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Is Element TV Better Than Samsung?

Last Updated Apr 1, 2022
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With so many different brands, features, and price points, it can be hard to know which TV is the right fit for you. This article narrows it down to two brands— Element and Samsung. But how can you compare these brands to find what’s best for your lifestyle? 

Element TV is better than Samsung in terms of providing high-quality products without sacrificing affordability. Samsung TVs offer newer technology, but the improvement in picture quality might not be worth the higher price point.

To get an in-depth look at which brand is better and why this article compares 4k Smart TVs from both brands based on six of the most important specs.

Which Specs Matter On TVs?

It can be overwhelming to decipher a long list of specifications to find what actually matters to you, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some of the most important specs to consider when comparing TVs:

  • Display type
  • Screen resolution
  • HDR compatibility
  • Refresh Rate
  • Connections ports
  • Price

And here is how those specs compare on two similar TVs from Element and Samsung: 

 Element 55” 4K UHD HDR10 ROKU TVSamsung 55” Class Q60A QLED 4K Smart TV
Display TypeLEDQLED
Screen Resolution3840 x 21603840 x 2160
HDR CompatibilityHDR10HDR10+
Refresh Rate60.00 Hz60.00 Hz
Connection Ports3 HDMI, 1 USB3 HDMI, 2 USB
Price$299.99 (Target)$697.99 (Amazon)

Display Type

The Element TV has an LED display, while the Samsung has a QLED display, but what is the difference?

TVs with LED displays use (you guessed it) LED lights to illuminate the screen. QLED displays, on the other hand, are a type of LED display unique to Samsung TVs that utilize Quantum Dot material to increase “overall efficiency and brightness” compared to LED displays. 

QLED seems like the obvious winner when comparing image quality; however, because it is a newer technology, it is also significantly more expensive than LED. Deciding between display types depends on which you prioritize higher: picture or price?

Screen Resolution

Another important factor for picture quality is screen resolution. Both the Element and the Samsung are 4k TVs with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, meaning that the images they display are similar in quality.

A 4k resolution offers great picture quality, but if you’re looking for an outstanding image, 8k displays are available upward of $2000.

HDR Compatibility

HDR compatibility is a relatively new technology that helps your TV display images more like those seen by the human eye by having a wider range of brightness and color. Basically, it makes the picture look more like real life.

The Element TV is HDR10 certified, while the Samsung TV is HDR10+ certified. These technologies offer the same depth of color, but the Samsung can reach a higher brightness. 

Refresh Rate

Both TVs have a refresh rate of 60Hz, meaning that their display image refreshes 60 times per second. Most modern TVs have refresh rates between 60Hz and 120Hz, and a small difference in refresh rate within this range is usually not noticeable. Higher refresh rates mean that you will notice less blur during fast-moving shots like those in action movies or sporting events.

Connection Ports

Both TVs have 3 HDMI ports; however, the Samsung TV has 2 USB ports while the Element TV has 1. It doesn’t hurt to have more ports available. However, you should consider how many devices or consoles (Blu-ray players, gaming systems, etc.) you’ll need to connect to your TV before spending extra for more connection ports.


Element TV is one of the most affordable smart TV brands available, while Samsung is one of the more expensive options. The Element TV can be purchased for $300, while a similar model of Samsung is almost $700.

If you are looking to buy a Samsung TV without breaking the bank, you should buy them at specific times of the year to get the best deals.

Are Samsung TVs Worth The Price?

Samsung’s higher prices can be partially attributed to their use of newer technology, while Element focuses on offering high quality at a low price. When comparing prices, it is important to evaluate your budget and consider if you want to spend more on the newest tech or if you are more concerned with getting a good product for a low price.

Looking at the two TVs compared above, the Samsung is more than double the price of the Element TV but receives customer reviews only 0.1 stars higher on average, with the Element TV rated at 4.6 stars and the Samsung at 4.7.

At more than twice the cost, the Samsung TV is not worth the price compared to the Element TV.

Which TV Is Really Better, Element Or Samsung?

While Samsung has some high-tech features, the quality of the two TVs is still very similar, making Element a better TV than Samsung in terms of getting the best for your money. However, if having the newest technology is important to you, Samsung may be a better fit.

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