?

Most people love Android devices because they can be highly customizable to the taste of their holders. Android is an open-source operating system which means that developers can play around with it. I know most of you smart homeowners would want this for your smart home hub so that you can have more control over the operating system that controls your smart devices. 

So when getting an Amazon Fire device like the Fire HD 10, can it be considered as an Android device?

Amazon Fire products can be considered an Android, but not fully an Android device. The latest Fire HD 10 runs Amazon’s latest operating system which is highly based on the Android 9.0 Pie. Amazon used the Android Open Source Project code which is licensed to be used by any manufacturer or developer.

If you would like to learn more about Fire HD 10, check out this article.

Google Android

To further explain this, Android comes in two types. There’s the “Google Android” which is certified by Google to be used on most high-end devices such as Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. and they come with Google mobile services such as Gmail, Google maps, play store, or other Google apps. 

Android AOSP

Then there’s the Android Open Source Project which is known as AOSP. This code is licensed under a permissive open-source license which means that anybody can make use of this code, and do whatever they want. 

Why Does Fire HD 10 Use Fire OS Instead of Google’s Android?

I know you might be tempted to ask now, why do Amazon devices use Fire OS when they could have just used the traditional Android. Well, there are reasons for that. Amazon wanted to create a customized operating system for only their tablets. Instead of building it from nothing, Amazon rather used the AOSP code and created something beautiful. 

The real reason Amazon did this is that they want to customize the entire Fire HD experience to their satisfaction. Rather than allowing Google to have an edge over the tablet’s music downloads, video rentals, ebook, and app purchases, Amazon would like to rather use their platform.

This includes their kindle apps, prime video, Amazon AppStore and Amazon Music. The Fire Os is a cheap way to get Amazon services into the hands of users and smart homeowners. Once you use this as a hub or tablet, your chances of spending money on Amazon products and services increase.

How Do I Install Google Play On My Fire tablet 10?

Although Fire HD 10 gives you access to only Amazon AppStore, you can still install Google Play because the tablet runs on Fire OS, a customized version of the Android Operating system. With this, you can get access to all the apps found on the Google Play stores such as the Google Map, G-mail, or even the Chrome browser. 

You don’t also need to “hack” or “root” your Fire tablet, and this works for even older versions of tablets such as the 2014 versions upwards.

To install Google Play on your Fire Tablet 10, do this:

  1. Select the “Home” Tab on your Home Screen, and click on “Settings”.
  2. Click on “Security & Privacy”, and select “Apps From Unknown Sources”.
  3. Find the “Silk Browser”, and toggle the button on to allow apps to be installed from outside the Amazon store.
  4. For Fire Tablet 10, you need to download 4 apps. They are Google Account Manager, Google Service Framework, Google Play Services, and Google Play Store
  5. After you have downloaded the apps, you can start installing them. Do this by going to your “Files” app. Select “Downloads”, and install the 4 Apks you just downloaded.
  6. Install the Apk sequentially in this format;,,, The names may be longer, but with these, you would get the idea. Also don’t open any of the apps if you have finished installing them. 
  7. After all the apps have been installed, reboot your device. 
  8. The Google play store would appear on the Home Screen, and you can now download the apps you couldn’t access using Amazon Appstore. 

Make sure you remove your SD card when performing this process. You may encounter some issues immediately when you launch the Google Play store app. This may be as a process of the app automatically updating by itself so give it some time. 


The Fire HD 10 tablet certainly does not run the traditional Android you may know, but its Fire OS was created from the Android operating system. There are certain things you can do to change the interface of your Fire tablet to make it look more like the Android you are accustomed to. 

This involves installing the Google play store, but it is not recommended by both Amazon and Google. However, it is not impossible to carry out, and it certainly doesn’t require you to hack your device.