Is Eero Secure Worth the Money?

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With so many potential threats on the Internet, you want to make sure your Eero network is always secure. Eero puts a lot of emphasis on security, and they offer an additional subscription plan for added protection. If you are wondering whether you need an Eero Secure subscription, read on for more information. 

With costs as little as $2.99 a month, Eero Secure is worth the money. It provides advanced security, ad blocking, and advanced parent controls for the Eero network. Eero Secure covers every device that is connected to the network via Wi-Fi and Ethernet. 

Eero offers two subscription options: Eero Secure and Secure+. The more you know about the details of the two options, the more equipped you will be to make the right decision about whether Eero Secure is worth it for you.

Is Eero Secure a Good Investment?

Eero Secure is $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year. With all the features you get for this price, it’s a great deal!

If you are a new Eero customer, you automatically get 30 days of Eero Secure for free. Then, you can decide based on first-hand experience if it’s right for you.

What You Get with Eero Secure

Eero Secure adds additional layers of protection to your already secure Eero Wi-Fi network. The extra protection you get from Eero Secure is automatically extended to all the devices connected to your Eero network.

Here’s an overview of what comes with Eero Secure:

  • Advanced Threat Protection: This stops you from accidentally visiting sites with malware or other threats by blocking those sites from loading. It can be disabled and re-enabled any time in the Eero app under “Security & Privacy.”
  • SafeSearch: Filter what your children see online. You can specifically filter for nudity and sexual themes, illegal activities such as hacking and drugs, and excessive violence. To turn on SafeSearch on someone’s device, that person needs to have a profile on your Eero account, and the device needs to be on their profile. Turn SafeSearch on in the Eero app.
  • Ad Blocking: Eero’s ad blocker is highly effective and blocks most ads, including many in-app ads. Many Eero users have reported that ad blocking is the feature that makes their subscription the most worthwhile.
  • Activity Center: The Eero Secure Activity Center analyzes your Internet data weekly and creates easy-to-understand graphs. In the Eero app under “Activity,” you will be able to see what sites were inspected, filtered, or blocked from all connected devices.

Eero Secure+

The security and parental controls that come with Secure+ are the same as those that come with Eero Secure. What makes Secure+ different is the extra features you get: a password manager, a VPN, and antivirus software.

Secure+ is $9.99 a month or $99 a year.

This more expensive subscription includes a 1Password Family account so that you can monitor, manage, and share your various accounts with up to four other family members.

With Secure+, you also get a VPN from The membership covers up to five family accounts.

Malwarebytes is the antivirus software that Secure+ uses. Your subscription provides antivirus protection for up to three devices.

Is Eero Secure Right for You?

Check out the table below to compare Eero Secure or Secure+:

 Eero SecureEero Secure+
Threat DetectionAdvancedAdvanced
Parental ControlsFilter specific profiles for nudity, sexual themes, illegal activities, and excessive violenceFilter specific profiles for nudity, sexual themes, illegal activities, and excessive violence
Automatic UpdatesYesYes
Ad Blocking SoftwareYesYes
Activity CenterYesYes
Personal Family membership for up to five people
Password ManagerNone1Password Family membership for up to five people
Antivirus SoftwareNoneMalwarebytes account that covers up to three devices

For folks on a tight budget, Eero Secure is not necessary. Eero Wi-Fi networks are designed to be secure even without the Secure subscription. You can still create profiles for each family member and turn Internet access on and off for specific profiles in the Eero app. You also continue to receive automatic updates.

If you have kids, Eero Secure is highly recommended since it has more advanced parent control options than Eero comes with.

Secure+ is an excellent choice for people who are paying for a VPN, antivirus software, or password manager already because it can reduce the number of subscriptions you have and save you money. If you don’t need any of these three features, then Secure+ probably isn’t worth it for you.

Final Thoughts

Eero Secure is a cheap monthly or yearly subscription service that provides advanced security, ad blocking, and parental controls with your existing Eero device. With such a low cost, Eero Secure is undoubtedly worth the money. Secure+, which is more than triple the price of Secure, may be worth the money if you specifically need a VPN, password manager, or antivirus software.

To learn more about the benefits of Eero, check out this article!

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